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  1. 27 minutes ago, UltDragon said:

    By at least rank 10, you get players with a certain level of experience.

    There are always exceptions, but the rank reflects how much time you played.

    Now, the achievement requires preparation, how much are you willing to invest on instructing, every time a random player joins?

    Some maps require certain combination of cards, like Bad Harvest pos 3.

    Yeah sure, I get your point. Still you get mine also I guess. Btw don't get me wrong here, I'm a perfect example for overestimated ranks. I have rank19 and cry when I get most expert maps as quests ^^

    My request if this should be tied to rank would be: Make it not visible before 15-17 then. Gold ranks are gotten pretty fast by just hanging around in the game.

  2. Said a few days ago on Discord: Seen more then one ember rank (what is that, 17?) that had not much clue about deckbuilding and spawn mechanichs while also played a few weeks ago with a sliver rank with perfect nomad micro, spawn trapping and other signs of deep understanding of game mechanics.

    My father always says: Not all older people are wise, some just get old.

    I had not much hope when creating this thread, even more as the lead designer had this topic on the table before this, and rejected.

    But the shoulder I cried out today told me to open up a discussion here

  3. 8 hours ago, narsegan said:

    I played this map for the first time, and on expert as well as solo, and personally I would say a big problem with this map is the instant fail in the form of the final objective, it's essentially a cheap death, which would happen on all difficulties.

    The final objective shows up when you claimed the final elemental tower, several waves spawn and they will march towards the shard, however the problem is that at no point in the game does it make you aware that you actually need to defend the shard, this resulted in me losing the game as my army was at the top left of the map and I of course did not have enough card charges to stave off that absolute massive wave of enemies as I only had a single charge left on all of my cards, this is in my eyes a surprise instant fail objective and bad game design, since the only way to know about this, is to die to it first, this is one of the ''sins'' of video games, as this takes away the skill of the players and forces them to die to a ''cheap death'' and only then they would know how to avoid the cheap death next time.

    As players naturally you play to complete the objectives you're given, yet if you do exactly as the objective says you will find yourself losing the first time as it does not give enough time to move your army to the shard in order to defend it. This can be solved by either making the player more aware of this happening, as it can be easy to forget about if you haven't played the map in a while or have been playing on the map for nearly an hour and when you're playing for that long you tend to only focus on the objectives. Or by including a countdown timer, you have x minutes to get back to the shard and set up defences. Though I believe it is better to make the player aware of it during the game as that way they have more time to setup their defences. Furthermore I would also find it counter intuitive that the best way to play the map is to ignore the objectives for a certain amount of time, though you would of course only know to ignore the sole objective of the map if you have already played and lost to it before.

    The other map I can think of that has a surprise mega wave like that is Crusade, however the important difference there is that you already have defences setup as that is naturally part of the objective, not the case with nightmare's end. I therefore wonder if perhaps another way to encourage players to setup defences around it is to just make it similar to the previous mission and have the shard give power(description says it gives power on nightmare's end but I'm not noticing it) and send enemies at it now and then. This will encourage players to defend it as they gain bonus power from it. Or alternatively if that wouldn't fit in with the lore place power wells there.

    A player should never be punished for doing what the game tells them to do, nor should they have to die first to know how to avoid that death., theoretically if one is skilled enough they could avoid any death, yet this could never be this case with this mechanic as it completely surprises the player. One could argue I wouldn't have lost if I tried the map on standard first, however the problem still persists on standard, no matter what difficulty you play it on for the first time there will be a very large surprise monster wave at the end which you will lose to if you're not aware of it, be it on standard, advanced or expert. At the end of the day this will be a problem for everyone who plays the map for the first time, or everyone who hasn't played the map in so long that they forget about it.

    There were some rather rude people on Discord not open to discussion, so I will simply leave my feedback here and leave this forum, do with it what you want.

    I agree with the most people from the discord discussion:

    If you played it in a team on standard you would have had no problems at all.


    You decide to go solo and expert for your first try, no point in blaming the game design or even the people from that discord conversation.

    In the time you were now complaining about this map you could have played it on all 3 difficulties



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  4. 52 minutes ago, Sacriefice said:

    This is really just semantics

    Not even that. 3x the exact same icon with the exact same wording are per definition a duplicate. But who even cares.🥱

    As you say it is a redundant non-information and has nothing to do at all with knowing what the card does.

