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  1. I like this Idea! That would be super cool and add a long-term usage to gold. However, sounds like a LOT work, even if the reskin is just single-coloured, since it would have to be done for every card and every card-unit model.
  2. Yes, i agree. Fully support that. All 3 points sound very good. (f.e. we could start by making Regrowth require 2 Nature instead of 1) Indeed. The biggest task here is to think of or even try out all still possible combinations of a certain card after the orb resctriction gets higher.
  3. I have mixed feelings about the free PvP decks aswell. On the one hand, it´s a great addition for new players so that they don´t have to grind to not be in a disadvantage straight away. On the other hand, my mate who is completely new to bf since I just introduced it to him, didn´t even want to play the free decks, because he got some cool cards from Boosters and wanted to use them. Makes sense since he just learned how to use his new own cards and didn´t want to read throught all cards in the free PvP decks, but rather jump into play. Only to see he gets crushed by enemies with stronger decks
  4. Are there any updates to this topic yet? I´d love to see PvP happy-hours! Also liking the reward idea - maybe the bfp reserve would restore faster during "searching for an opponent" and empty faster during a match in these happy hours. And different happy-hours for 1v1 and 2v2 sound very good too - would compromise the players even more.
  5. Does anyone know if the Booster-packs are set Final already? I got to see the Deck from another player, who had Promo Juggernaut alongside many strong Ultrarare and Rare cards. He told me he got all that in some Boosters.
  6. Lucky one you got to play ;o I tried like 100 times at all different day times but always instant disconnect after successful login
  7. A Login Que would have been helpful ;D Maybe add one in the near future? Because then everyone can see how many people are trying to login and also how long it might take for someone to get in the game.
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