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  1. Kubik liked a post in a topic by Majora in More campaign single player maps   
    We would love to add those at some point! However, we are currently lacking in our map department, so they are not being worked on 😞
    We are working on our new defence RPvE mode, and new factions for the RPvE mode. 

    We are looking for Map Artists, Map Designers and Map Developers
    You can find our open positions here:
    Im a big fan of campaign maps myself, so if anyone has the skill and time, please apply to one of these positions. 🙂 
  2. Metagross31 liked a post in a topic by Kubik in Can you play Skylords Reborn on mobile?   
    First of all you should explain what you mean by "play on mobile". Because there are multiple ways this can be technically understood..
    As was mentioned above "streaming". I can imagine at least 3 technical solutions for this and none of them have a reason to not work.
    (If you would have PC, I can recommend moonlight-stream, because I personally tested it with BattleForge, and it works without any issues, if you ignore control scheme on mobile phone without keyboard and mouse)
    Next options are playing directly on the phone. And first of those is obtaining one of the few x86 compatible phones, and installing Linux on it (or windows for simplicity if possible), then it is "just a PC" in different sized box, so only additional issue would be controls, but someone who install Linux on their phone will know about software to map controls from touch screen.
    Arm (or any other architecture) based phones are bigger issue. I can provide only general direction, because I did not like the results on my phone. qemu x86 on arm (No offense intended but based on structure of your question I think this would be too complicated topic for you)
  3. Kubik liked a post in a topic by Kaliber84 in [Help Needed] Wav to snr converter   
    Sounds like a job for a Fourier transform. I will try to give it a look in the upcoming weeks once I get access to my Laptop that runs Labview again. I am not too familiar with audio formats and their compression methods but I've worked with image compression and proprietary file structures already, so I might be able to help out.
    What programming language are you using? Not too comfortable with my programming skills but I'll make do.
  4. Kubik liked a post in a topic by LEBOVIN in Old Replays   
    Well but as it doesn't the anti patcher is useless now... 😔
    People, get a hex editor instead!
  5. Kubik liked a post in a topic by Sylar in Old Replays   
    I also thought that was the case but did not bother to check the diference between current replay and a patched one in hexedit until now.
    Antipatch swaps FF (in case of previous patch) with 00, but it also need to change the next 00 to 01, for the next patch it will probably be 02.