    If I have 1x, 2x, 3x or 4x the info to hover that a kill gives me 15% void return has no value on the information. I dare to say it is even the opposite, it is additional non-info that only may confuse.

    @WindHunter Can you clarify if this is really a intended design decision or has other reasons we may not see, as it seems to be no technical limitation?

  5. 2 minutes ago, DieToPlay said:

    After patch = many people complain there is lags.

    I personally have no issues, but I'm playing on quite a monster of PC currently.
    But I would say it is quite obvious there's something going on, too many reports of the same issue.

    I can even accept that it is currently not being fixed as the problem can't be identified yet. But I also read between the lines "problems must be from your end" and that is sad

  6. Not possible is just not possible, everybody can (or should) understand. As I said once to you, even "this is too much work" would be a good reason to reject a request.

    But saying 4 times the same icon (with the exact same information and text) is "not duplicate" is just ... 🤐

  7. 1 hour ago, Sacriefice said:

    Every time someone places wheels in rpve my SoW activation suffers from it

    Feel you. 2 or 4 yellow Inc Mo buffs but you can't see an Enlightenment or Shrine.

    Or one of the 3 Wheel buffs shown multiple times...

    Makes no sense to me either.


    If there is technical limitations, k then we have to deal with that, but if temporary buffs like Shrines and global buffs from spells would have priority, or could at least be shown next to one Wheel or Inc Mo buff that would be great QoL

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  8. 40 minutes ago, KeyNeR said:

    Where can I download the replay? I uploaded it to http://www.t1421.tk/, is that enough or is it needed somewhere else?


    On 1/20/2023 at 5:20 PM, T1421 said:

    In conclusion:

    Map:                   Treasure Fleet
    Difficulty:            Standard
    Goal:                   Don’t lose any gold wagon and build all wells and orbs as fast as possible
    Until when:         29.01.2023 23:59 CET
    Winner Stream:  17.02.2023 19:00 CET via my Twitch (https://www.twitch.tv/ultralord_t1421)
    Replays:              PM in the Forum @T1421 or DM via Discord Ultralord#9706
    Replay name:      BOT3_[Your Username].pmv
    You can send in multiple replays, the last one which I receive will be used for the event.
    Replays can be found in your Documents folder (C:\Users\xxx\Documents\BattleForge\replays\)


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  9. 29 minutes ago, CarinaLore said:

    As example invest more of the Cards in booster. Why giving them a card to sell instead of a booster? Like u are getting Frost-Mage but yours is already full. Would u realy be happy about that? Or you get a Thunderwagon(R) but don't touch fire, I definitly would prefer a Booster because of Gambling or sell booster. Also that would make it easier for price Pool like 1-3 getting special prices, 4-10 nearly same amount of boosters and maybe something special and 11-20 the same+all the others the same like a price that everyone gets that take part. 

    With unsold cards u can make Give Aways during stream also with boosters or BFP leftovers. Because if u calculate the Values of the Cards u will definitly see there would had been enough BFP. Also the selling isn't that hard. +When u start the Stream of the event u anyway know how much players took part in the event and also u can say ok there wasn't so much players in the Event so we increase the price pool and start Stream Surveys with solutions how to increase it. So later on the peoples decide what happens not a Streamer.

    He has no influence what he gets sponsored, and donating a card is still better as donating nothing. See this just as the cherry on top, sponsored by fellow players.

    But team just announced to give some more Boosters into the pool so you dreams may come true

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  10. Hey WindHunter,

    then I'll make the start on this one again. But let me say first, for many things this not even 2 weeks are not enough for me to share more then a first impression. Even more as I have limited time and internet currently and I did not personally test everything as deep as I wanted.

    On 1/25/2023 at 12:16 AM, WindHunter said:

    Do you like the changes to cards and factions (PvE and PvP)? Why or why not? Where did we hit the mark, and implement something exciting you'd like to see more of? Where did you miss the mark and what should we avoid in the future?

    Only T1 card I checked myself so far is Strikers. I still don't see any really use case beside to have a fun opener in the Thugs and Striker changes. Nothing that hurts, but nothing that gave me excitement.

