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  1. I strongly dislike PvP but would still like achievements like this. Anything that encourages play and ISNT a daily quest is a plus in my book. If new players join to do this they can always start participating in the content i do enjoy like PvE, achievements like this would be a boon to the community as a whole. Could even encourage non-pvpers to try it out for a bit in hopes of getting the rewards.
  2. Collecting, i might eventually try expert maps but replaying content upscaled generally doesn't interest me much. Since finishing the campaign and learning to do rPVE 9 all i really do is log in for my daily quests, open the discount pack, and play other games. Primary focus is definitely building one deck of each type thats rPVE 9 capable, and just getting all the cards. Hoping we'll see lots more PvE content in the future.
  3. Meh, really bummed out about the booster prices, felt like what i got each day was already fairly minimal. The DnD mode sounds fantastic though!
  4. It's a massive problem that the Devs cant change the available chats due to not having access to source code. This problem wouldn't be much of an issue if we could simply have an english and german global. That said, co-op matchmaking with a language barrier is a bit of a pain, i dont mind other languages at all but if i cant communicate with the person I'm playing with that sort of kills my desire to co-op at all.
  5. It sounds like you didn't get both files? Theres basically the game code, and an installer. The game code is useless without the installer.
  6. Really not looking forward to that, i already find myself wanting to open packs more with the current prices. When they go up I'll just be bummed about it.
  7. The game doesn't have the playerbase to support grinding PvP cards. Anyone whos interested in PvP and joins as a newbie is going to be slaughtered in a PvP grind system and be instantly demotivated to play. If we had 10k players on all the time that'd be fine, there would be plenty of other newbies for newbies to be matched up with. But we dont. Realistically we have 500-1500 players on at any time, and we have to keep in mind a large portion of them will be playing PvE. Locking ranked behind collecting cards is an idea i find pretty revolting, if collecting cards is a thing it should be the other way around, collecting for unranked, all cards free for ranked.
  8. This is amazing news, a defensive mode is one of the things i was really hoping for.
  9. I always just ask if anyone has preferences, give them the cards they ask for, and disenchant the rest.
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