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Skylords Reborn API

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What do you mean? 

Do you know difference between an open source and closed source repositories?

Open source: opened source code to everyone to publicly use and contribute
Closed source: closed source code from everyone to only creator and handpicked contributors

So, in our case: 

Open source: frontend applications, and API specifications that can be found in respective README.md files in the respective GitHub repositories.
Closed source: backend applications, actual API implementation of which the source is not publicly available, and will not be ever.


This being told, I don't want to make enemies but to give feedback as person that wants to use this and finds it usable, but not mostly correct. I find this approach clearer and easily expandable wityh more filters in the future if it's required.

If it's a problem of change it, give me access to a feature branch and I gladly will make the changes and send de merge request (logically the final decison will be yours to apply it) 

No one is trying to make or portray anyone as an enemy, did I give an impression like that in my posts? If yes, I'm sorry, it wasn't my intention.

As said, backend is closed source, and no one is getting access to that anytime soon.

However, the suggestion seems reasonable and will most likely be implemented, not a priority though.

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On 12/21/2020 at 3:13 PM, T1421 said:

Playing around with the API and QlikView and it works pretty nice.

But I was wondering if a “User Based” API is possible or planned?
So you can request Statistics from a User:
- Get which maps have been played
- Current card collection
- Etc.

Of cures not for all users. Just for yourself with maybe an API Key form the Forum Page.

Would be nice to make a Completionist – Dashboard.
-> You are missing this card, this map and this Upgrades + this Charge upgrades.

Also would be fun to connect your current collection with the current (or historical) AH price to see how much it is worth.

This sounds like a good idea for an official Skylords Reborn Companion App for Android and iOS 😍


If account-specific api's ever get released, it would be an honor to work on that! 

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On 12/15/2020 at 6:13 PM, fiki574 said:

For example, now you could create an application that tracks the average price of every card and makes a nice graph. 

I believe this wouldn't help as you'd want to know at which price they're sold instead of which price they are listed at as I believe often enough cards just never get sold at certain price ranges. This might already possible since I haven't read properly into it.

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