    In T3 I liked most the changes to Rageflame, did not test it yet, but I'm excited to do so. The Unity nerf is reasonable, though it hurts my currently most beloved deck. In one match against Fire I really struggled to keep my army alive, but to early to say that it came from this quite small change, perhaps just executed poorly by me.

    Fire Sphere nerf really hurts, but tbh - it feels more balanced now. Sad, Fire was lately just behind bandits decks in terms of meta speedy decks and fell now a slight bit behind. But still fire is in the best state ever. Batariel buff makes up for the Sphere buff from my feeling, as you get a higher stage more consistently. The buff for the purple one was not needed, but feels good!

    Forest Elder finally feels almost worth the 4th Nature Orb, great job! Mind Control got a ton better, every addressed issue was perfectly hit imo. Good inventory, good solution!

    Other T4 changes I really liked to read, but I did not test myself yet are Shadow Worm and Gemeye. But seen a Stonekin deck today where I was a bit disappointed. But we did learn with this patch, "Its the player, not the cards" - need to test this myself soon.


    On 1/25/2023 at 12:16 AM, WindHunter said:

    Do you enjoy the new cards, are they balanced, etc.?

    Raven Walker seems weaker as expected on the first glance, but only made 2 games with it so far. I feel also that I did not find the perfect deck for it so far. It feels a bit clunky to use it to perfect conditions, but that is a thing I want and need to explore further. My first fears that it sounds/looks a bit OP have not come true. If it is really viable in the current state, it seems that you need quite some micro and a good deck composition to make it working really good.

    Sanctuary green feels way better then expected after the final changes and the 75% CC reduction are more viable as I would have guessed. Finally a good tool against Zappers and worthy enough to me to have some more use of the 4th nature orb. The reduction is enough to bring even a smaller army in position and deal clean with Twilight camps, works even in a 3-Zapper camp though it needs quite some micro. I like it!

    Sanctuary blue feels a bit pointless to me. Where do I use that and why? Perhaps a cpve thingy I could imagine, but rpve just wants the green one.

    On 1/25/2023 at 12:16 AM, WindHunter said:

    What do you think of the new achievements? Which ones are fun and exciting? Which ones are frustrating and boring?

    Yes! All! None!

    Jokes aside, I mean its achievements. Something you can do, nothing you must do. I mean I can complain fast, but see nothing to complain here. If someone thinks: Oh this is to tedious to me - just leave it aside. Or take it as extra motivation after all other things are done. If someone thinks that one is maybe too hard - leave it out for now. I guess for any of the new achievements you will find at least a handful of people who are grateful for that.
    Really good job on this one. What brings us to


    On 1/25/2023 at 12:16 AM, WindHunter said:

    Do you like the shift to cosmetic rewards instead of gameplay rewards like boosters and gold?

    Hell yes! I feel a good mix of rewards as we have it currently should be a good way to make the majority of people happy. There is stuff for everyone, some achievements grant a ton of boosters (or can be converted to hard BFP), some give a promo (that are behind a challenge, but not too harsh so that everybody can get those with some investment of time and effort) and others just reward you with nice fluff.

    This patch was a milestone for SR for sure, alongside the buffs/changes to the pure factions and reforging tool.

    Fanboy over and out. 🙂

    PS: Nah - one last thing. Big love for taking all the community feedback (where I was quite loud for sure) on the buffed Batariel issue. I had not played it for quite some time and this was really one of the first things I tested. I would not have expected from the numbers, but he is back! ❤️ I love that the deck is finally playable again, even if not in that old state, but good enough to carry a 10 like it should or to use at least 1-2 Batas in a speedrun again. Not as OP as it was, but really enjoyable if executed well. I really hope that we (the community) and you (the balancing team) can agree on the current state as a compromise.

    Tho I will still miss a beautiful 2-3 sec last row clear like seen sometimes if everything was executed really perfectly 🥺

    EDIT PPS: Who is the genius behind the WBG promo. Damn I did not use WBG for quite a while, but this looks so awesome that I will play it once again in near future. What. A. Beauty.

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  11. 21 minutes ago, Fundus said:

    Do PvE enemies even have a power rating and if they do which units have a power rating of over 300p?

    They have thanks to the skylords reborn team, and yes there are some units that you can't grab with Mindcontrol. For sure the LS-Necrofurys and I think the Bandit Lord too for example



  12. 1 hour ago, Mynoduesp said:

    Maybe there are more ideas to expand these empty pages from more community members...? 

