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Best farming gold per hour rate

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From first to fourth row:

  1. Gold/hour, if all players already have the upgrades. Doesn't include chests.
  2. Average gold per match. Single player map give 2 cards and multiplayer map give 4 cards, unless done solo.
  3. Average time per match. Based on the faster speedrun plus 2 minutes, unless the map is on a set timer.
  4. Degree of difficulty. Based on my experience of the speedrun I have tried.

Spreadsheet format in the source below.

Just for fun. This is PvP:

Ranked PvP
3000 - Gold/hour
500 - Average gold per match
10 - Average time per match
Hard - Degree of difficulty

The Guns of Lyr = Medium (Very good farming spot)

King of the Giants = Easy
Sunbridge = Easy (Decent gold if you can't do The Guns of Lyr)


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