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  1. This is a small project with which you can have replays which are being generated from BattleForge automatically renamed to whatever you want. Although I didn't test whether BattleForge writes continiously or in one go to the replay file so there might be some issues. (it will only rename new replays and only one which are called "autosave.pmv") https://github.com/gaschenk/ReplayFileWatcher/releases/download/release/ReplayFileWatcher.zip
  2. If anyone wants to use a .Net Library regarding Replay handling the version 1.0.2 is a completely fixed version and shouldn't encounter any issues, as of my testing. If there are any please tell me. Nuget
  3. new Information("#", Type.BYTES, -1) any explaination regarding this because somehow it seems important yet irrelevant. The source isn't much of a help to understand what actually happens regarding that specific case.
  4. The issue you are facing isn't because it's not PNG, as in fact it's MIME type is PNG. Your issue ist that first of all those images are cached, thus may not display immediately, to avoid this I'd suggest caching them locally with their IDs and check whether the image already exists in that folder & if not download it and provide it.
  5. WIP Replay reader (untested should work?) Nuget Github Works but the amount of ReplayKeys is different from the other project. It's just slightly different e.g. 5%~10% more or less
  6. Could you explain what exactly "Type.Fix" is as you use it rather often and I don't see it ever getting any data. Nevermind apparently it's just plain useless and non existent in the files.
  7. Do you know whether there are more "Actions", "Replay Keys" than which you listed?
  8. I'm currently trying to port it the Reader to C# and make it somewhat available for .Net & in reusable way. Even though I'm reading through the source of the parser some stuff does look weird at times. If you can't find the source here are decompiled versions of the parser. https://1drv.ms/u/s!AqD5CDsxk6MwluluQRoPtD67BrQYSQ?e=cD2rHz
  9. Regarding the format or specifically the cardId this doesn't hold true as those are different if you take a look at the api & compare it to the cardIds which are used in the parser e.g.: api: cannon tower 700 parser: 51580 at least if i'm reading it correctly.
  10. Since I didn't find any .NET implementation regarding the API I've gone ahead and make one myself. With my limited experience regarding webapis and accessing them etc. the source may look reasonably bad. Which APIs does it support? Cards API (limited) Map API (not working) Auction API (should work to its full extent) Leaderboards API (untested) Battleforge replay reader So with that out of the way: Nuget link Github repository Example Usage
  11. I believe this wouldn't help as you'd want to know at which price they're sold instead of which price they are listed at as I believe often enough cards just never get sold at certain price ranges. This might already possible since I haven't read properly into it.
  12. There is an issue regarding the Updater, which presumably comes from issues with the .Net Framework which leads to an update loop, which correctly downloads & installs the files but doesn't "acknowledge" that these files are correct thus it will download & restart until it's closed. This issue is similiar if not exactly the same as the issue people face with the Visual Studio Installer which prevents them from installing the files although they are correctly downloaded.
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