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  1. I personally would prefer this over U0 tbh. In the end you are probably aiming towards upgrading all your cards to U3 anyway, so I think it makes more sense to test them in U3 rather than U0.
  2. I have another suggestion which is closely related to this: When playing cards from the AH or the booster preview in the forge, they are always U0. And as LEBOVIN stated already, this feature can be used to evaluate, if its worth buying a new card. But some cards get such huge upgrades, e.g. U1 of Mountaineer unlocking his shield, that you can only really assess its true value, when you can compare its upgraded version to other cards imo. So long story short, is it possible to add a feature, with which you can also play upgraded versions of cards from the AH/booster preview in the forge? Peace!
  3. 2941 Nothing, and I repeat - NOTHING - is more relevant than this thread!
  4. Correct, there are no such features in the game at the moment. Maybe you could propose them in the suggestion board, if they haven't been suggested already.
  5. I really like those challenges! I will probably try to compete again (compete as in compete for last place lol). Btw, can we do it on the testserver, so we have all cards, or is it live server only?
  6. This is actually a great idea at a first glance imo! The only problem would be the question how to implement it and who wirtes the AI in the first place. But I would love to see it, especially a wek AI for training for noobs like me, but also a strong one, which really puts even good human player to the test!
  7. You can already see it on @Toggy's Twitch. Maybe he will upload his commentary to YT as well.
  8. WOOP WOOP! The wait is finally over! Thanks so much to all the staff, devs and the community for bringing this game back and keeping it alive! I'm so damn happy right now!
  9. This is only the case in the first few weeks after release though. When I started on Skylords reborn the open stress test has been going on for quite some time already. Therefore my first PvP fights were me using halfway upgraded cards with a mediocre deckbuild and my opponents, even in low ranks, already had competitive U3 cards. Therefore I felt like I had no chance at all. Now with the free decks when I loose, I know it was because I played worse, not because of an unfair uphill battle.
  10. I'm sorry, if this post is a bit out of place or maybe this idea has already been posted, but I didn't read the whole thread, only the initial post and a few replies. But anyways, here we go... I'm going to make a bold statement about the economy of this game. The statement is, that we do not need another money sink, since we already have one, which is able to balance the economy - Boosters! My argument goes as follows: Boosters are always 450 BFP (Ignoring the 100BFP discount and faction boosters). They always yield eight cards with different values, which are mostly determined by their rarity and their usefulness ingame. Each card in the game has a certain probability to appear in a booster. Therefore, we can calculate the expected value you get out of each booster. This can be done by multiplying the current value (in BFP) of each card in the game by its respective probability to appear in a booster and adding all of these numbers up. Now, what would a "Skylord economicus" (aka. SkyEc, a player who only plays the game to get as many BFP as they can) do? They would calculate the expected value of a booster and compare it to its price. If the expected value is higher than the price (i.e. over 450 BFP), they would buy boosters, since, on average, they could sell the cards they get for more than what they invested. If the expected value is lower than 450 BFP, they would not buy it. Now let's assume people would grind BFP like crazy, inflating the currency. This would mean, that the prices for cards in the AH would go up. Therefore the expected Value of a booster goes up as well. At some point the expected value of a booster exceeds 450 BFP, at which point it is, on average, better to buy boosters until you get the cards you need and sell the remaining ones than to buy them straight from the AH. Therefore, SkyEc would buy as many boosters as they can, removing currency and creating cards. This deflates the currency and inflates cards. This would go on, until the expected value drops below 450 again. At that point people would start trading on the AH again and grind BFP. With this push and pull on the values of cards, the economy should be somewhat stable, fluctating only a little around the break-even-point, where the expected value is around 450 BFP. Now, here are some problemsI found with that idea: First of all, boosters are a gamble. It is a known fact in psychology, that humans typically don't gamble, if the stakes are high and the outcome is low, even though they would win money on average. This means the average player would not buy a booster, when the expected value is only 451 for example, therefore not acting like an ideal SkyEc. This shifts the break-even-point mentioned above. It will not be at an expected value of 450 BFP, but quite a bit higher. Second, grinding cards out of boosters is tedious and time consuming. Imagine, you are in a situation, where you desparately need a certain card, e.g. a charge for your mountaineer. Even if it may be economically better at that point to buy boosters until you get one, it may take tons of boosters. Furthermore you will have to wait until people buy the remaining cards from those boosters to get the money you spent back. Therefore it might just be easier to buy a mountaineer of the AH, even though it might be expensive. Lastly and most important, the player can not easily see the expected value of a booster. This would require them to Check the AH for every single card, get the value of each card, know the probability for each card and then do the math. Let's be honest - no one is going to do that by hand! Therefore I want to propose the following idea: If we could have a way to see the expected value of a booster, maybe using a tool like @Maze's Skylords Marketplace Journal (See this post) or maybe even a display right ingame at the booster page in the store, which would let us see an estimate of the expected value, people could act accordingly and buy boosters, when their value is high. Maybe they wouldn't start buying them, when their value is 451 BFP, but maybe at 500 BFP and certainly when it is syrocketing to values of >1k BFP. Imo this solution has some benefits. First of all, it doesn't need a lot of programming effort (At least that's what I would guess) unlike a whole new card store etc., since we already have the infrastructure for it in place. The only problem would be to figure out, how to implement a way to calculate the expected value (especially how to determine the value of each card?). Another benefit is, that this will keep the supply up for both cards (through boosters) and for currency (through grinding), which makes for a healthy economy (At least that's what I've heard, I am by far not an expert on economics). And you will always find the cards you need on the AH. This solution might also be more incentivising for a wider range of people to sinl sind their currency, since they immediately see, what they are getting for their money, while "classic" currency sinks, such as a promo-market, only appeal to a small percentage of people with very huge moneybags. Well, anyways, these are just some thoughts I had the last few days, which I think might fit this topic. If there are any obvious logical mistakes in my argument, please tell me! I would love to hear, what you think about my ideas. Do you agree? Do you disagree? Am I missing something obvious and make myself look stupid? Just feel free to comment.
  11. Wow, I didn't even know there was a maximum number of decks o.o How many decks is it?
  12. This sounds fun! Hopefully I can make it and maybe even not lose immediately
  13. Wow, I'm really hyped for these decks, they all look very nice! I especially like the fact, that you can switch your two decks every week, so if you don't like the playstyle of the one you chose one week, you can still switch. Also making them editable is a huge plus imo! So you can for example trade the nature T1s for Aragorn style T1 or add/remove sunderer from some of the fire T1s, just to name some examples of the possibilities this gives you. Great work! I'm looking forward to play with those. Also looking forward to the stream.
  14. Got a run in! Also super slow, but hey, at least something! Might improve it within the next few days, I'll see
  15. Ok, I won't get a better one than this. If I only had that much luck in the game
  16. 2802 Maybe the devs have a secret plan on releasing Open Beta exactly, when this game hits 10k.
  17. From what I have taking out of the previous posts, it just seems that some numbers are wrong, is that correct? The Nox Trooper for example seems to be correct (400 Damage/20s), but in the case of the Nightguard the correct damage would be 480 Damage/20s, while the card says 450. Taking the splash damage into consideration would even boost this value up to 720 Damage/20s. Is it possible to fix this issue in Skylords Reborn? Or did I just understand the concept wrong?
  18. Wow, this sounds great! I'm definitely in for 1v1.
  19. I had two accounts back then, one called Oposius, but I was more active playing as Samek.
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