    Color statistics? Many people, even more many beginners, want to focus on certain colors. As many people like stats this could be nice

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  13. Hey Solpher,

    in general I would say that a deck for rpve should have any faction and boss in mind that can occur. So if not the motm is LS you will usually not see any adapted decks for that. And a common good deck can deal with all factions. But there's a "but":

    When I played way more 10s in the year after start, it was a unwritten law tho, that in random groups any LS with flyers on T2 directly got skipped. The quality of 10 groups was way higher back then, and everybody knew that even trying made not much sense even if you have 4 top players around. At least as long as you are not a static premade group that sits in Discord. So if LS occured, one scouted and deleted the nomad if there where no flyers and left the game to indicate flyers.
    When those maps got map of the month this was the time to practice that, as those maps are incredibly hard and so you could at least try over and over again. At least 2 times those maps where only beaten by 2 static groups (one three man'ed it because it was easier like that (early attacks)) and iirc one time there was a third static that build up for this purpose and beat that one too.
    So LS with air units at T2 is a very special thing that should be looked at a very special view. There's not much (or no) content in SR that was beaten by less then a dozen people.

    If you play normal LS without air units at T2 this is still a tough call sometimes, but way more doable. Sadly these days you have too much people organizing 10 groups that lack understanding of the game mode and you have too much unfitting decks to beat LS usually. What you want here is 4 fire starts if you are not in voice chat, if you do it with voice chat and an excellent group you can have one nature starter or shadow starter.

    Against LS often one player gets attacked by default, if that happens, he pings first asap and then starts spamming units into the direction of the attacks. Even if he starts fire he usually just spams units at this point, the other 3 players erupt spawn camp(s) and Lost Dancers and clear up as much is needed to bail out the attacked player.
    If 2 players get instant attacks you may be in the situation where you want to skip the map too.

    If no one gets instant attacks, or the bailout was successful, LS maps are played usually after normal 10-scheme: Decide if you go one by one or if everybody goes on his own, the team approach is however easier and faster. Here it is even more important: Spawn your first unit behind your wells to not trigger any unwanted attacks. In both scenarios you perhaps want to save up a little more energy then against other factions. You pull rather with 3-4 mines then with 1-2 as usual. More often as against other factions you want to do both spawners in one engage, this is depending on how close the two T2 camps are.
    As Dancers have this ultra long range it is often not a bad idea to care for outside position players first, as T3 waves are quite strong in LS and Dancers may else trigger unwanted attacks.
    Because of that range issues from Dancers and Vigils Pos4 needs to scout even more carefully then against other factions as close-well situations occur even a bit more often.

    Once all players are T2 the difficulty decreases to a more normal level. Though the T3 camps are quite crazy you have more and better tools now to handle this, but make sure if there is a double income on your T3 to be prepared for heavy attacks. LS post-T4 waves always have either a Beast (good for you) or a Treefiend and often a Vigil. Usually you want to take out T3 very fast in a single hard and short attack then.

    If you have close camps at T4 you will usually often need again spell support of the whole group, else LS maps are not that big difference from that stage of the game beside the fact that you are usually running into time issues and have to go on very fast now. The post T4 is usually the same as on 9s - only a slight bit bigger and everything is a bit more stuffed then on a 9.
    Banestones are more likely to appear (or even set?) be prepared for that, but players should be familiar with that from harder 9s already.

    In general you see more diversity in 10s since the Bata rework, but on the same side you have to see that in 10s it got even harder not to run into time issues when you have a hard early like you have on most LS maps. The most common T4 options deck wise are Bloodhorns and Banzais. You see them most commonly as 🔴🟣🟣🟢, as 🔴🟣🟣🟣 and 🔴🟣🟣🔴.
    This may not be what you see in the common 10 groups these days, but that is what you want to see and what you need if you want a halfway decent win-ratio.

    If you have any replays where you have questions at, any certain situations in mind or any other questions feel free to put there here, via PM or reach out to me via Discord (Volin#8101) and I try to help as good as possible.




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  14. Tho I completely agree with the TO, just to lower expectations: I personally would not expect this to be high on the list of priorities. Fire got some decent buffs and is by far in the best state it ever was. Would not be surprised if this changes will take some time.

    Though looking forward too for some buffs there.

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