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  1. NAME: Offering (Nature) gives an extra charge DESCRIPTION: In some instances Offering (Nature) gives an extra charge to one (or maybe more, but I have not reproduced that) of your cards REPRODUCIBILITY: Always happends Prerequisites Lost Spirit Ship (nature) - with 2 charges Lost Spirit Ship (fire) - with 3 charges Play all of them so you have 0 charges, play another t4 card and use Offering (Nature) on it to get back charges (I used Rifle Cultist with max upgrades and charges), you here get 1 of each Lost Spirit Ship, do it again (before plaing any of the ships), and y
  2. I was not able to reproduce it, playing the same map with the same strategy
  3. NAME: Access violation when completing Soultree DESCRIPTION: When the map finished, I got an error message REPRODUCIBILITY: Working on it SCREENSHOT/VIDEO: Attatched LOG: Attatched ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: - _log_proxy_latest.log
  4. When trying to reroll the Quest "Honour Among Skylords" I get a system notice that says: [Command]: Invalid quest The quest does not seem to get rerolled
  5. Thanks a lot for all the help and ideas, I ended up using some of my own ideas and some of the suggestions from this thread There was some mistakes and sloppy play for sure, but I ended up finishing the map oracle starter cards mangler.pmv
  6. Thanks for all the replies @Eirias Yeah, that for sure trivializes the map, The challenging part is what motivates me currently, that app sounds cool, would like to try it if it comes out @Volin Nice replay, Stone of Torment for defense would have been excellent, Great Ideas to take from there @Ultrakool I couldn't join that discord link, I'm in the Skylords reborn discord now at least @Pritstift Very nice replay, I haven't thought of orb swapping the 2nd orb, nicely done with the defence and systematic push towards the 3rd orb I'll try for my own again, thanks again
  7. I have been trying to complete the single player maps on expert difficulty with the new starter cards, and I have become stuck on Oracle The strategy that has worked out the best for me so far is this: 1. Wait for first wave, let warlocks kill them, Summon Witchclaw and pull mobs from 2nd orb back to the 1st, While Warlocks deal with the mobs run past and take the 2nd orb with the witchclaws 2. Build Commandos at the 2nd orb, with concentrate to deal with spawns 4-5 commandos should be able to defend the orb 3. Build Fire Stalkers at 2nd orb to take out the Buildings at the
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