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Blight is literally the leader of the cPvE Bandits and thematically we would much rather see Ravenheart and Corsairs than Ravenheart and Jorne.

However, if you have Ravenheart in a Bandit deck then you will obviously be bringing attack buffs, Ravenheart will be a strong choice for any buffs, and external buffs don't stack.

Corsairs are great for buffing everything else, the Ravenheart deserves better.

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There are plans for eventually expandingΒ on the Ravenheart deck through introduction of other notable Raven squadron cards as legendaries. I think this is the correct path forward, not making an arbitrary exception to the faction-legendary divide. Additionally, allowing Corsair to affect Ravenheart would require a full rebalance of Ravenheart's stats to compensate and essentially make it useless outside of Bandit decks.Β 

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