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Found 19 results

  1. Hello! I noticed there was a section for uploading some community custom maps here on the forums, so I thought I'd put my latest map here! Introducing, Prison of Tears A 1 Player PvE Community Map set in the home world of the Lost Souls. This map is also a sequel to another map I've made called "City of Tears". The Twilight Curse has not been fully eliminated yet, and Rogan Kayle seeks out the key to eliminating them for good. He believes it is in the home world of the Lost Souls itself. As you venture onward with Rogan, you wander into a strange and eerie prison with Lyrish soldiers trapped inside. Work with Rogan Kayle to free the soldiers and overcome the prisons mysterious challenges. Free the Prisoners Work with Rogan to free the prisoners from the clutches of the Lost Souls. Escort them to the Portal Once freeing them, you must keep them safe until you are able to escort them safely to the exit portal to their freedom. Watch out for the Warden As you roam the prison, be aware of the Warden and do your best to avoid him until you are powerful enough to take him down. This is my first map I've ever made a post about and I thought it'd be cool to share it with the community! If you guys want to give it a try, its uploaded in the community maps section in the game! I'd attach it here, but it looks like it exceeded the file size. I plan to make more maps in the future, so if you guys can share some of your thoughts and even suggestions to make it better, I would really appreciate it! When looking it up, it's called "Prison of Tears". I hope you guys enjoy it 🙂 and feel free to check out some of my other maps I've made like the prequel to this one, "City of Tears". They're all on the Community Tab! (If I can find a way to attach them here, I will).
  2. until
  3. Since my last pure fire campain replay collection is complety outdated I took the new patch (wich I really love) as an ocasion to do it again! This will be an always repeating quest with every big update that destroys replays 🙂 Some runs have actually improved a lot, some were just terrible but i didnt want to repeat them... Don't take it to serious, these are still casual runs! 😇 1-Player-Maps: 2-Player-Maps: 4-Player-Maps:
  4. Hello fellow skylords! I often see people hating on pure decks for the expert maps, with this post I wanna share my love for fire Soon I will upload at least one replay for every expert map with pure fire, some solo and some duo versions. This replays contain casual gameplay, no optimized runs so there will be some fails, please dont hate me Special thanks to Keksmonsta and Kendrikson who will be my mates in most of the duo runs. Have fun with the replays, Anske Edit: 1 and 2 player maps are completed! 1-Player-Maps: 2-Player-Maps: 4-Player-Maps:
  5. Hello, I'm new and I'm currently trying a frost/shadow deck, but wanted to know what were some great endgame elements I could aim towards so I don't waste more resources than I already have because I havn't seen any reason to use the lost's revival ability since if that's triggering they're going to just die anyways to what killed them in the first place.
  6. Hey guys 😁, Donaar here presenting you a fun and unusual run: Titans Expert Solo starting P2 (thanks to @Kapo for theorycrafting this challenge). Soloing this map is quite challenging since the player has to clear the way for Rogan and free the 12 civilians before Jorne spawns (which happens 13 minutes into the game). As showcased in this replay (all credits to Pritstift and RadicalX), Titans Solo runs always start on P4, since the way for Rogan is "automatically cleared" in order to get T2, T3 and T4. Corsair's Assistance ability is then used to open the gates for the civilians - this step has to be performed carefully due to the 60s cooldown of said ability. Starting on another position (P2 in my case) is a completely different story: you have to free the 12 civilians, go to the cave where Rogan & Jorne spawn, clear an enemy camp (in order to make Rogan move) and block Jorne with buildings, ALL in 13 minutes. Okok, i know, blocking Jorne is lame but it's the only way to keep Rogan alive (there's no way to clear all Rogan's path within the tight time tresholds we got). I completed my run in 19.45 minutes (and the second part isn't fully optimized) - below you can find the replay. Here's the deck I used: Nomad (G) + Mines: classic Fire T1 for PvE, nothing much to say here. Scythe Fiends + Undead Army: great combination to reach spots you're not