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King of the Giants - Discussion Thread


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Responsible members of the Skylords Reborn team recently met to discuss possible changes to campaign maps. What is outlined here are the proposed changes to the map King of the Giants. These changes are not final and are only proposed. As a warning, other map projects such as more RPvE presets and Defensive RPvE have a much higher priority for our team. As such, these, or any campaign map changes, may not happen for a very long time. 

Some changes here are firmer than others, all italicized proposals have accompanying explanations for why we are considering them, but they are the most tentative of all the proposals.

Proposed Changes:

1.    Add a timer when Rogan arrives, indicating that destroying all the walls will speed up his arrival.

2.    Fix the broken artifacts and make them more worthwhile to use.

3.    Make it worth it to free the Midwinter, such as potentially moving the Amii Screaming Stone to the top left camp before the Amii gates, so the Midwinter isn’t perpetually behind both Rogan and Jorne. We could also make the Midwinter substantially more powerful.

Right now, many of the “powerful artifacts” scattered about the map meant to assist the player in guiding Rogan safely to the Rage Gate Tunnel do not work and others, like the teleport artifact, hinder the player by teleporting Rogan backwards. The idea would be to improve the current artifacts by potentially changing their effects while making interacting with them worthwhile to the player.

Additionally, there is a Screaming Stone to call the Midwinter in the top left part of the map whose only purpose is to give the player more PvE experience. We would like to consider ways to make the Midwinter more worthwhile to take the effort to summon.


King of the Giants 1: Screaming Stone north of the Amii gates.

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The problem with the Midwinter is not only that its slow. But also that it is comparatively useless if you consider that there are four players waltzing down the path with T4 armies. There is just no point in it even being there at that stage of the game. Players don't need it. Even if it was powerful.

It's just completely redundant.

Maybe increase enemy defenses on the common T4 base and let players call the Midwinter before that in order to help clear their orbs.

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yeah i agree the ship is pretty much useless it needs a complete rework to be anything more thna redundant and im not a fan of increasing difficulty to incorporate a completely superfluous objective. Maybe give extra gold or more xp for freeing it or make it an achievement for now and then put it on the bottom of the list for map reworks.

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About timer and “better” artifacts -> sound good.

About the Midwinter… well….
I also see not much use in getting the unit.
Its slow, spawns to late, and has no impact if you have T4 units (and in most cases a lot of them)
Even if we could spawn the units earlier and make it faster, I don’t think it will change a lot…


A rework of the map could work, but would take a lot of recourses/time.
But just an idea while we at it: Change the Midwinter from an optional task to a mandatory task.

1.       So we move the Midwinter-spawning-switch to position “A”
The left team is most of the time faster then the right side, so they could take care of the camp + switch, while the right team clear the T4 base.

2.       The Midwinter would then fly into the map from the left side “C”
(not spawn randomly in the middle of the maps like she has been teleported by QueekQueek)

Her task: Destroy a “AMII-SWITCH-THING” near the gate “B1” to open the gate “B2”
Only after that Rogan and players can pass walk to the end of the map.

3.       Midwinter could also spawn units, so the players could support her with spells.

As I said, just an idea IF the SK-Team go for a map rework. (there are much likely more important tasks at hand, then rework a working map 😉 )


I´m not sure if this has already been discussed, but “nether warping through a closed gate”?
I would say that’s a bug/not intended by the developer…
If there is ground present on the others side, ok.
But just by clicking close enough shouldn’t be a thing…

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Just for completion. There is still a very old bug that the map never completes. Jorne and Rogan just stand there at the end doing nothing.
Supposedly this has to do with building and even units blocking up the path along the way.

To my knowledge there is nothing you can do it once that happens. This happened the very first time I played that map in Skylords.
The game crashed after resigning (actually twice, after rebooting the game it crashed again). Not sure if this had something to do with it.
I wonder why Phenomic never fixed it, its not particularly rare and doesn't sound too hard to reproduce and fix it. 

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Theoretically an army strong enough at B1

that could stop 4 players

would definitely be strong enough to easily

kill the Midwinter unit and any Allied Units spawned as well.


Maybe some hero immunity bosses or some high hp buildings targets

might work.


Very good chance Mid Winter will still lag behind and waste time

using the Big a** canon animation multiple times on a

Stone kin lizard.

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