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Eruption vs Strikers


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15 minutes ago, LEBOVIN said:

Buff eruption by 6 dmg ? :P 

Won't be of much use. Sometimes Sunstriders (360 life points) will even survive a Lava Field (440 dmg). You can even shoot with Rifle Cultists (3960 dmg) on themselves (1050 life points) and one of them will survive with 1 life point if you know where to aim.

It all depends on the angle of the dmg source. The dmg of each spell comes from the center and if you hit 2 or 3 members of the squad with the spell at the exact same time, chances are high they will survive the spell even though they don't have nearly enough life points for this. So if you want to reliably kill S units with a dmg spell, you have to pay close attention to the center of the dmg spell and that all indicidual squad members have a different distance to the center.

I didn't fully understand this either yet, so don't ask for a more detailed explanation :D

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