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Treim's Motm solo speedrun archive

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Hey everyone,

I decided to continue my thread from the original Battleforge forums, where i shared all my solo rPvE replays with the community - thanks to @Kybaka for picking this up again last month.
You can expect regular updates at the beginning of each month for the month that just passed. I will upload most replays throughout the month whenever i get a halfway decent time on these maps. Exception being maps where an alltime speedrun record is possible - those will be uploaded at the end of the month. Cleanliness of play in the replays can greatly differ due to time investment. You can at least expect a top 3 finish for the respective month for each of these replays though.
If i play Motm level 9 maps solo, they will be updated throughout the month as I am doing those just for the sake of it.
If you have questions in regards to gameplay or strategy feel free to post here or contact me on @Ultrakool's Battleforge Tutoring server: https://discord.gg/2R7yZTS

First replay of August is already online - hope it helps people completing Lost Souls 4 Player this month.

General naming structure of the replays:
Motm_Month_Game type_Difficulty_Time

You can watch the replays ingame by downloading the file(s) and saving them in this folder: Documents\BattleForge\replays.

January 2019 - 1 Player: Stonekin; 2 Player: Lost Souls

February 2019 - 1 Player: Stonekin; 2 Player: Lost souls
Motm_February_2Player(solo)_Level10_2556.pmv  -  [Youtube Commentary by RadicalX]

March 2019 - 1 Player: Bandits; 4 Player: Bandits
Motm_March_4Player(solo)_Level10_1846.pmv  -  all-time record for 4 Player solo rPvE
March Bonus

April 2019 - 4 Player: Bandits

May 2019
did not play

June 2019 - 1 Player: Bandits; 2 Player: Stonekin

July 2019 - 1 Player: Bandits
July Bonus

August 2019 -  1 Player: Bandits; 4 Player: Lost Souls
August Bonus

September 2019 - 1 Player: Bandits; 2 Player: Stonekin; 4 Player: Lost Souls
Motm_September_2Player(solo)_Level10_2230.pmv  - all-time record for 2 Player solo rPvE
September Bonus

October 2019 - 1 Player: Bandits

November 2019 - Februar 2020:
did not play

March 2020 - 1 Player: Stonekin

April 2020 - 1 Player: Stonekin; 2 Player: Lost Souls; 4 Player: Twilight

May 2020 - 1 Player: Bandits; 2 Player: Stonekin; 4 Player: Lost Souls
Motm_May2020_1Player_Level10_1241.pmv  -  Youtube Commentary by LEBOVIN [Skylords Reborn Speedrun Community]  -  all-time record for 1 Player rPvE
May2020 Bonus

June 2020 - 1 Player: Bandits; 2 Player: Stonekin; 4 Player: Lost Souls

June 2020 Bonus

If you want to use any of these replays for Youtube, feel free to do so - just mention me in the process please :)


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As promised new update for the August motm's. Only did 1 Player this month. If it's requested i can upload the run for 1 Player level 9 as well.
Possible time with used strategy: ~17:00 (actual time: 17:38)

Short explanation on why i used fire start this time:

The camp below t1 will attack you once you trigger the wave at t2 and the respawns of that camp will continously come to your t1.
That would be manageable if t2 could be take safely. You have to trap the income from t3 camp betweenn t1 and t2 though and the camp at t2 is very far back which makes a fast clear pretty hard for any faction which results in you needing a pretty big army + a sizeable defense.

I did experiment with all factions and shadow was straight up unplayable here. You have no way to efficiently defend that big an attack at t1 and taking t2 is pretty difficult due to high damage mana wings + a bad spawn location.
Nature was going okayish but i did not find a good spot for the mark of the keeper to keep alive due to the amount of high hp or high damage melee units that would constantly kill the motk. Also nature has the 2nd slowest clear of t2 on this map.
Frost i had an issue with binding too much power and efficiently clearing t2 as there are a bunch of units that are not effected by Frost Mage cc which results in prolonged fights which frost struggles in. Also defense is a bit tricky, but was the 2nd best.
Fire i was actually able to pull off a reasonable defense of t1 with blaster mines and nomads after killing most of the stuff at t2. I was not able to find a reliable and fast way to do this consistantly. It was based a bit more on improvisation and a bit of luck in regards to how units ran into mines due to there being huge masses that tend to run slightly diifferent every time. if a unit died to early i would have to restart and it was still relatively slow.
Conclusion was that the camp below t1 had to die first which results in constant incomes from 2 sides which is annoying you at t1 and the one from t2 will hinder you setting the attack up.
So it became obvious that you will have to trap the incomes which fire and frost have the easiest time with as i do not play shaman.
In the end i decided on fire due to it having a faster clear and the fact that the t3 camp you can clear with just t1 cards and oink which was an somewhat necasssary on this anyways as you need 2 cc's to avoid knockback from gunners in the camps later on.
Frost would need Embalmers + Phoenixes and wasting another 2 slots + potentially even coldsnap as if I cant handle the drakes - did not test that though.

In regards to the path I took. I was first experimenting with portal nexus and getting back to my t3 after the camp below the bandit lord in order to kill the huge income you get that way. Ultimately that was too slow though as it results in additional ground to run through with Batariel (from t3 to the camp below t3 + from the bottom most left camp back to the twin riders (or whatever the boss is called)).
The rest should be pretty straightforward --> avoiid gunner knockback and cc from dragons, stay alive while low on power due to Sow and you were good to go.