supposed to reach. Burrower: great card for this run since it's fast, it's a melee unit (counters Mark of the Keepers) with Siege (useful to kill Living Towers & Spawners) and the Acid Spit ability is super useful against walls. Cultists Master + Furnace of Flesh: best void manipulation tool in the game. Mutating Frenzy: pretty good melee unit that is used both to clear Rogan's way (ranged units have an hard time given MotKs presence) and for oneshotting Brannoc by stacking its ability multiple times. Corsair: used to reach the bossfight arena without clearing the fire emitters. Here's important to note that the switch provides ground presence. Used in combination with Enlightenment Dreadnought: used to stack up Mutating Frenzies infinitely. Obviously spawned after an Enlightenment use. Makeshift Tower: used to defend your wells from the small waves (2 Thugs) that attack you. Useful mostly for its S-knockback ability. Tunnel: used for both teleporting units strategically and to block Jorne. Breeding Grounds, Surge of Light, Curse of Oink, Thunderstorm, Regrowth, Frenetic Assault (G), Soulshatter: some of the best offensive & support spells/buildings in the game. Nothing much to say here. Hope you enjoy this run as much as I do, See you in the Forge, Donaar Titans Solo P2 19.45.pmv
  7. Hello, In 4 player pve maps, when you are divided in 2 teams of 2 to complete certain objectives specific to your team, you are unable to see the objectives of team 2 in the lobby. For example if you are in team 1 in the lobby, you'll see your objectives, but when switching to position 3 or 4, you can't see the objectives you have for that side. Many say this was never a feature but I clearly remember me switching positions back in the days to see check the objectives which would be more "fun". (in the screenshots you can see i can't see the objectives of player 3 & 4 which are to clear enemy camps, etc...)
  8. Hi all, I know that that you can solo the Convoy PVE Mission with tunneling, but did anyone manage to apply the same trick using Nether Warp? For me it didn't work. Please let us know if you figure it out.
  9. Also available in pdf! Choose the format that suits you best. Disclaimer: The work does not cover all possibilities and is not the highest quality. I am a recognisable Frost player, but certainly not the best one. I do not expect to make any major updates. I am not responsible for any malicious software contained within enclosed files and do not promise that all provided links are safe. Use at your own risk. https://drive.google.com/file/d/1iScntKo6SOFooLC2OO-Qtu3MGf_TcnYu/view?usp=sharing Pure Frost PvE Guide – How to hit hard as hail @Dallarian – author @Weak1ings – substantive support @boots - editor Europe, February 2021 When you enter the cavern, overwhelming noise disappears, leaving only howling wind, allowing you to thought over your situation. You are shivering. You expected Frost part of Forge to be cold, but having to go through Maelstrom to get there was a bit too much. What they were thinking off? Anyway, the cave. It is completely frozen, yet floor is not slippery. As you walk down the corridor, you notice that walls are gently shining, giving just enough blue light to continue the journey. After a while you reach large chamber. There are two people facing formation of crystals under one of walls, something what you think could be a table, and many passages deeper into the cave. Walls are covered by numerous maps, banners and crystals. As you approach, one person turns around and you recognise him as your friend Wazhai, who told you about this place. He comes to greet you, while the other person stays still. Wazhai: Ah, you made it. It wasn’t that bad, was it? I hope you enjoyed your journey. Now officially, welcome to Order of the Battleships. You: It’s a pleasure. I see this place isn’t too crowded. Wazhai: It’s not that bad. We’re mostly active at nights, when Sun is gone. Your friend turns to the person in blue robe. Wazhai: He is the person I told you about. Dallarian: A new disciple? Excellent. Wazhai, please show him Moonlight Chamber. Prepare Skylord, there are many challenges awaiting. The person you suspect to be The Old God of Battleships himself, does not turn toward you until you leave the room. Table of content Dallarian: Your knowledge is questionable. If you are to represent us, you must do so in a professional way. Therefore, your wisdom must be reviewed and unified. You shall practice over and over, until you become confident in those aspects. Basics on chosen topics If you do