  6. Kubik liked a post in a topic by LEBOVIN in Old Replays   
    Maybe the anti patch cannot handle anything beyond 255. cause the new version should be 256 which suddenly requires 3 digits in hex?
    (maybe a developer knows this, I am just speculating)
  7. Kapo liked a post in a topic by Kubik in [Help Needed] Wav to snr converter   
    As announced in our 11th community update, we decided to open source wav_to_snr (repository link). This is a very simple application that allows you to convert audio files to a format that is compatible with BattleForge called SNR.
    SNR is compressed a lot, and it is lossy compression (over 70% of data is lost). Sample count is the same as WAV, but for most samples only 4 bits instead of 16 bits is used for the value, that means 16 possibilities instead of 65536 possibilities. It is not that bad as it might look at first look. There is some function (difference from previous 2 samples) applied so the dynamic range does not need to be that big, and only precision is lost.
    Currently it works this way: for each block of 32 consequent samples it tries all "configurations" and calculates all samples in the block, then pick the one that have on average smallest difference from the original sound. The problem with this is that if the original audio is decreasing at the end of block, but the compressed one is increasing it, it can still be the one with smallest difference, and if next block start lower than the source, the difference between the last sample of the block and first sample of the next block will be even greater because of that.
    In theory "configuration" should be picked so that whole audio wave is as similar shape as possible, instead of absolute difference for each sample averaged over independent blocks. But comparing shapes of waves is much more complicated thing, requires much more computation time, and what is most important it is much more complicated to write.
    So if anyone will improve the algorithm it would be great 🙂 right now it is kind of unusable for voice 😞 but for some simple effects it sounds kind of maybe acceptable.
    If you want to just play existing file check out:
  8. Kubik liked a post in a topic by Cocofang in Tradable starter cards   
    Why? 🤨
    It's hard enough to even sell commons because the game is flooded with them. Nobody needs to buy more commons. Except maybe people starting out.
    That's doubly true for starter commons where literally everyone has them. And having some fixed starter cards that are account bound doesn't strike me as particularly unintuitive.
    So what's the benefit that's supposed to justify the change? Is shuffling together maybe less than 100 additional BFP from selling them all in AH and trade chat really the goal? Or is it some OCD thing of wanting to have a super clean inventory? In that case opening boosters must be hell.
  9. Kubik liked a post in a topic by RookieN in Restoring Lyr - Need play testing and feedback - UPDATE 2.2 Out!   
    Hi all! Im working on a map called Restoring Lyr and its my first map ever so im still learning it all, but now im kind of done with the "core" work of the map, still alot to be done but for me to continue im gonna need some testing and help from other players. So if you want feel free to download it in community maps and try it and report the bugs/errors or suggestions to improve it!
    Its a 2P map with defend/attack elements
    Whats being worked on:
    Cyan = Worked on continuously
    Done = Added to the map
    Difficulties - Currently only one diff but will add /standard/Advanced/Expert (This will be the highest priority after the "core" of the map works fine)
    Map design - terrain/cliffs/textures/props/audio etc
    Balancing - exploits/missed blocking/more or less enemies?/to hard or easy?/waves/quests/monuments and power wells.
    Add more objectives at the north to put some pressure to get there in time, maybe some defence.
    Reworking the North with new quests and more content
    Add translation for german/russian/french
    Add more Outcries
     Updates - Just updated! 21-09-27
    So please if you try it send me a message on the forum or ingame mail and give some feedback whats good or bad. I wanna be able to polish it as best as i can so the next map will be even better. I want to continue the PvE Campaign story and maps 🙂
    Thanks for all the feedback!
  10. Ladadoos liked a post in a topic by Kubik in Add Fullscreen/Window Mode   
    @Omega1001 but EA did not write the game in C#, and they did not give us source code for the game, do you also have some example on how to add it to game without changing a source code?
  11. Metagross31 liked a post in a topic by Kubik in [QoL] [Optional] Clock   
    World of Warcraft did have last time I play it, Wurm have, Path of Exile have, and I am sure there are other games as well.
  12. Kubik liked a post in a topic by Cocofang in QOL and multiple accounts   
    Not to mention Activision Blizzard is more than happy to let people use multiple accounts because that means multiple subscriptions. They are multi-dipping individual power users for extra cash. And even then they eventually decided that they have to at least crack down on automated multiboxing because, you guessed it, it provided too big of an advantage over anyone not doing it. Sure, in their case it was purely a business decision. They probably noticed increasing dissatisfaction among the population with only one account that threatened their bottom line more than the multiboxing population benefited it. This simply proves the point that multi accounting that is tied to progression can be extremely troublesome.
