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Skylords Reborn API

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On 3/10/2021 at 6:14 PM, fiki574 said:

API breaking changes have been made to Leaderboards, check out the changes and update accordingly: https://github.com/fiki574/Skylords-Reborn-API-UI/blob/master/Leaderboards/README.md#leaderboards-api

This week I plan on updating Auctions, so next Wednesday expect an API breaking changes/updates to the Auctions as well.

API breaking changes have been made to Auctions as well, so check them out and update accordingly: https://github.com/fiki574/Skylords-Reborn-API-UI/blob/master/Auctions/README.md#auctions-api

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Hello everyone. I'll keep it short. Past few months, I've been working on our web API that is completely public and available for everyone to use. I've also created simple, functional (but stylis

This is so amazing. Thank you all so much for allowing the community to be even more involved in the amazing work you all have done. With this I can finally expand my project and create the site

(have in mind since we just released, data will be missing as we've reset everything)

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