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Your opinion on Memes.


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  1. 1. What´s your opinion on memes?

    • Meme´s are best
    • Depends on the meme
    • I dislike Meme´s
    • Others (please comment below)

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So. Meme´s have become a popular thing on the Internet. From the infamous "Doge" to "dat boi" . What´s your opinion on Meme´s?
If you like Meme´s, which meme is your favourite?
If you could create a Meme, what would it it  be like?


First of all I gotta say, I am not the biggest friend of meme´s in general. They often just get used for way to long to remain funny. That doesn´t mean I dlslike meme´s in general tho!

My favourite "meme" so to say would probably have to be the good old e31.jpg

If I could create a meme, it´d probably be smthg based on Youtube recommendations. Why? Because I wonder wtf I clicked to get Ant Videos recommended to me.

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I do like memes. Most of them are funny, some in the f*cked up way, but hey, we want to laugh... but I dislike people who 'inject' memes, share 40 meme pages a day and ruin your date by asking the girl if she likes dank memes (all of these happened to me, I mean it)

As always, don't over exaggerate, as with everything in life


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Every meme is great as long as it is not overused.


All memes are my favourite memes. Every meme is good even tho most get ruined after 1 week of being public to the big masses on the internet...


Memes will never die, all hail the Meme Overlords...

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5VsWpY2l.png ef5.jpga6c.jpeg 533.jpg a69.png


Now back to being serious. Memes are 100% awesome, if they're funny. That's where the dank-o-meter comes into play.

On 19. 9. 2016 at 6:18 PM, Dallarian said:

Some memes i like, some i don't. Depend about what they are.


that's from warcraft xD 

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