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  1. Came across "Metalforge" in my ancient playlist, remembered this project, and decided to stop by. I CAN'T WAIT 8D
  2. Hello, I was an OG member of Battleforge back at launch and beta. Saw this on the internets and decided to pop in and say hello. I'm a former avid RTS enthusiast, back in college my roommate and I played this and other RTSs. I spent far too much money buying the starter pack over and over again, hoarded a shit load of the original Promo 4, broke the auction house's pricings in units like Promo Harvester and Promo Fire Dancer (was that her name, I don't quite remember). I was rollin' in the BFP back in the day. Then college got difficult and had to do actual work and had a fall out with the game. The love was reignited when I graduated and fizzled out over the years. I don't really PC game anymore, occasionally I'll fire up something old but for the most part I spend my gaming hours with my fiancee playing games on our PS4. Currently playing DMC4:SE, again, and smashing our heads against the wall with the RNG of Destiny. I won't post much more than this here until the client comes out, then I'll be more active, assuming I'm in a position to do a lot of PC gaming.
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