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  1. Funny how you spell Moloch 🙂
  2. Yeah - put salt in my wounds! 🙂
  3. There is a typo Dutchy, that is not "or", that is "and"
  4. For me playing for nostalgica and enjoying new balance/cards not exclude each other
  5. @KserSke This is what we came up with in the stream Again after the tier definition: S - Absolute powercreeps that you can almost not pick if playing pure shadow (or sometimes mix related) A - Obvious picks in their decks and strong first choices B - More niche, but very good cards that are usefull in many situations C - Alternative picks that are weaker as B+ but still viable sometimes + halfway viable Fun-tier D - Either cards that are rarely playable or that have very, very few niche use-cases F - just plain useless (in pve) The VoD can
  6. Heya, thanks for another video on that, enjoyed it very much again! This time I'm very much closer to Kserke then to Dutchy, for almost every card I can go with Kserskes comments on it. Sometimes I would go one tier higher or lower, but we have seen this is a common thing in all of our tierlists we had, be it on cards or on decks. Only things where I disagree on Kserske more then one tier: - Plauge is S tier, and this is not much a question of taste, one of the strongest spells in the game - same goes for Booster in the buildings - Shadow Worm is not thaaat bad, he is no rea
  7. May I ask for a breeding kitty? (a.k.a. Forest Elder) PS: Kitten > Elder
  8. Not all heroes wear a cape! Awesome replay collection - gg!
  9. Tab, Tab, space is at least a solution that is better as nothing. Thanks, good to know. Still Enter would be awesome
  10. Just an idea that Ultralord and me had - when you are just working on the GUI here, is it possible to make that the "create auction" can be triggered with enter?
  11. This map is easier then the original, you should give it a try. Be patient and you can play it with very basic decks
  12. I want to bring this to topic. Since the deck just plays terribly tough, I had admittedly put it off a bit. The current 10-player Twilight (2player) seemed very suitable for a showcase, because I could easily build up in peace and due to the lack of spawners of the T4 row afterwards enjoy a nice crisp post-T4 largely undisturbed. The replay starts at 9min, because I chatted in between. Already the first camp is just a pain, how slow can such a mini camp die, for which one has made such an effort. With any normal deck and this energy pool would melt the camp better. Then in the
  13. As true as this is on the one end I'm not sure if I would go with this for this topic. If we speak about 4p maps I think a bit optimisation is just... polite. I can't say too much about the topic, as I don't understand french. Don't know if this is about playing known maps (motm) or random, neither I know if it is 1p or 4p. What I can say: Pure Nature can even be challenging in very hard 9s and is very hard to play in some 10 scenarios. If you take this challenge you should be really on an expert level. Furthermore I see 5 very non-optimal slots (Shaman, T2 Tower, 2 units t
  14. Solution: Play no Wheels, have no bug 😛 You're welcome 🤓
  15. As any Nature T1 usually has/needs Surge of Light, Shamans were never that useful. Sadly that card is too popular. Shamans 'hurt' the most decks even way more then Wheels do usualy. The T1-2 in the basic deck is quite slow but in general super(!) strong, if you add Ensnaring Roots. Experienced players would rather even cut Fountain in T1 and Burrower in T2. Only good further add on for the lower tiers would be a Dryad (B). If you struggle with that in rpve 9s after your cards are Upgrade 3, rather look for some input on playstyle and rpve-knowledge then card upgrades.
  16. Yes, for sure a better-Motivate. In the worst case it comes up to the same but you have the healing buff and in the best case you keep even the unit. Feel a bit bad I did not test it in deep before. But played no Amii-Decks lately EDIT-PS: Use it in non-bandit Emberstike decks... that is genius!
  17. @DemonRJ Transcendence could do a really nice job here, played it just for the first time I must give in and it is really nice to buff up a mix of units like here. A shame I did not really recognize the card earlier. Will try it tomorrow in your deck, may be a nice add-on.
  18. Experience is from a certain point a pure asthetic thing too, it has no impact on anything. As already some people reached the max rank it seems to be quite in a sweet spot now as it is. What would be the point of going faster through the ranks?
  19. It is there, could be perhaps highlighted a bit more, but the topic and the importance are covered.
  20. Heya, wanted to share a deck again that is currently a great fun for me and as it is also quite beginner friendly I think it's cool to post it here. The only really expensive card in my current setup ist Cluster Explosion (red) which can be replaced with just another dmg spell or a T2 unit for low budget. Just made this a few days, looks so far as 3 heals (plus Unity) could be a little over the top, so feel free to cut Equilibrium. The latest buffs of Inferno and Fire Sphere make this really fun to play and the alltime classic Thunderstorm and Cluster compliment this well.
  21. Like it - could replace one of my former Amii decks which is not playble anymore due to the Watcher changes
  22. I just imagine 3 Dancers up there in the camp and 2 comming with the wave 🤭 EDIT-PS: My theraphists bill is on its way
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