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Hi Guys,

I`m planning to create pure (ish) frost deck for my RPVE 9 matches and this is what I`ve created:


The only downside that I can see is that it will requires tons of energy (as for amii monument plus lots of spells) so it will be kinda slow. I am thinking if amii monument and overgrowth is necesary (as for lots of shields in this deck) but I like have healing spells in rpve... so what do you think? Any suggestions about this deck?

And this is my second thought. Ice age can act as a healing spell and shrine of the martyr will help generate more power:


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Hey Krasy, Your t1 is in both decks perfect. Mountaineers is mainly a personal preference. Alternatives could be War eagle or Stormsinger. On t3 I experienced that 1 unit is overall enough, especially with spell support. My choice would be the Core Dredge, but Avatar works too. Shrine of Martyrs should be an auto-include in a pure frost deck with freeze spells. On t4 you run 4 different units. I would cut battleship as it feels a bit out of place, I would pair it more with a construct deck. I wouldn't run Amii Monument -> Regrowth. The sustain you got from the Dreadnought + all the shields will 9 out of 10 times be enough. Because the deck is also more on the side of creature heavy, the power you spend on Amii Monument would be kind of a waste as it basically blocks the same amount of power as a Ironclad does. 
Depending on charges, you can also choose to add the other Ironclad as those, besides spells, are you most reliable damage

For the Winter witch, do not spam those, 3 should be enough at all times. 

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So I made a little adjustments and I will clarify:


I aggree with the battleship, as far as I love the design of this card if it would play in rpve I must put shield on it to make it fly faster so I`ve put second ironclad

About T3 I also agree. Avatar of frost is tanky but core dredge can be very powerfull even with T4 units as it will survive longer (because of ranged attacks)

I`m not quite sure about putting construct to this deck. As far as I think it is very powerful card (and I also like it`s design) I`m affraid it is too slow for RPVE. It is great with nether warp spell as it is pushing it forwards and construct spam can easily wipe entire camp without a sweat (laughing at flying enemies in the camp :D) but this slow movement speed hurts a lot. So why I took Amii ritual? Just because I am not sure what usefull card I could take and I often have situation that there is attack and there are no units nearby so I can shield monuments and wells for me and for allies. Ofcourse this attack can be easily destroyed by summoning units in there but sometimes there are just no charges for them. The alternative I see is a retreating circle but it is a bit random and it can teleport you to the monument that is not under attack. Good thinking, or not really? 🙂

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Hey there! I play a lot of pure frost rpve i would recommend mountain rowdy in T2 he is such a good tank and a great dot and home soil also increases his aoe dmg, the slow also very usefull. I run ice age green cuz the small regen feels a bit better in the early game. Personally i run avatar of frost but core dredge is also super good t3. Your T4 is perfect i usually run 2 witches and they are more than enough. Ward of the North does not work with ice shields so u better cut that card and use +1 T2 unit e.g.: stormsinger or war eagle. Also dont run amii ritual maybe run construction hut to build ur shrines faster then destroy them

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get a few of those Hard buildings in fast, and play with them all, they are like spells, but never ending, you'll be surprised to find The Tactics involved, when practicing even with lesser cards You don't intend to use in Your Deck (Just Keep It EASILY modifiable, You don't want a player fooling around with mumbo jumbo and an asheborne pyro, while You are getting used to even a basic Ice Shield)

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This is my rpve9 pure frost deck. I dont personally use any t2 units or homesoil but they are good strategies. Looking at your second deck (imo you dont need regrowth or the amii monument tho monument could save a little power vs 4th orb if u have the room to keep it) Id probably get rid of battleship in favor of construct.

Unless youre running primarily a battleship deck it's not all that worth keeping in the deck. In my case ill probably get rid of it once new t4 ice shield spell comes out. With construct you can summon 2 at at a difficult boss to chain cc it.

If youre running ironclads id recommend getting more charges asap and consider using the other affinity as well for quicker access to more charges as youll want a lot quickly to get your t4 moving.

With regard to ice age i wouldnt really consider it good enough to be your healing spell, if you are comboing ww and dreadnought you should have plenty of sustain already but you can still use ice age to extend winterwitch shields.

Also on your t3 you dont really need 2 units but if you have room like me i like to include both. I use avatar on easy camps like if there is one in middle of t4 orb camps bc u can just coldsnap and then he can be left alone to clear it in most cases. Dredges i like to use 2-3+ward of north if t4 orb camp is stacked in lost souls because they can kill buildings quickly and tend to last longer than avatar in that case. Mostly t3 is personal preference.

Also i hope you are using frost shard and shatter ice to kill spawners super quick when you enter camps. 

For Me:

T1: i use 2 frost mages and 6-12 archers (usually 8 but 12 vs ls) but since you use homesoil u probably only need 6 in most cases. I usually focus priority targets but especially if the enemy forces is just s units without steadfast u dont need to focus anything if you dont want. I also use wintertide blue which is a good defensive tool at t1.

T2: pretty much just t1+ cold snap when assaulting a camp i coldsnap then kill spawner then depending on how much help my ally gives i use wintertide. If vs ls it is helpful to make heavy use of wintertide and area ice shield. Depending if there are vigils and if they are shielded and where they are it may be better to focus buildings in the camp. Ideally with the initial assault you want to kill the spawner plus either the vigils or the buildings (which greatly weakens the vigils and prevent regen on all enemy units if battle ceases for a period of time) but adjust your strategy with your ally as necessary to do the most damage. 

T3: For me is similar strategy to t2 except in cases where my t1 units have died off i usually spawn avatar or a dredge or two depending on how the t4 camp looks and what my ally is doing.

T4: My t4 strategy is 1 dreadnought + tempests usually i shoot for at least 8 but since their buffs i can start moving much sooner at 4-6 solo or 2+ if moving with an ally. My main strategy on most camps will be to  maelstrom the whol camp while moving tempests in range to hit everything and moving dreadnough within range to cover all the tempests. Usually once im close enough i use frost shard then shatter ice on the spawner and any nearby structures to kill them immediately. Then quickly i mode change my dread and tempests while everything is frozen then pick off priority targets until theres just cleanup and i let the tempests finish. It can be helpful to use ward of the north while the units are entering a camp before dread is up to protect stuff. I occasionally use area ice shield to heal dread and a couple nearby tempests but i dont usually need much heals.  (If youre using martyrs be ure it is active shortly before approaching the camp or at least before maelstrom freezes stuff)

On 10/7/2021 at 7:55 AM, Metagross31 said:

Just a short, kinda related, kinda offtopic question:
When playing pure frost in rPvE, do you usually build 1 or 2 Shrines of Martyrs?

Usually zero if multiplayer as people have war shrine which is better plus frost is pretty expensive so if you dont have to bind the power into your own shrines then thats ideal. Usually tho if im the only one running shrines i build 2 unless it is late in game when i notice or we are very behind and i need more power for units quickly. Really depends on how much power u tend to cycle when killing a camp but id say most people would like to use 2 so they can always have one active when needed. 

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