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  1. Is this pizza alive already? Is it moves? Has Consciousness? Maybe tentackles grew out of it?
  2. GOD I miss the ol' chat box.
    Fun times. 

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    2. BurningWorld


      How is this the whole gang with like everyone missing Ultra? :( 

      Like Steezy, Anonymous, VanGogh (or whatever his name was :D), This One greece kid, whose name I forgot, and all the others I probably also forgot :D

    3. Ultrakool


      van gogh came back on discord. maybe its time you did too :3

    4. BurningWorld
  3. I have somewhere screenshot of booster with Grinder i add it later, and screenshot with my dumb tower-stoner deck. RNGesus bless us all.
  4. :thinking: + :kappa:4 

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    2. steezy


      @batorfly wow .... you do know what you did there right?

      @BurningWorld you cant post upvote gifs and dont give upvotes :O


    3. BurningWorld


      I have reached my limit of updoggos already ;( 

    4. batorfly


      i kinda know yup, i'm not sure tho :thinking:


  5. Are we going to turn this glorious topic to next shitposting rep farm guys? Please, yesn't, i no want this.
  6. Wish granted but you are broke AF, don't have nothing. Nothingness, no upsides, no downides. Vegetation. I wish high self esteem for myself, and better singing skills, and to decently play on at least one instrument, for instance piano, or even to be a multi instrumentalist.
  7. Take MY money and take MY soul and take MY GF, also take MY Happines, and make it happen. I don't have any of the listed things tho. Ofc take your time i suppose. Game will be better than ever in the history of never. What am i and who we are, where we are going, and what i will be eating next. Questions that cannot be answered. Jeez, wat am i doing with my life. Browsing forum in work.
  8. Nice, i didn't know this song before. Listened to The Killers alot in the past - 7.7/10
  9. 5/10 Too much difference in tastes, too bad. Well.
  10. 4/10 Ehh, give me a chance to give you 10/10 PLOoXx Sum brass jazzy-ish dubstep kinda thing.
  11. 5/10 Chill bruh
  12. 6.8/10 I kinda like Papa Roach and Disturbed, but only a little bit, this is a middle ground, music i can listen to, but i'm not that excited about. I was excited about this Project 86 tho, some time ago ofc. I kinda, partially abandoned heavy music already.
  13. 6/10 Never been intrested in Punk, so i can't even put out something simmilar I just put here some polish grandpas hard rock
  14. Meh whatever, 2/10 This is golden bruh, when cover is better than original. Do not forget to turn on subtitles, it's important.
  15. batorfly


    Maybe my profile background pic is kinda effective, people read forum info stuff
  16. 2783 ha ha ha What a story Mark!
  17. Kinda nice 6/10 I'll never get tired of Tame Impala. Listened WHOLE discography countless times. Not just some singles. ALL SHIT. Album after Album, without skipping. Like a oldschool would do . And Analog tho. Someone can say, whatever, analog or digital. But i just like the sound and feel of it, a lot of my favourite artists use analog gear a lot. Sometimes only partly, sometimes only analog shit. Mac Demarco, Tame Impala, King Glizzard and The Lizard Wizard, some others.
  18. I'm so proud of my fellow Poles from The Best Game Company ® In The World ® Period. (and that Maul Cosplay tho) Damn feels good man. I suppose i don't need a car, just save some more moneys and spend everything on dope-ass PC master-race money-dump machine of doom sometime around 2020, or 2077 LMAO. 

    PS 1 I hope it's indirect enough not to be called advertisement :kappaross:

    PS 2 Watching YongYea and AngryJoe excited like a childrens after demo - priceless. :kaboom:

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    2. steezy
    3. batorfly


      @BurningWorld The wild lord of shitposting appears :D That gif is dope. And btw. sorry bro. I'm not upvoting every shitpost you put on forum bc i want to have exact same number of rep, that's kinda selfish and miserable i know :oink:

      @steezy W O W, so that is your pure skill? I'm truly fascinated. :kaboom:

    4. steezy


      @batorfly all for u <3  I DID NOT HIT HER

  19. 2771 Oh hi Mark I DID NOT HIT HER!
  20. Actually free is gratis in polish too, so fck ur enqlisch
  21. English Only or Ban on this forum. Kurła Januszu. 3.5/10 Sax is love sax is life. Espacially Baritone Sax, sooooo goooooooood.
  22. 7/10 Nice. I like dis video, not that crazy about music tho
  23. My rep reached the sweet spot. Nice man! Oh wait. Nico man 

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    2. Kazayrian
    3. Simigr


      if you really happy by that take one more

    4. batorfly


      Sure i'm happy :3

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