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Gunners go BOOM

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Disclaimer: This is more a fun deck. Not advised for beginners. Might have difficulty clearing harder rpve 9 maps. 

Hey Skylords, 

I've been playing around with some rpve decks and wanted to share one of my favorites:


T1: Standard T1 fire start with Nomad G, Eruption and Mine. Of course a Shadow start is also viable to get your Resource Booster out earlier

T2: Bandit Minefield to take the T3 camp easier. 

T3: At T3, build your Shadow orb as T3 to get early boosters. You can start building your army of Gunners afterwards if you are not the one building the Shrine of War.

T4: Get your second fire orb and start going ham on the camps with your Gunners + spell support. 


- Why Corsair? Corsair buffs all friendly Bandit units by 60%!!! 

- How do you keep your Gunners alive? By applying unity on your Gunners they will share 1 life pool. If you cast Blood Healing, the whole group will heal. 

- Make sure you do not target your own units with Amok as it affects both hostile and friendly entities. 

- Unity works on 8 units. If you have more than 8 gunners, make sure you use both Unity to cover as many units as possible, without too much overlap. 


Attached you can find a replay with all four players playing a gunners deck in the current MotM. Its a whole lot of fun!


Thanks to @Volin @Nukie @kleppie for doing this run with me!

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