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    Blight is literally the leader of the cPvE Bandits and thematically we would much rather see Ravenheart and Corsairs than Ravenheart and Jorne. However, if you have Ravenheart in a Bandit deck then you will obviously be bringing attack buffs, Ravenheart will be a strong choice for any buffs, and external buffs don't stack. Corsairs are great for buffing everything else, the Ravenheart deserves better.
  2. The proposed/recent changes highlight the issue I'm pointing out. You would think that Rioter's Retreat is the one and only bandit building in the game, and the other buildings, that fit much better into the bandit identity, are no where to be seen. Footnote: Bandit Artillery became more accessible to bandit splash decks.
  3. Waystation is not an alternative to Furnace of Flesh. Skydefender is not a T2 Blaster Cannon. Bandit Launcher does not launch bandits, not even when you blow it up with a Bandit Sorceress inside.
  4. Is it safe to say that currently, Rioter's Retreat is not only the best Bandit Building, but also the only one worth building? Would you take Skydefender for Mo and Ocean? Would you ever use Waystation or Bandit Launcher? Rioter's Retreat seems to clash with all the other Bandit cards in appearance, but the concept theme of a looted building is brilliant. I know it will never be implemented, I realise there's better things to be doing with development time, but I just want to throw an idea into the fire. Rioter's Retreat as a Spell. Cast on an enemy Tower. It can no longer
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