not understand a word, it may be explained in Glossary of Terms. If you require more beginner advice, check Beginner section in "Guide Navigation" or suggested Beginner guides at the end of document. Gameplay related resources Micromanagement Macromanagement Wazhai: Good. Now you know which way sword should be pointing at. Become familiar with those basic creatures, structures and magic. They are weak yet important, since they are base for your missions. Do not underestimate their importance. We closely cooperate with humans of Lyr and they help us out of their free will, so at least appear to be respecting them. You will need this Frost Shard, take it. It helps manifest Frost Magic outside the Forge, should be useful to you. The moment you touched the shard, you felt connection formed between you and it. Now, you feel pathway to Frost energies deep within your body. Chosen cards and strategies overview Tier 1 cards Wazhai: You know enough. Now it’s time to organise it all together. Did you know you can secure most T2s with Master Archers only? T1 chosen strategies Weakl1ngs: It’s time to introduce you into more advanced options Frost has. There are many interesting creatures and spells you could use at your advantage. And I will teach you to use Coldsnap. For some reason many Skylords like this part the most. Tier 2 cards[2] Weakl1ngs: While War Eagle is a great option, it is not the only valid one. Personally I prefer Mountaineer and White Rangers. Review closely creatures I’ve shown you, there are a few interesting you may use. T2 chosen strategies: Uro: Now you are allowed to use very powerful creatures, blah blah blah. This is the boring part. The only thing you actually need to know, is if your Avatars are facing enemy. That’s it. But I have to explain you in details anyway… ehh… Tier 3 cards Uro: Do you remember when I told you to use Avatars? There isn’t a lot of philosophy in it. Try Core Dredges if you want some fun. T3 chosen strategies Yshia: You have grown stronger and stronger in past months. Finally, you are worthy to see our most powerful magic and best creatures, including the famous Battleship. Learn carefully, and you will have suitable tools to change fate of the world. Tier 4 cards Yshia: After this part you will know everything you need to proceed as a true Frost Skylord. Brace yourself, for today your training is coming to the end. I am proud I could guide you on your last steps. It was a pleasure. T4 chosen strategies Dallarian: You have completed your training. There is one last aspect. You must now choose your path as a Skylord. Which one will you follow? Path of Wind You are like arctic wind, frosty and piercing through your foes. If you are a Skylord in the very meaning of the word. If your armies are free and up in sky, including War Eagles, Northland Drakes and Battleship, the path is for you to take. Path of Shield No troops under your command fear death, for you are their angel, protecting them from all harm. Whether it’s Ice Guardian, Area Ice Shield, Ward of the North or Dreadnought, your armies are always safe while crushing your opponents. Path of Crystal The only who will need protection, is your foe, for your creatures are most durable beings in the whole Nyn. If your army consist of high durable units, like Lightblades, Tremors and Ironclads, none shall shatter your armor. Path of Aurora Both your past and future are a mystery to me. I will observe your career with a great interest. Choose this path if you cannot decide on none of the above. Please answer in provided poll with relevant path, it allows me to keep track of how useful the thread is and encourages more content in the future. It is purely Roleplay choice and does not influence the gameplay, choose what is closest to your heart, not what you actually play. Dallarian: I see. Interesting choice. Anah’shar laje’ura. Accept may blessing and good luck on your new path of life. As Dallarian tells his weird words, you feel chills going through your body. When they end, you are even stronger, and feel like the whole world was on your doorstep. Decks and approaches rPvE Offence rPvE Defence Custom maps / unknown map PvE Campaign Uro: Ssssh. Come with me. You follow Uro into one of less used corridors. Uro: Good, here nobody will hear us. Did you know Togob is hiding many things from you? There is a whole range of possibilities within our grasp, but he will never admit it! Let me show you. Heresy – non pure decks Supporting materials Additional notes on game mechanics Glossary of terms See also: “Expert Campaign – Missions Briefing – Among the Old Gods Achievement” by @Dallarian for Expert maps guidance and almost complete library of pure Frost PvE decks. "Guide Navigation" by @Eirias . If there is any relevant guide on topic you are looking for, you will find it here. Frost T1 PvP Guide by RadicalX by @RadicalX . Awesome source of knowledge for T1 Frost opening, by currently best PvP player. Battleforge undocumented details by @Emmaerzeh. Information about buffs, stacking and more. card attributes & main card types by @Ilsyde. Beginner guide. interface and game mechanics guide by @Ilsyde. Beginner guide. References: RadicalX. Frost T1 PvP Guide by RadicalX. 