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    Try this: it’s unlimited time link https://discord.gg/bchW29H
  2. Ultrakool

    All-time fastest speedrun rankings

    It would be fun if someone would make a challenging map where even speedrun takes hours but I don’t think many people will play it
  3. Ultrakool

    All-time fastest speedrun rankings

    maybe this will help
  4. Ultrakool

    Login Problem

    Try restart your game. Connection failed also can mean you put in wrong password
  5. Ultrakool

    The Stress Test Rookies#4! 03.11.19

    But then I can’t toy with newbs
  6. Ultrakool

    The Stress Test Rookies#4! 03.11.19

    Why best of 1 tho toggy?
  7. Ultrakool

    Introducing .. The entire team !

    I guess this is a bit overdue now but better late than never . I'm Will or otherwise known on-the-line as Ultrakool. I'm from Vietnam, currently living in Germany. It was a silly name I chose a long long time ago for BF and it kinda just stuck. Now basically I use that name in every single online game I play(It comes with putting up with those jokes about my name :D). I enjoy mostly PvP in BattleForge, but back in the days didn't take it so seriously, being younger and all. PvE is fun too but not my main interest. I remember back in the days, getting into BattleForge because of a friend, then he left after several months but I stuck with it on and off until the unfortunate demise in 2013. Like many others here, it was a game I always come back too, even after taking a lot and rather long breaks. In addition to playing the game, I was also involved with the battleforge forums, in the trade section mostly, but in other sections too. Furthermore I was also asked to be a moderator in a fan-made forum by a Dutch person who was known as Lithaladin. I was so involved with the game and the community in fact that, after the game was shut down, were invited to join a Skype Group by MrXLink I think. I wasn't ALL too active in it, but I remember sometimes popping in to reminisce the good ol' days. I moved on to other games but none could compare to BF. Furthermore, I really came to appreciate the community that is BattleForge, mostly compromising of happy and helpful individuals. Compared to other games, playing and conversing in the battleforge community was a breath of fresh air. Never did I know that I would ever even breath that fresh air again. Alas, the wonderful surprise came when MrXLink linked the new forums in the Skype chat of veterans from BF. Joined the forums few days after it was made and the rest was history. At first it was just @Ladadoos and me spamming for our lives, but people quickly joined. 100,200,1000,5 000,10 000, and now a whooping 57 665. Fast forward to March 2018, when I was (sorta) asked to become Moderator, I was elated, this was my chance to contribute to the wonderful unique BF community I know and love, that never could compare to any other. Being here over the years ( Project started in June 2015) there has been many ups and downs, many lulls, I've witnessed many iterations of the game development, 2 servers, going from only having access to the forge in techinical alpha, to being able to load up maps and entering games, and now with thousands of skylords being able to connect at once. We have improved steadily, and while progress might seem slow sometimes: (The usual reasons of this being a volunteer project and all), like me and thousands of you out there, we always come back to BF, and progress will be achieved once again. The project may slow, but it will never stop. Some time soon I hope to be able to meet you guys in the forge after the reset we have planned! Don't lose hope! Also dont shy away from dropping me PMs if you need anything at all, I'm always happy to help. Ultra
  8. Ultrakool

    RNG from card packs?

    But maybe we can do it for some isolated examples where the price difference is not that extreme. I do agree that there are some worthless ultra rare right now but it’s not that simple
  9. Ultrakool

    RNG from card packs?

    You know that this will actually raise the rarity of some cards right? Like the (in)famous shaman going for 800 right now will be ultra rare The ratio of c/uc/r/ur should stay the same and therefore every card that has its rarity decreased needs a card to have it’s rarity increased
  10. erm that screenshot doesnt work. @Halis
  11. NAME: Join Group/Open Lobby even when match already started SEVERITY: 3 LOCATION: Lobby REPRODUCIBILITY: once so far DESCRIPTION: I would see a lobby in rpve and join, then in the group, I see 4 people, and blank all 4 spots. I dont see myself in the group. Turns out the group is already ingame. SCREENSHOT/VIDEO: ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: _launcher_log_2019.10.16_179.log
  12. Ultrakool

    what is patreon money used on?

    There’s no point in speculating server cost guys. And the original question of this thread is answered: The SR team is in no way allowed to take any part of the money for themselves, also NOT as any kind of salary or payment. It's only to be used to maintain this project: (Servers, etc) Also hopefully if we ever get to the point where there are so many people playing concurrently that a much more expensive server is needed that the increased player base means increased donations proportionally. Anyway this thread is very old and it’s generally frowned upon to resurrect threads older than 30 days. This has been here for 1.5 years so I think it’s run it’s course. If you have something concrete to discuss, feel free to open another thread. /closed
  13. Ultrakool

    RNG from card packs?

    Nope. It is a fact that a booster gives you certain rarities with their specified percentages. That means a certain constant % chance of getting Ultra Rare, Rare, Uncommon and Commons. Prices have nothing to do with that. It is all depending on market forces. Getting a promo though is an average of 0.5% which means one in every 200 boosters. According to that, I don’t think you opened 200 boosters yet which means you were “lucky” We are not going to set prices because those are very very subjective and would defeat the whole point of a free market economy
  14. Ultrakool

    Client Download Corrupted

    I think the problem is on your end, there are still many players downloading and joining without problems.
  15. Ultrakool

    RNG from card packs?

    @DisasterRainlmao a classic case of negativity bias then... that list doesn’t seem anything like what you described... Do you know how lucky you have to be... to get a promo?
  16. Ultrakool

    Skipping animations

    Maybe you can try hard reset of xml file. Just delete the whole documents—> battleforge folder and see if there’s a difference on next startup
  17. Ultrakool

    RNG from card packs?

    Card worth has a very weak correlation with rarity in this game.. added to that with huge price fluctuations and general low demand it’s certainly possible. E.g some ultra rare cards are even less useful than common cards so therefore are priced accordingly low - very low
  18. @Eirias The link to first guide in beginner section is not working elendils guide
  19. Ultrakool

    Тормозит игра

    Please speak English on the forums :3 The next time a crash happens please upload your log file
  20. Ultrakool

    Not getting rewards or "drops"

    Maybe the maps you played just drop upgrade for old cards but new cards are definitely dropping too! Check out our official loot list here https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1fWWdWIM1B4-ouZUUSqRYbaEuAqqGESL7RrMPD3aR4Sw/edit?usp=sharing
  21. Ultrakool

    Skipping animations

    Did you play bf on your computer before? (Before skylords)
  22. Ultrakool

    Skipping animations

    Haha, sometimes the hardest questions require the easiest fixes.. I wonder why your value was set to 10 though... now hopefully the other person who had problems was the same problem! Then we can consider the issue solved :3 @T1421
  23. Ultrakool

    Launcher Backgrounds

    You should get previous too but I’m not sure. I hope you’re not donating just for the artwork :3
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