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[Forum Game] Rate the song!


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You can sleep well @Kazayrian. I'm fine. It's just... No amount of almost naked womans can help a shitty music. It's actually a opposite. My dick is my dick. And he likes it. But my actual brain is something else, i like it subtlety, grace is the word i want to identify with woman. 


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@batorfly Here, some more of this highly sophisticated group called L.A.R.S. . Pro tip: Do not take their music seriously and you might as well enjoy it, lmao. It's the best trashiest music out there. + you did not rate the last video. 


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Even tho this is totally not my music the bass and stuff is kewwwl, makes me wanna dance my wannabe shuffle :DDD here take a good 8/10 :D 
(why are we rating music tho, shouldn't we just enjoy it instead of rating it? how can Art even be rated at all? :O :O (unless it's one of the wannabe metal from after 2000s' or something got to do with anime q.q ) )

Uhm here goes a little bit of Stoner, Doom, Sludge (not quite sure which of those exactly it is but I like it :)


For the people that can't stand E-Guitar solos (if that even is a guitar and not a bass (I have literally no clue about music xD)) skip to 0:48 this is were the vocals kick in and It's aweeesome, Love his voice :D 

Just for the Cover art I'd upvote them if they'd have a Forum Account lulz. 

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So. If you don't rate this a 10 / 10, you're a fool. This got TECH N9NE, the king of all independent artists. 
Bizarre of D12 and his best friend King Gordy, during their pre The Davidians / L.A.R.S. era.
Vinnie Paz of Jedi Mind Tricks.
Slaine of La Coka Nostra.
Sid Wilson of Slipknot RAPPING. 
Reef the Lost Cauze one of the grimiest rappers alive.
The Goondox ... Well ... Yeah!
And last but not least ... ILL BILL!

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Although I don't approve of the visuals, gotta give credit where credits due and the body art is well done and the editing is alright.
Lyrics, it's just personal preference and interpretation here, feel kind of selfish and empty along with the music that's discordant using a few chords and basic drum track.


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On 6/14/2018 at 12:45 AM, Raishinshi said:




Visual Sync is amazing, I don't know what that game is but the music fits the gameplay really well. All it needs is some sound effects with the game and some voiceovers and it's pretty much a trailer. 7/10

If you heard it before, it's most likely since it was featured in Apple's video (That is also one of my favorite advertisements along with "A Man Like You" and "My Father is a Liar")

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Kinda nice 6/10

I'll never get tired of Tame Impala. Listened WHOLE discography countless times. Not just some singles. ALL SHIT. Album after Album, without skipping. Like a oldschool would do :kappa:. And Analog tho. Someone can say, whatever, analog or digital. But i just like the sound and feel of it, a lot of my favourite artists use analog gear a lot. Sometimes only partly, sometimes only analog shit. Mac Demarco, Tame Impala, King Glizzard and The Lizard Wizard, some others. 


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