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  1. well, i've been upgrading my deck since my question, and now after using frenetic assault it works like a charm, only twillight sometimes is a bit hard because of the anti spell area a particular unit has. i've been trying to speedrun recently and got to 8th place, still looking for some new strategies
  2. well, most of the time its already blocking the charge, or there are 2 of them and i only get to 1 of them
  3. i was just playing a pve 9 lost souls game and i noticed the spell blocking of almost the whole area around encampments, because i play the bloodhorn strat my deck heavily relies on spells, how can i counter the spell blocking abilities to keep going against lost souls?
  4. because i have played a lot of times i think the timing needs to be perfect to join, because i think every once in a while the server crashes and reboots, if you log in at the perfect moment you will log in right after the reboot and join, once the server is full almost nobody gets in, i think its like this because every time i can join the game there are almost no players online.
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