    You already got an answer from me regarding that but if you want more, I enjoyed the restrictions of having to work with unupgraded and random cards just as much as I now enjoy having a wealth of resources to build decks from. I even often intentionally restrict myself during deckbuilding, using cards that don't normally see use. I liked trying to make what I had work. Overcoming the difficulties despite suboptimal cards. The short- and mid-term goals were really enjoyable. What progression is more lacking are long-term goals and something to do with excess resources.
    Please stop pretending like people are getting banned because they innocently want to play the game more. They are getting banned for actively and intentionally undermining the intended design of the progression system in an extremely drastic fashion that would have them advance many times faster than someone that does not. They are not needlessly getting banned. It's not like they are merely trying to get the most out of the progression on their own account. They want to circumvent it entirely.
    The example about someone wanting to start fresh because they invested their resources into things they didn't end up enjoying is a bit outlandish. You won't get more gold on a new account, so in both cases, you'd start from 0. On the contrary even, you won't be able to do the content that nets more gold in the beginning, so you'd be even slower. And the "failed" collection can always be liquefied into BFP to buy something else. That scenario you try to sell as the "innocent rookie case for multi accounting" doesn't really exist in that form.
    But one big issue I am seeing from this thread is the disregard and lack of understanding for the underlying psychology that game design strives to adhere to. Almost reducing it to surface level statement like "more stuff faster = better" with little context. Psychology is an extraordinarily important aspect that the current design aims to take into account. What is also missing is, more specifically, an analysis about what the current progression system aims to do and how it tries to achieve that. There are also too few to no critical examination of what the issues of proposed adjustments would be. They're merely presented as being "better", which isn't the case at all. Everything has pros and cons, it's a matter of priorities.
    One can definitely feel the frustration about progression speed but then it's mostly unguided ranting. It lacks elaborate specifics. All in all, I don't really feel like a lot of helpful thoughts can be salvaged from this. Best anybody can take from this thread is "dissatisfaction noted, guess we can try to figure out something reasonable, maybe". Which, to my understanding, is something that's already actively being worked on.
  13. Kubik liked a post in a topic by Cocofang in QOL and multiple accounts   
    The current system is meant to reward players with more BFP for playing after quests. But without enabling the possibility of more time investment resulting in insurmountable advantages for progression.
    How would you design a system that rewards players for playing more without having it feel exhausting, mandatory or it resulting in massive advantages for people that play more, making everyone who doesn't have as much time, feel like their efforts are meaningless? Which boundaries would you set so that people can't exploit the system by simply artificially stretching their in-game time?
    Which achievements in particular? And how would you stagger them so people don't just do them early on and then still have none to do later?
    How would you design the dailies so that PvE players don't feel forced to participate in PvP in order to have good progression even though they don't enjoy it? Otherwise this would result in people cheesing PvP missions with faux matches where players search each other out to complete the quests. Which is more tedium and helps nobody.
  14. Kubik liked a post in a topic by qudekRa in I'm one of the PvP Players who left and tried to come back, here are my thoughts   
    Hi guys, a bit of a wall of text while i escape the heat after work, hope the formatting works out. 
    You wouldn't know me. Just know i enjoy competitive RTS and had around 60 ladder games on Skylords, but stopped around march(?), when most PvP players left. 
    I'm posting this in hope of getting some more opponents on the ladder in the future.
    I highly appreciate the map and balance changes, though i guess a little too late, as even during EU rush hours, PvP is mostly quite empty - or maybe right now everyone is just catching up on that sweet vitamin D?
    I think there could be some other improvements made to make PvP even more attractive:
    Major Issues I see with free PvP Decks:
    Some decks are outdated  Example: all Fire T1 Decks still have Mortar Tower. Since the changes only usable by very good players and not suitable for free tier imo. Cards that got viable through balance changes are completely absent as well
    Decks are too meta  Kind of a Catch-22. I guess it makes sense to give out the top meta decks defined by the successful players to put everyone on equal footing, but this leads to most folks deviating only by a few cards from the decklist, and the meta reinforces itself. I guess players that are still active now are getting quite creative - but during the PvP Surge a few months back, for 4/5 games felt quite stale  vs the same Lost Souls or Stonekin decks and if new players arrived, this would definitely repeat.
     Also it feels like some insanely strong cards get disregarded. Maybe i'm just too nooby... but what about Treespirit?! I think since the phase tower nerf this could easily make Nature T1 the strongest. Quite the unfun card though, so guess i'm glad this isn't played.
    Minor Issues I see with free PvP Decks
    changing free decks = keeping (half-)empty deck lists  Really not a big deal, just a bit messy and not very elegant imo. Did this bother anyone else?
