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  1. Great news guys. We now have a community twitch account, be sure to follow us to see when we go live. http://www.twitch.tv/battleforgecom Most streams will be on here, and we will do collaborations in skypecalls/TS as well. See you soon!

    Unofficial Battle forge Community Team ( not part of Battleforge Reborn Team)

    1. Timotheus


      That's great! Can't wait to see you guys stream. Awesome job helping the community grow.

    2. anonyme0273


      Streaming and YouTube is one of the best ways of free advertising ;)

    3. veryhasted
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  2. Help us pick out a name for Com YT channel!  http://bit.ly/1l7OuRZ

    1. ImaginaryNumb3r


      thank you <3

      Tortugun FTW ^^

  3. Hey bud! I was bored, so I found a way to calculate total posts. Then I remembered you wanted to know on TS. So your total posts are 2375 as of this point :P Not as much as you thought eh.

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    2. Kaliber84
    3. Destoyerfros


      hey. was i actually right? lel

    4. Ladadoos


      Content count comprises of all posts excluding Off-Topic posts, while total post count is including off topic.

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  4. HYPE WAGON ACTIVATED(click replies to see)



    ALL ABOARD!!!!!!!!11

    1. Ladadoos



      We are here! We are here! Did we arrive in time ?!

    2. Ultrakool



      That formation though <3

      You realize Im gonna have to put you down...

    3. Dmytros


      CHOO CHOO chugga chugga chugga chugga CHOOOOO CHOOOO

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  5. I love your pic lol he's so cuteeee, where did you get your name from?

    1. Ultrakool


      Blindfold and tell him its a surprise... SO EVIL even EA would support it.

    2. Fatty Penguin

      Fatty Penguin

      I'mmmm nuuuuuuuuuuut fat!

    3. Ladadoos
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  6. I noticed your WBG looked strange, then i zoomed in and its shooting out purple dust :P

    nice touch.

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    2. Ladadoos


      Hmm.. I meant 2cool4c *awkward*...*slowly walks away*....

    3. Ultrakool


      what does the c stand for?

    4. Ladadoos
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  7. Lagops came out of retirement! :kappa: Check out his latest Replaycast here:


    1. LagOps


      i didn't know i was in retirement :D

    2. Azta


      Kappa retirement.

    3. SilenceKiller99


      13:22 Bloodhorn OP

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  8. Latest Alpha Features Stream reuploaded: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EMFtymt9Axg&feature=youtu.be

    1. Ladadoos


      Yay! Enjoy it people :bf: !

    2. Strek0za


      Liked it. The best part was when you all had fun.

  9. New videos coming up on the community channel on friday(4.12.15) ^^


    1. Ultrakool
    2. EranShoval


      Nothing there were ghosts everywhere! And they spread their ecto-plasma:kappa:

    3. Ladadoos


      That's like the most random thing that I have seen today... O.o 

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  10. Next SOS tomorrow (Stream on Sunday) at least 15:00(CEST) or later on www.twitch.tv/battleforgecom . Me, Ladadoos, Anonyme0273 will be streaming! And maybe others as well! Dont miss it!

    1. Thug Life

      Thug Life

      What a pity i have a barbecue at that time D:


    2. Ultrakool


      There will be a VOD on YouTube! Don't worry!

    3. Devilwarrior1699
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  11. Previous "Alpha Features" video up on youtube! 

  12. Skylords! The much awaited Alpha is here(i hope)! The gates are about to open!

  13. Stream ultra hypuuu 

  14. T-Minus 2 weeks, 2 days, 2 hours 33 minutes and 15 seconds.

    Fire at will!

  15. whAt AnImAL Is thAt On yOUr cOvEr phOtOOOO sOOO cUtEEE And cUdLyyy!!!!1

    1. Kiwi


      It's an Oriental Short Clawed Otter.

    2. Harvester Life

      Harvester Life

      I think that was a running kiwi xD

    3. Kiwi


      We Kiwi's do not run we scurry around and look adorable while doing so... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=u41piMT5q3w

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