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Hey everyone I'm thinking about building this deck mainly for rpve. So I'm wondering if I can improve on it in a few ways. 

T1: Forsaken, Decomposer, Soul Splicer G Motivate, Life Weaving

T2: Harvester, Resource Booster, Furnace of Flesh, Nether Warp G

T3: Cultist Master, Ashbone Pyro, Breeding Grounds (I know it's a T2 card but I get my nature orb at T3), Frenetic Assault P, Revenge, Infect, Soulshatter

T4: Overlord, Grim Bahir G, Death Ray, Regrowth

Thoughts I aleady have in mindS. wapping Forsaken for Nox Trooper but don't if that is a knowbetter choice, Life Weaving I'm not certain of if I want to keep it in but don't know what to replace it with, Death Ray I really like so I don't want to take it out. Lost Spirit Ships I'm not a fan of (want to try to find a different way to make a deck like this work without the usual cards at t4)

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for lvl 9 forsaken are better becaus you mainly encounter small troops which take Nox-Trooper forever to kill ( they have to shoot every member of the squad once, even when the squad has 6HP total)

I recommend using shadow mage at t2 instead of harvester. Harvester mightve more style but you are severely limitied with just 1 unit. Those always feel very clunky to me. I value flexibility of focussing different targets at the same time muh higher. Depends on your level of play though (which i can not judge).

I would recommend to either play deat ray or grim bahir but not both.

 Death Ray you would run with ray of light and healing gardens for insane heals for permanent leach weapons in combination with regrowth and other spell support. Consider adding rifle cultists and offering (nature) for more death rays as thats your main attack unit while depending on game stage 1-2 overlords function as your ground presence for the spell support. Offering also helps to get a 2nd rotation of t3 spells(infect soulshatter frenetic assault and maybe thunderstorm)

For grim bahir you the same holds true with the exception of healing gardens and ray of light which are unneccassary in that deck. I would consider adding equilibrium though. Consider adding Incredible Mo for lost souls and twilight maps. The benevolent Mo helps you massively there as your main force in both t4‘s are ranged air units (against lost souls to counter the dragons and against twilight to counter the blind of twilight whisperers)

Frenetic assault nature affinity is better than shadow affinity as nature affinity can target buildings. Units generally clump around buildings, especially artillery buildings in the center of the camp so with nature you can hit much more units with cc. It is well worth the minor decrease in damage.

Decomposer i generally find very lacklustre for rPvE especially. Ashbone Pyros are unneccassar but nice to have. With all the spells you wont have any issues with just cultist masters tbh. 

Would add maybe thinderstorm as mentioned above and probably unholy hero.

I didnt keep track of exactly how many slots you have left but you should end up at around 20 again. When i am home i will maybe create 2 deck lists for what i would use. I hope this gave some insight of possible options already though

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Hey, thanks for the suggestions really aprecciate it. 

Put together a deck on allcards: https://allcards.skylords.eu/cards.html?d=UnB2ZTkrMTA+OTV8MjQ3fDQyMHwxOTh8NDIxfDIyOHwyNjl8MjIzfDEwNnwzNnw0NTh8MTk3fDE4NXw5OHwyMjd8MTM4fDIxOHwyNzB8MzQ3fDIyMnw=

maybe you can take a look at it sometime?

if link doesn't work i have saved the image if that is better


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10 hours ago, Treim said:

Frenetic assault nature affinity is better than shadow affinity as nature affinity can target buildings. Units generally clump around buildings, especially artillery buildings in the center of the camp so with nature you can hit much more units with cc. It is well worth the minor decrease in damage.

Damn i didn't even know this, thought the only difference is green negates heals and purple poisons!

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On ‎4‎/‎4‎/‎2019 at 3:00 PM, NovaDaemoN said:

Gonna remove Unholy Hero and replace it with Ashbone Pyro. Need very confident in cultist master for capturing T4 orb

Cultist master + frenetic assault + soul shatter + infect is more than enough to capture T4 orb. With offering you are also able to get back this T3-spells instantly and cast them again if needed. You should keep unholy hero in this deck to extra buff your death rays - with offering again you can buff two death rays at the same time. This is really good for boss fights or in the case when you are still low in the amount of death rays to get a really good damage buff.


You also could remove overlord and just play with death rays - therefore you could add motivate. Motivate is really good for your T1 + T2 + T3 + T4 units to get a strong damage buff. You also can use it to motivate the night crawlers that were created by cultist master and infect. You just have to keep a squart of cultist rifles behind your death rays for spawning more and more death rays. If you go the lane with another player who has ground presence your rays will deal insane damage from behind.

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I built a simular deck a few days ago but I used Grimvine, Death Ray and Grim Bahir as my t4 units. I think Grimvine is better than Overlord because he has more HP and more attack and you have enough healing with Regrowth. Grim Bahir can give you more units so that Death Ray doesn't hurt your units that much, but you have Infect so I think that works too. But one additional thing: I think Equilibrium is better than Ray of Light especially when you cannot use it in t2 anyway.

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