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Shrine of Martyrs

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Oh boy, this rework feels soo bad :/ im sorry to say that buy i dont rly like this change. Shrine of Martyrs was a fun defensive tool for a less void manipulated rpve ( i mean no shrine of war, or other void manipulation) i loved the fact that i can make my tanky squad even more beefier. This freezing/void manipulation feels not only weak but useless. I play a lot of Lost Souls rpve where i tried this arche type but theres always atleast one player with shrine of war so my shrine was a complete waste of power. And also i dont rly use freezing spells outside of coldsnap (combo with shatter ice). How about manipulate your freezing effect based on your void power that could be a fun way to use this shrine. the more void power you have while the shrine is active the longer the freeze effect is on the enemy or frozen targets gets 25-50% more dmg based on players void power like at 300-600 vp.


What do you guys think? (Sorry for bad england xd)

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After the redesign, Shrine of Martyrs excellently fills Battleship Shield playstyle, which is more spell heavy than just Ironclad spam - benefits from the building are great and awesome, allowing me to cast spells, Barrage, and keep shield almost indefinately at the same time. For me the change is perfect and nicely fits other recent changes.


The idea behind all Shrines is to return void power. Old Shrine of Martyrs did not fullfill the goal, and thanks to the change now it does fit in the archetype.

If you liked old Shrine of Martyrs in non-void-manipulated rPvE, and now new variant is useless because every time you have better manipulations always in play, then, both variants are significantly weaker, regardless of change. Please separate those situations, strength of both variants is weakened if mentioned Shrines are commonly in a match.


The idea with void manipulation and length of freeze is interesting and may be strong, in sense strong = used. However, I'd keep the idea for some useless Frost Building, for example for Frontier Keep redesign - affinities could work similarly to Time Vortex's affinities, or could have separate, different effects (shield from old Shrine of Martyrs and longer freeze, for example), and let Shrine of Martyrs do it's job and be Frost equivalent to Shrine of Greed, Memory and War.


No need to apologise for England, I have forgiven it's deeds long ago. And your English is decent enough to communicate clearly your intentions, mission successful.

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3 hours ago, Bkingn said:

 I play a lot of Lost Souls rpve where i tried this arche type but theres always atleast one player with shrine of war so my shrine was a complete waste of power.

Same for Furnace of Flesh, Shrine of Memory, isnt it?
Also it was useless before too, if someone use SoW.

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There were several reasons for this change:

1. The protection of Martyr didn't stack with most other protection spells frost has. It doesn't work for ice shields, it doesn't work for dreadnoughts ability, it doesn't work for ward of the north.

2. In 4 player maps the old martyr was useless because as you already said, one Player normally uses Shrine of War so you won't get any protection out of this effect anyway. The current Martyr is also not perfect for 4 player in combination with sow but at least you have an alternative to sow. (Therefore your idea with the effect for freezes depending on your void will also be useless in 4 player maps because you won't have void thanks to the one player who plays sow)

3. Frost has a lot of expensive abilities and spells. Some of them are quite important and without a proper void return tool, frost struggles in long fights. This is pretty much the opposite of the intentional design behind frost. That's why a void return tool is so important for pure frost.

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On 1/20/2021 at 4:07 PM, Dallarian said:

for Frontier Keep redesign

hoping the main function stays..i really enjoy playing frontier keep with matter mastery.


On 1/20/2021 at 7:40 PM, Chibiterasu said:

There were several reasons for this change

Not saying it is terrible now, but i really liked the idea of a deck and playstyle that worked with the voidpower in a different way compared to just get it back asap. There are a few more cards that work with this and now they have become a bit more useless since getting a synergetic deck together around this option to play is much harder now that martyr is gone. Would it have been so hard to just let it be the same and maybe let it have a toggle for the old design+void power protection from SOW and a toggle for the new design? For real pure frost decks it certainly is better now than as it was before, but one could have also built upon the high void power playstyle a bit more or given the thing chance instead of just giving in to making it a weaker SOW. It kills versatility a bit, by blocking that path further.

Honestly: Why do we even really need to keep SOW a global thing now? We have void regen on every color thanks to this change.

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