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  1. Everyone should speak English on most channel, and whatever language in Group / Team / Whisper. That's sad that German people don't do that, and are kinda ruining the experience for the rest of the world by filling the chat with uncomprehensible messages or even questions (questions that keeps them speaking German). I assume it won't be fixed, where a simple RULE will fix that for everybody.
  2. Disabling a channel will make us miss some important informations, especially for Beginners or General. They could rename a channel General1 and General2, and we would agree that most players would join General1 to speak English, and General2 for other languages. It won't have join nor leave the channel General2, because I'd have nothing to do on it. It's not like leaving the channel Beginner, because many great infos are on it.
  3. The video posted by Slishkom is exactly the problem we described ! Thank you.
  4. Since the Region chat isn't working as intentded to, since we can't "leave" the beginner chat because we'd miss out on important informations, many players agreed on to use the Ignore option to keep the chat understandable. From what I read in your screenshot, there is absolutely no anger, it's just something you might get aware of, that players may use this only option against non english speakers. It has nothing against you especially or German speakers. And it won't be used automatically, only in some cases. It just seems like the only way found, waiting for the devs to create a better
  5. Madmax7

    German Chat

    I agree with this topic completely. The Region chat should be visible by only the players from a specific region (chosen in the option menu) Or we should have an option to translate everything in chat automatically to English from the reader side of view (not the writer's) if the option is checked. Anyway, Devs should fix things fast, because some players have started adding non English speakers to their block list, which will just split the player base, and will make Trade and Looking For Expert Groups harder for everyone. And even if we all know about the rule 1.1 "Spe
  6. Can you fix this bug ? It'd be cool to let the game run even if we're AFK, or just disconnect us properly without making the computer bug completely, and having to force shut down. It's so scary, that even if I have to go do something for only a few minutes, I quit the game completely to prevent this bug from happening, even if I would have been back before it. It's very annoying, game breaking, and computer crashing. It should be a high priority among the bugs to fix.
  7. Hello, Everytime I let the game On for a few minutes and when my computer is supposed to either turn off the screen of just load the screensaver, the game crashes completely, and the computer is not able to return to windows. Ctrl+Alt+Del / Alt+Tab or the Windows button don't do anything, and I can't right click on the icon in the task bask to close it, it just flashes white/grey. The mouse moves, but can't interact. The only thing to do it shut down the computer by holding Power for a few seconds. It won't let me take a screenshot, or even if taking the screenshot worked, i can't pas
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