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  1. i contacted him and he defently didnt take it, hes way richer than me and and bought a full charge of thoose already and could buy like 12 more of thoose. is there a chance youre mistaken?
  2. 3 days ago i won an enlightenment card in a pack, i immediatly posted it in the auction house, yesterday when i logged in my card was gone not in the auction house, no points in the mail and not in my card inventory. i contacted a gm about it and today i got this message claiming i sent it to a player im playing with. this cannot be true because i only play with this guy and theres no way im gonna send him a 3k card, and nonetheless this player is a lot richer(a lot) than me and already has it with a charge. is there a way i didnt contacted an actual gm ?
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