2017; Available at: https://forum.skylords.eu/index.php?/topic/2823-frost-t1-pvp-guide-by-radicalx/ (Accessed 10 January 2021) PvP changes are considered, that may influence abilities, counter types and statistics. The thread is up to date on patch #400025. {GM} Emmaerzeh, Battleforge undocumented details, 2020. Available at: https://forum.skylords.eu/index.php?/topic/6669-battleforge-undocumented-details/ (Accessed 15 February 2021)
  10. Hello everyone! I am pretty new to the game and the first obvious thing a beginner wants to do after he played for 1-2 hours is building a new deck. For me aswell. So I tried to create a Shadow/Nature deck out of scratch with cards I already had or which I bought from the marketplace for almost nothing. And that worked for me in standard missions or lvl 5 random maps ^^ As I played along for several hours more I was focussed on improving my deck. I added more expensive cards like Mo, Grim or the Wyrm but as I used my deck in harder missions I felt like it was not strong enough and had useless cards in it. I won some lvl 9 PvE maps but I also had 3 teammates to help me out. I also felt like (especially when I saw some other PvE decks) that my deck has no targeted direction what I want to do with it and almost none of the cards play along together. I had the problem that searching for good cards which fit your deck is very hard, especially when you don´t even know half of them. I think this is a problem a lot of beginners have. So I am asking more experienced players to help us stop building stupid decks with just some random cards thrown in. I think my deck is close to most beginners decks when it comes to this problem. Maybe someone can help. ^^ (Deck Level is almost at 70)
  11. MrKrumpli

    Blight Expert

    Hello fellow skylords and skyladies, This is a guide for the map Blight on expert. When I played though the campaign this was the map i failed the most. In the first 2 attempts i couldn't clear the first 2 camps, and the other attempts i failed because my teammates died. This is a really unfogiving map, because of its short time limits. If you make a mistake you will get run over, and even if u can recover from the attack you lose time and probably will fail to clear the next camp. There are 4 paths in the map, i will refer to them as bottom left, right and top left and right. Bottom right is probably the easiest: manawing spam can clear the first 2 camps really easily. Top left can also use manawings to clear the first camp, but on the second it gets a bit tricky, you cant fly around the big tower and it kills manawings fast. I have the most experience with bottom left: i use forsakens with motivate to clear the first camp, build a breeding grounds and an embalmers shrine to support my shadow phoenixes. After i spawn my 5th bird there is an incoming attack. The phoenixes can clear that easily. After the attack i summon some more phoenixes so i have 6, then send them to destroy the 2nd spawn building. I use rippers, darkelf assasins and root to clear the remaining camp. After i get to tier 3 i can build an amii orb and send a giant wyrm with heals and unholy bonus to destroy the last camp in the middle. If you dont have amii monument im sure swamp drakes can also do the job. From this point the game is pretty much won, at t4 the middle base should not be a problem. I use mostly ranged t4 units so switching the anti magic device helps a lot. I hope this guide helps for those who struggle to finish this map. I didnt say anything about the top right path, because i haven't played on that position yet, but im sure forsakens and phoenixes can clear it also. This might not be the fastest way to complete it, but its a pretty reliable strategy. My english is not perfect, but i hope its comprehensible. Down there are two replays from me on this map. 20201229_222548_12300_PvE_04p_Blight2.pmv 20201230_141411_12300_PvE_04p_Blight2.pmv
