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Lost Grigori Immune to Damage 2v2

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Description: Was playing a 2v2 game on Nadai against Carofex&DonProm, game went to the T3 stage. Carofex summoned 2 Lost Grigoris to split attack, and the one at the top somehow started taking 0 damage from Swamp Drakes which are XL counters and should have no problem killing it.

Reproductibility: I belive i have experienced this bug once or twice in 2 years.

Log: links attached to log/screenshot because of file size restrictions.

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😞 multiple known issues

Squad position and Unit position, are not always the same, for squad with only one unit.

Attacks with small splash targeted at squad might miss all of its units (either the bug above, or 6 units knocked back from the center by some other attack, so they are all outside of the slash radius)

Freezing is squad during movement is one way to trigger the first bug... usually the difference is small enough for the splash to still hit, but under some circumstances it is not.

Swamp drake is common occurrence in reports of no damage, because it have extra small splash radius.

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