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  1. nah most if not all retired devs are permanently retired.
  2. Ultrakool

    Issue with Email verification/Activation

    Hello, email verification services are working again, you need to sign in on forums and request another verification email. Sorry for any inconveniences caused, and looking forward to seein you in the forge skylords! 🙂
  3. Unfortunately he can’t do that :/ he’s retired
  4. Hello... we are aware of Email verification(activation) issues with creating new accounts. We are looking into this issue. In the mean time, we might deploy a temporary “fix” to allow unverified accounts to play, but this fix won’t happen yet. (We need to first look at the problem) As always any updates will be on here and forums
  5. Ultrakool

    Can't Log In

    You need to enter pw correct on first try. We fixed this problem on test server and will be pushed to live when everything is ready
  6. Ultrakool

    UPDATE: BFP Reserves and Boosters

    It’s .!BFP but yeah
  7. Ultrakool

    UPDATE: BFP Reserves and Boosters

    This system is only implemented on the test server so far :-3
  8. Ultrakool


    No. Stop being salty and accept the judgement that has been handed out to you. You’re just doing this out of spite, and clearly the term kiwi is in itself not even considered a derogatory term which a simple google search reveals, as well as her already even explaining her name(which she even didn’t need to by any means).
  9. Ultrakool

    My Name

    This thread has gone on quite long enough imo, OP is clearly just distressed about having his name changed. Gonna lock this now.
  10. Ultrakool

    My Name

    Is this a reality show?
  11. Ultrakool

    Unable to login

    That’s intended so we hide the server ip abit. I’ll let the devs know about the server tho
  12. Ultrakool

    Treim's Motm solo speedrun archive

    i didnt realise you speedrun difficulty 1 :3
  13. Ultrakool

    Treim's Motm solo speedrun archive

  14. Ultrakool

    Quest info is not properly displayed

    Thanks for the report, the issue has been looked into, and will be fixed soon.
  15. Ultrakool

    UPDATE: BFP Reserves and Boosters

    its a new thing we just added :3

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