Hope this short summary of my thought process, especially for t1 helps more people completing these type of maps faster next time around.
For further questions use this thread or the discord link in the first post.


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4 Player level 9 uploaded - 1st try, will most likely not play again
@Kybaka 2 Player level 1 - pretty optimized run, might try to improve later this month by another 3-4 seconds. -- Edit: changed strategy slightly, 2:30 is possible now

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On 9/5/2019 at 2:35 PM, Treim said:

4 Player level 9 uploaded - 1st try, will most likely not play again
@Kybaka 2 Player level 1 - pretty optimized run, might try to improve later this month by another 3-4 seconds. -- Edit: changed strategy slightly, 2:30 is possible now

Good Job :)

My run is similar to you but i loose too much second with last camp.

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Updated - September 2019

1 player motm
   first time on that strategy
   all time was possible with shadow start and perfect run (8:30 until Bata with t3 and t2 level camps clear + ~5:30 for Bata clear = 14:00 -- current all-time: 14:09)

2 player motm solo
   nothing remarkable about this run really
   2 Player is much harder if you want to play the other position as well. Is possible to do so with frost start and good blocking of incomes and unit positioning though

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Posted (edited)

1st post updated for

October 2019: 1 player motm (its so long ago I cant even remember the run)

March 2020: 1 player motm (2nd try at this one, so do not expect perfect gameplay):
Nox start to avoid the knockback of crystal fiends. Keep the first income to your t1 alive long enough to get the 2nd spawn to come to your t2 (--> keep the 1st income alive until you (almost) can build t2). Otherwise you will get double income to t1 which really sucks on this map due to the close proximity of the camp next to t1. Pathing in t4 sucks on this map due to the necassity to cover huge distances into the alcoves on top of the map and a lot of incomes hitting you. Therefor 2 Batariel play to minimize downtime in between clearing camps and to catch incomes that would otherwise get to your t3 and might fuck over void manipulation early on (until SoW is up and running) or split your attention in later fights, where bata can go down relatively easily if you dont pay attentation.


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Posted (edited)

General update:

I will probably start releasing these as soon as I play these maps, with maybe the exception being maps where an alltime speedrun record is possible :)

Updated for 1 and 2 player maps of April 2020.

TL;DR some guy rambling about his replays - if you do not want to watch them anyways, this post is irrelevant to you.

Btw: Would recommend to first watch the replay before reading this otherwise it will make little sense to you. For more questions check out the discord server linked in the 1st post.

2 Player: 1st try for this one, so there are many improvements to be made even though i executed the general gameplan i laid out for myself as well as can be expected for a first run. I would maybe make a small change to my route and skip the Priest camp towards the left first and go directly to the twilight hulk boss. There is definetly improvements for taking t2 in there. I think i can cut 1 or 2 Forsaken and get the same time. My charge regeneration game was definetly lacking this time though. i wouldve needed to take more oppurtinities especially before the first incomes come to my orbs to get charges back for regrowth to not run out of heal charges for the last base. Would estimate a low to mid 24 time to be possible. Might try again later this month.

1 Player: Overall a nasty map with close bases from t2 to t3 and a relatively close base from t3 to the post t4 camps as well as a bunch of incomes especially if you kill both "t2-esque" camps to get your phoenixes voidless. I mostly had issues getting the t3 clear right as i started out with double shadow in t2 and no darkelf assassins and even with 12 phoenixes i could not kill the construct reliably enough and had to be very aware of how many nox troopers to keep after t2 was clear as i was running into charge issues to clear the dragons and incomes to t3 later on. My pathing this game was terrible I believe playing 2 Batas before the orb switch might be the way to go to minimize running time and stay in fights as much as possible.
i believe a sub 20 is possible. Will probably try later in the month to improve my time.
Hope this helps someone completing the maps - good luck to everyone.

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Posted (edited)

Uploaded a couple of the bonus runs for May
1 Player level 10 potentially can be played in all-time range this month so no updates until the end of the month.
4 Player 10 solo is not possible this month

4 Player 9 is pretty straight forward this month, just another Lost Souls map solo cleared with LSS
1 Player level 9 is a fun little map, can be hectic due to clumped up map setup --> sub 11 minutes possible

1 Player level 1 i had the most fun with so far this month, super short and therefor very dependant on the very small things, even more so this month than regular level 1 maps. I believe 1:22 (correction: 1:20, maybe 1:19) to be possible. If you have a little bit of time on your hands, definetly recommend trying this one
Edit: to spice it up a bit, if you can beat or tie my time at the end of the month for 1 Player level 1 you get 300 bfp -> post the replay in this thread please as level 1 completions will most likely not be in the rankings at the end of the month anymore.

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Updated my new solo level 1 time - insane luck run at the end not gonna lie (new time 1:21)
also added 2 Player level 9 solo. Fun little map.

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On 5/4/2020 at 2:18 AM, Ultrakool said:

i didnt realise you speedrun difficulty 1 :3 

I like to do these when i have like 20 minutes or half an hour of free time and feel like it. These maps really help you with optimizing small things about spell placement and unit pathing as well as efficiency on which units/ spells to use when. Sure it is limited to t1 but i feel like it still helps getting into the right mindset about these kind of things.

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added Youtube Link where available - will continue adding them if something comes up. If you use a replay just let me know and I will link it in the intial post.

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