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  3. Treim

    Inconsistency of PvE Scenarios

    maybe as a general advice. Try focussing more on your t4 stage. It is the most relevant part of the game for random PvE maps. For your t1 and t2 stage you should try to limit yourself to 6-8 cards if possible. In T1-t3 you should try to have spells that can have use even in the t4 stage of the game, such as home soil + ice barrier, netherwarp, frenetic assault, offering (nature aff), infect, cultist master + furnace of flesh combo, etc. What you lack the most are decent t4 units and spells to support them at the moment, while your t2 is massivle overblown, especially unit wise. Try adding rifle cultists and offering (nature affinity) as well as lost dragon (nature affinity) to alleviate some of these problems as well as frenetic assault (nature affinity) as a first step. Cultist Master + furnace of flesh will massively help you to sustain extra spells. Void manipulation is maybe the most important concept for PvE, so try to (ab-)use it as best as you can If i get ingame anytime soon, i will link you a deck of what i use with your current orb structure.
  4. Cruzakei

    Inconsistency of PvE Scenarios

    Oh my apologies - The battlegrounds Scenarios, the yellow circle ones on the bottom right. And only 1 player maps. But these forums and guides can help me! Thank you Kubik!
  5. Kubik

    Inconsistency of PvE Scenarios

    When you say "Scenarios" do you mean "Scenarios/story maps", or battlegrounds or just any map? if you mean story maps then I am sure you can find tutorials for each of them on this forum, to win them quickly you need more or less specific decks for every single one. for example here: If you mean battlegrounds then the guide is here: Also was you playing maps for 1 player, 2 player, or 4 players?
  6. Cruzakei

    Inconsistency of PvE Scenarios

    Hi all, I consistently play on the 1 player PvE scenarios to earn gold and upgrade cards. I would complete the mission in 15 minutes at level 5. (Deck is Lost Souls currently level 40). However, I found that some scenarios at the same Level are a little extreme causing me to lose all my end game cards at the end. You see, I got used to how the attack patterns are with reinforcements and layouts of the map to estimate where power wells and orbs are whilst predicting which camps are going to be tough to get in. Usually, I would win with a somewhat same strategy saving me at least 5+ minutes on the clock. I got used to Level 5 and i've only been playing since the 17th of May. I apologise if it's just me sucking hard, but there have been times where I would try and be suspicious on how the game would be played based on certain attacks and layout. I'm sorry if this is just me being superstitious but most of the time it has been spot on. And another sorry if this is just me being arrogant. 1. Enemies that are consistently calling reinforcements in abundance + Close quarter combat with power wells and orbs placements are near one another = No Boss. - This makes it really hard in the early game to get rolling. 2. Reinforcements inconsistent, map wide, camps layed dotted across areas but not as close = Easy to get 4 orbs and most likely a Boss. - Quite the opposite, easily building up power economy for late game cards. This is just the general basis on how I think Scenarios would go and thus suit an appropriate strategy for this level, making it efficient and consistent in earning gold and ending the game fast enough with the proper units. However, some scenarios has seriously caused me to waste so much time and I felt like I needed to type this in order to understand why this is the case. One scenario, linked with the idea of No. 1 + 2 Bosses and XL Monsters with Units specifically to my kill XL Units has left me completely clueless if I was in a 6 or above Level Scenario and not a 5. I think I am just quite ignorant with the idea I can't consistently gain gold, but I swear some of these Scenarios shouldn't be at my Level. But yet again. I understand if I am just playing wrong or not strategically using my units correctly but the sheer fire power from the enemy makes it difficult to win time to time. I am open to any suggestions on this topic! So be sure to keep it clean :) This is my current deck, and any help would be lovely honestly! Thank you Forums. - Cruzakei
  7. KoB6acKa

    Open Beta Information

    thank you for this chance to play
  8. MephistoRoss

    Account deleted?

    It was gone when battleforge was shut down in 2013. The good thing is that the game is completely free now, so you will be able to earn new cards by playing.
  9. King_Kirby

    Account deleted?

    So all the Money spend in this game is just gone O:?
  10. fiki574

    Account deleted?

    - We're not EA - This is not BattleForge, it's Skylords Reborn - Google a bit to make sense of this, not just pop-up after 7 years and start raising weird questions and pointing fingers
  11. King_Kirby

    Account deleted?

    Hey i played years ago battleforge. I checked my Emails it was the 1.04.12 When i try to login it says there is no account on this Email but why? I just created a new one now but i still lost all my cards on old account Thanks for help
  12. Yesterday
  13. MutedTurtle

    Selling boosters in AH - Suggestion

    Would it be possible to add booster, just like any other card into the AH? This would make it easier to sell boosters and let people that decide to open a lot of boosters have a nice selection of discounted boosters compared to the 450 store bought ones.
  14. The Nightshade Plant creature does not receive the Amazon "Wildlife Protection" buff even though the card is listed as a Forestkin. All other Forestkin are receiving the buff but not him. Not sure if it's just a display bug or the buff isn't applying but it should.
  15. Last week
  16. PlasticHobo

