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  1. Ultrakool

    Offering help for rpve lvl 10

    Carry me senpai
  2. Ultrakool

    (Suggestion) Detailed HP Bars

  3. Ultrakool

    Freezing and crashing

  4. Ultrakool

    Gamecrash in every game

    Moved to resolved
  5. Ultrakool

    PVP Profile Should Show Your All Time/Best Ranking

    It’s an interesting idea, but if it’s indefinitely it’s way too much. Now if there were supposed Ranked seasons(2-3months) then you could have something if that sort to show your highest rank in that person particular season.
  6. Ultrakool

    All-time fastest speedrun rankings

    @PritstiftI get that a lot of effort was made into speed running maps, but if you are talking about someone impersonating your name, and the other assumption that some records could stay for years, couldn’t it be that a person who doesn’t deserve a record could have it for years? Another point is that if you’ve done it once, can’t it be done again? In trying new tactics or trying to beat the map even faster than your last time you will eventually set the record again anyways, and nothing will have changed. Unless you decide to never run a particular map for speed run again, eventually you will make a record as fast as your current run. It is much less complicated than trying to preserve so many records and having cases of people impersonating to get the record etc. If there’s a solution to reserving character name ingame then I think it could be an option but otherwise I agree with Kubik that it’s abit too messy.
  7. Ultrakool

    Estimated time for release?

    I don’t think it should be a goal to balance things according to that, it (should) be impossible to complete your collection to that extent, especially only through daily rewards and no trading, since trading is a key part of the game. I agree that getting the cards you need is very slow if you don’t trade AT ALL however if you focus on getting 1 or 2 decks it should be doable in a couple of weeks
  8. Ultrakool

    The Stress Test Rookies! 23.02.19

    Prizes sent to @Toggy. They should be distributed shortly if not already. Sorry for the wait everyone!
  9. Ultrakool

    All-time fastest speedrun rankings

  10. Plox my forum chatbox not working help fix :( 

    Y is not starting open beta chatbox?? :( 

    Me paly chatbox now pls

    1. BurningWorld


      @BurningWorld Pls use the message function or open a thread in the right section about your Issue.


      @BurningWorld NO! Me want open chat box NOW!

    2. ThomasMann



    3. Ultrakool


      /locked for sanity 

  11. Ultrakool

    Game closes itself after loding 1/4

  12. Ultrakool

    Nothing happens after I press 'Play'

  13. Ultrakool

    battleforge login - invalid account or password

    Moved to resolved

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