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  1. Zmaxter liked a post in a topic by Flrbb in Option to create "Buy" listing on Marketplace   
    I suggested something very, very similar. Devs werent much exited about the idea, because they do not want to touch the AH. Same arguments as having an external way to access the data from AH - which I can understand.
  2. Zmaxter liked a post in a topic by Tofu in Introduce Yourself!   
    Hello everyone! It is great to see so many old and new faces in this forum!

    My nickname is Tofu, I used to be very active in the old forums where i stood by the name TouchiHakufu. I am from Portugal, and played Battleforge since very early on (probably first week after launch). If for nothing else, many will remember me for my habit of writing long walls of text like this post which will inevitably become one in the span of the next two minutes of typing.

    I am the guy who prophecized UrBestFriend becoming a moderator. I am the guy who prophecized MrX becoming a moderator. I was active in the map creation subforums (in spite of how very little activity it had) as an enthusiastic tester and was always proactive in helping people learn how to manually install player made custom maps from the forum attachments map creators posted.

    I only started being active in the forums many months after release when some computer error with Direct X 9 stopped me from being able to launch Battleforge. I registered in the forums and made a thread detailing my problem, which a few other people also shared with me. My first thread was actually the thread where Ptolemyll made his first post (we registered in the same day). His name unlike mine might ring a bell for the more PVP oriented players here. I played with him from time to time but as terrible as I was (and am! maybe) at RTS games I didnt get anywhere in PVP. I loved the game though.

    I was also very active in the OffTopic forum in the English section and would often meddle when non-english speakers happened upon the forum speaking portuguese asking for informations or requesting assistance. I translated wherever I was useful.

    I am 23 atm, and am hoping to become a civil engineer someday. I hope we get along well everyone!
  3. Zmaxter liked a post in a topic by MrXLink in Introduce Yourself!   
    Hey, thanks and welcome! 
    I know a Portuguese BF player, he was quite well-known back in the days... He's TouchiHakafu, but he's quite absent recently. Maybe he'll get on here too!

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