    Fullscreen Resolution issues

    Hello all. I've spoken about this on discord once before, however during the conversation the game fixed itself and I wasn't sure how but didn't complain. It worked fine until Kubik had to take down the servers the other day due to the bug that had people logging into each others accounts. Since then the issue has come back and I'm at my wits end with what to do. The issue is that when using the game in Fullscreen mode, the bottom of my game is cut off and inaccessible and the buttons/cards seem to be out of sync with my cursor. If I run the game in windowed mode this issue goes away. However, my game REALLY doesn't like to be run in windowed mode and even on the lowest settings I get atrocious FPS, so I need it to work in Fullscreen mode. I have included print screens which I hope highlight the issue properly, though I cannot get a print screen which shows the cursor issue as the cursor is invisible when screen grabbed. Please note I have done the following to attempt to fix the issue. Changed between Fullscreen and Windowed (with restarts each time). Changed resolutions using in game drop down (with restarts each time). Changed settings in config file (with saving after each edit). Deleted whole Battleforge folder in Mydocs and let game re-create. Deleted whole game and installer files. Re-downloaded them as new and installed again. Repeated first few steps on the fresh install and still no luck. Played around in Win10 settings for resolutions and no luck. Screamed, begged and bargained with Battleforge to please work FFS. No positive response The only idea I have left is if you compare the windowed and Fullscreen images, the windowed images are sharper which makes me think that for some reason the game is stretching itself vertically when in full screen, which would explain the bottom being out of view and the cursor being out of sync. But I'm not educated enough in the subject to be sure if I'm correct or talking ass. Thanks for your time.
  17. Kiwi

    Crash after Logging

    Hello darthbercik, Are you still having this issue or did you manage to resolve this?
  18. Kiwi

    need help please

    Are you still having this problem? Sorry for the really late response. Did you make sure your AV isn't blocking the game?
  19. Kubik

    Cards always getting bugged

    I asked a lot of people and no one so far know about this bug, so can you tell us more about it?
  20. Toggy

    The Stress Test Open#9 01.06.19

    The answer I like the most would be that I have a lot of Enforcers competing in a Colosseum to earn BFP and entertain the masses. But honestly I get a lot of donations from viewers, also I use every Booster/Quest reward I earn for the tournaments. Edit: If you complete all your quests in a week and sell the boosters for ~420 you earn 4000BFP. Per week. Greetings, DasToggy
  21. indubitablement

    The Stress Test Open#9 01.06.19

    How do you get the bfp for the prize pool?
  22. Aviat0r

    .Zip files problem

    You need to extract the BattleForge.rar file. Otherwise there're no gamefiles which can be used/started.
  23. 2Girls1Juggernaut

    .Zip files problem

    Thx for the fast respond. Now i did it but the error shows up again.
  24. Kiwi

    .Zip files problem

    You need to make sure your Updater.exe is in the same folder as all of the BattleForge files as well.
  25. Hello fellow Skylords! So...who will win the Stress Test Open#9 and become popular among the Skyladies, oh yeah and get eternal glory and BFP and stuff. Format? It will be a 1vs1 Double Elimination best of 3 tournament, the grand final will be best of 5 (one match, no reset). Winner and losers finals will be all played on stream. Prize Pool! (The more people participate, the bigger it will get) 1st place - 1500 BFP + Promo Rogan Kayle 2nd place - 1000 BFP + Juggernaut 3rd place - 700 BFP 4th place - 500 BFP When? On 01.06.19 starting on 4pm CEST(Berlin time), the stream will start about 30 minutes in advance. Where? In the Sparring grounds, get the community observer maps to enable observers/streaming. =>LINK<= Extract the folder to Documents/Battleforge/ Organisation? The tournament brackets will be on Challonge, so register and join the tournament there. Please use your in game account name to make communication and finding your enemy easier. =>LINK TO CHALLONGE<= The streaming channel that will be covering the tournament is DasToggy on twitch.tv . In case of problems contact me or one of my mods via Discord or Battleforge. A list of tournament mods and organizers: DasToggy, Karlmann Rules! -No bugabuse, cheating or insulting the other players. Penalties may vary from a warning to default loss. -Disconnection during a game results in a default loss. If both sides agree it is possible to have a remake. -Not showing up to your match with after 15 minutes results in a default loss. The plan is to play a round of matches every ~30 mins. -After your match go to Challonge and insert the result. That is done by clicking on your match and selecting the winner/stats . The brackets will be updated automatically. -The Map Pool is: Haladur, Simai, Wazhai, Elyon, Lajesh and Uro (same pool as in ranked duel). The first match of the round will be played on Haladur, then it is losers choice. Second round will start with Simai, third one... you get the drill. -The brackets for the tournament will be shuffled before the tournament starts. Reply in this thread if you have questions, I will check it out later. I would love to see this community grow again and the competitive scene develop aswell. Because BF is fun! Best regards, DasToggy
  26. Thanks for suggestions. I have updated deck and from playing it it feels much more rounded
  27. 2Girls1Juggernaut

    .Zip files problem

    Hello Skylord When i download the SkylordsRebornUpdater i only get these files (in the picture). When I extract the files and then open the updater there is an Error message (in the second picture). But I have all the files in the same folder. can anyone help me?
  28. Astiliano

    Banned after creating two accounts by mistake

    Pending Mod Review
  29. Hello ! I talked about the game to a friend, he went and downloaded it. He then created an account to play, waited for the confirmation, then for the 15min asked and his account was still not working. With no patience, he tried to delete his accoun by cancelling the verification, created a new one and then the website crashed. He can no more access this website and can only see a fully white page. I read the warning and so i guess he got banned for MultiAccounting, what can he do to get unbanned ? @MrXLink can you help somehow ? His first attempt of nickname was "PetiteBouletteDeRiz" and the second one "Kiriel" dunno if it may help. Thanks for reading and sorry for his lack of patience and his mistake, A fellow skylord o/
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