  12. Hello guys old player are back, this is my deck right know for Pve: This will be the perfection: Any Suggestions???
  13. first i love BF and sry for my bad english... but for me the biggest problem atm is you get to fast to easy all you want thats why pvp and normal pve is dead. Rly i play this game a month? and have all what i want.. stonekin pure shadow twillight etc. pvp and pve fully upgrade... okay to be fair my loot luck on booster was good. Promo Mo for example. But you must only play rPVE maps thats all. For me personally they can increase gold and lvl requirement extremly. 3 or 4 times more. Then boost the lvl exp and gold on normal pve maps. And boost it extreamly for pvp. Nerf rpve. An then maybe people play pvp and normal pve maps more. Above all pvp. It sucks you have a pvp deck but you cant rly use it because only the top 10 players are in ranked and waiting for noobs. thats why 2 of my friends stop playing this game. Fully ups their cards for pvp and then you wait 30 min in ranked to get a top player. And only playing rpve is for them to boring. especially if you dont need more gold.. I know its a beta but maybe they can take it as idea or something. I hope you guys understand what i mean...
  14. Hi guys, it seems that everybody here has the game from like 3 weeks or so. I have forgotten alot of stuff from back in the day and I have a bad deck in the moment. So I'm searching for someone who could like carry me lol.. just someone who doesn't mind helping, you know untill I get a decent deck. I can't really get in any battlegrounds because I don't have a good deck and nobody wants to play with a noob, I get it lol. So yeah my nickname is: vanko1_60 . Feel free to add me or comment on this post so I can add you. Have a nice day yall
  15. NAME: Game crashes upon finish message SEVERITY: 2 LOCATION: Match REPRODUCIBILITY: Random DESCRIPTION: As soon as you manage to win the match (tested only on rPvE) and "Victory" message appears, game may crash straight to desktop without losing a connection to server or anything else (freezing and then disconnecting -> forced log-out; error message; etc.). ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: > Never happened upon "Lose" message, at least yet. > Seems to happen only in rPvE. According to what other people say, there is another case like a 'freezing midgame', but i think this is a bit different, because it does freeze and then disconnects you. This particular bug freezes the game - yes, but instead force-closes the app, aka crash straight to desktop. > _launcher.log, if so happens, ends with last following line "[22:35:50] Game: Packet forwarded to the server" (time in [brakets] might be different). > Small note, windows will create a crashdata.mdmp file in the game documents directory.
  16. Hello, i thought about an new game mode that brings some variation in PvE. The Idea is basically an "Horde mode" where the main Goal is to defend all the time. It could work like rPvE but insteat of going offensive an killing everything before the time is running out, you have to defend yourself againts waves of enemies that gets stronger over time. It could be an endless-mode where you see an timer and can check how Long you did survive Jet. Maybe also with an Gold reward that get higher the longer you survive. Otherwise it could also have an timer like in rPvE and if you are still alive after the timer is at zero you would win. And then the reward could be exactly the same like in rPvE. If we go with that possibility then you should also be able to choose the difficulty from 1 to 10. I personally think it would be an cool alternative for rPvE, because in most Campaign Mission aswell as in rPvE the best solution is to go offensive. But what do you think about this idea?
  17. I finished the story except for the 12 players when it's will open? I'm excited about it
  18. Hello Skylords of Lyn! I dont have anywhere to go look for fun decks (except for old Youtube videos, which is in 240p), I was hoping some of you would post your decks so both I and other people could get inspiration. My deck is 100% self-made so dont look at my deck as if it is a viable one, i just play with cards i feel like are cool. Please post yours and what type of deck it is for (PvE, PvP) Current deck - PvE (With cost - as of 09th October 2018 on the Beta): Treespirit (Green): 100 Windweavers: 139 Shaman: 900 Surge of light: 100 Aggressor (Green): 75 Crystal Fiend (g): 70 Curse of Oink: 50 Coldsnap: 525 Stonehurler (Red): 40 Stone Warrior: 35 Fathom Lord: 180 Rageflame (Blue): 400 Deepcoil Worm: 650 Brannoc: 300 Hammerfall: 10 Grimvine: 350 Grinder (Red): 400 Giant Wyrm: 90 Construct: 130 Deepgorge: 11 Total cost is about 4550 BFP (Prices change a lot, some times some cards are cheap and other times they are expensive)* Also attached screenshot of the deck:
  19. Since i did see quiet a lot of new players and the question "What should i play??". I did a little chart for the 4 Core Faktions. Shoutout to: Ultrakool, Limuts, Shred and kikispas for helping
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