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  1. kommoon

    Devplatform update

    Indeed what @wibryz says id like to see which bugs have been fixed an how the server is doing
  2. kommoon

    Devplatform update

    Hi all, I think it is a good idea to update the devplatform, id like to see how it goes behind the scenes. Furthermore keep up the good work boys❤️
  3. kommoon

    Open Stress Test - All you need to know!

    because i have played a lot of times i think the timing needs to be perfect to join, because i think every once in a while the server crashes and reboots, if you log in at the perfect moment you will log in right after the reboot and join, once the server is full almost nobody gets in, i think its like this because every time i can join the game there are almost no players online.
  4. kommoon

    special booster?

    hello, isn't it a good idea to make a special booster that you need to buy with real money so they can give the money that they earn with it to charity? like 10 dollar for 10 rare/ultra rare cards? i know you all are focusing on getting the game up and running but maybe its an idea for later
  5. kommoon


    hello skylords, i have a suggestion for a patch after the game has launched, maybe you could create a different screen for people with an eyefinity setup. for example on the right screen you see your deck on the middle screen the place where you are and on the right an map so you know whats happening and where you are greetingz kommoon

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