    Deck lists discourage deck building  Free deck lists diminish one of the defining aspects of trading card games: Building your own Deck. To be fair you could still tinker up your deck from scratch, but realistically you'd copy a deck list and change it from there. I think it's a bit of a tricky situation: on one hand, i already conceded that the deck lists were a good addition and I also think having a "foundation deck" is benefical for building new decks, but on the other hand it takes away some of the (impossible to quantify) magic & personal attachement to a deck. Does that make sense? Can you relate?
    My suggestions for free PvP:
    I believe all of those issues could be resolved by:
    Adding additional Deck lists per faction, like: Themed decks, like Fire+Nature featuring more Twilight Cards Decks built around some specific strategy, like Frost+Fire built around Homesoil + Rallying Banner + Lyrish Knight, Decks with no T3 / Decks with expanded T3 Structure-focused decks A 2vs2 deck with a T4 card "Foundation Decks" with just some core cards + open card slots you could even turn suggestions for new deck lists into a community contest
    Giving all PvP Cards // OR // Keeping the rotation-concept, but instead of 2 Decks give 2 complete colours  Again, I'm grateful for free PvP Cards. But overall the "being-locked-out-of-changing-my-style-for-a-week" while not having built up a personal card-/gold-pool yet, + having had a hard time finding a "personal-flair-main-deck" due to the meta staleness  just left me rather frustrated than happy and ultimately lead to me quitting the game once already. Despite being a huge fan of the mechanics.
    Introduce a Monthly / Seasonal Ladder + Alltime Ladder  PvE Rankins already have an option to filter the time frame! PvP Ladder right now just shows around 80 active players. For some fresh wind, i suggest a monthly or seasonal (something from weekly to up to 3 months) ladder, that shows just top 100 players (if playerbase is big again maybe 200 again) and starts anew in the next month/season ASAP. At the end of month / season, you could give some goodies like Extra Boosters / Extra Gold / Extra Avatar to high rankers to increase playing incentive. Past Months/Seasons could be saved like in PvE Rankings. Maybe there could even be a non-saved daily ladder ranking with gold/very small bfp reward? I think that could be a better incentive than the PvP daily quests and would would give you an extra pointer to whos active today beside the playerlist in the PvP lobby +maybe we get some interesting rivalries.
     Alltime Ladder should be non-resetting and have no activity decay, would be just a acummulation of all seasons(so no extra queue), and show everybody that RadicalX is still boss. Give extra Ranks / Avatar / Frame / Promo to high rankers. Could make a monthly/seasonal ladder feel more interesting when you see an alltime legend is competing.
    Edit: Fixed some spelling errors and just some afterthought: Maybe ELO-Rank classes could be rebelanced in general? I remember back in the Battleforge days the highest rank was Legend (Pointy Gold Shield IV). I remember the huge gravitas around the gold ranks. Of course due to the ELO creep gold ranks got common and new ranks were necessary at some point, but with the player base as is, how about balancing the ELO threshold so just around Top 15 Players get gold ranks, and ~top 3 gets teal ranks regardless of ELO ? Could improve the value-feeling of ranks and incite competition
    You guys have any thoughts on this?
    Don't dry up in the heat folks, have a good week and see you on ladder, gl hf
  15. Kubik liked a post in a topic by Treim in Compare achievements function   
    Wouldn't an option to be able to compare yourself with a friend and a global comparison be the best way to implement such a feature? Similar to what Steam does with its achievement. The global comparison essentially shows how many % of the playerbase have unlocked a specific achievement.
  16. Kubik liked a post in a topic by JustCoco in UI Suggestion - Lobby Map and Difficulty Progress Indicator   
    I used the "Stars" system for this example as a placeholder, alot of people encounter the difficulty system in games that is pointed out by stars , self-implying that the more stars the more difficult it is.
    It is self explanatory that each map has 3 difficulties with this example, every colored star points out which difficulty you've done.

    Now as a further approach to make it easier for players, the lobby could point out the difficulty accompanied by stars as seen in the below example:

    As an alternate possibility, the difficulty mentioned followed by stars, to make it even easier for players to understand the stars in the global map.

  17. Kubik liked a post in a topic by LEBOVIN in Forum appearance after update   
    Hey there,
    since the update yesterday the forum has a few visual inconveniences:
    1.) Pinned messages look a little bit off:
    2.) Tags are highlighted in very hard to read color:

    3.) Topics with several pages take up disproportionately much space in the overview:

    4.) Selecting "Expanded View" (gives little preview of what the post contains) causes the preview to not stay within bounds:

    I hope you can fix those
    Best regards,
  18. Chimaka( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) liked a post in a topic by Kubik in Buddelmuddels suggestions for the game   
    and 196605 = 65535 * 3
    where 3 is  for 1p 2p 4p rPvE maps because all 3 of them have difficulty 10 and 65535 are all possible seeds (maximum value of 16 bit unsigned inteager - 1 because 0 is not allowed as seed)
    if you would want other difficulties you can multiply it by 10 (each difficulty have its own maps)
    if you want all presets that are present, but are not available under SR (and was not under EA) then you can multiply it by 10 (only 1 preset per seed is picked)
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