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  1. 1 hour ago, Kapo said:

    I think that if "any changes" occur the leaderboard will be reset, thats kinda going to far. Not sure that that was really stated, but I could be wrong.

    But if, like wanky mentioned, some integral things like the SoW changes on such a fundamental level, a reset is warranted - even if the theoretical top time just drops by a second, it has become unattainable so competing for top times stops to make sense. So I'm not surprised, as Liorans wrote, it has just been forgotten and will come Soon(TM).

    Maybe one of the Admins or High-Level Devs may confirm?

    I am just writing this as a player, not in any official way. Just saying, because of my official title, but I cannot and will not ever speak for the project.

    I can well understand the question for a reset on Slave Master, tho that was not what was brought up by the TO. But this is indeed one that should be reset!

    I am, as known, not even a little bit in the cpve-speedrun topic. But I don't see any of the changes in the current patch affecting any alltime, which is why I asked for maps that are affected (and why). Again, I want to emphasize that I'm not saying there are no other affected Alltimes, but I and the people I talk to don't see them.

    For the rpve I see no impact for several reasons, the most important being: The current times are as far from a deep grind as they could be. Both times in 4player could be easily beaten if only two things come together: easy map + some competition.
    Breeding and SOW changes certainly have a huge impact on casual play, but I can't see any impact on speedruns in rpve so far. Breeding is usually not used and from the first tests you can easily work around the SOW-changes, as a double or triple Fire Orb player is useful anyways.

    I'm not saying that the Rpve ladder should not be reset, I just don't see any reason to. I am open to any constructive discussion and would like to be convinced.


    On 5/22/2023 at 3:01 PM, DieToPlay said:

    It was stated that any changes to the game will be followed with a full leaderboard reset

    Never heard of it either @Kapo, nor would it make sense to me. Not saying it was not said, just saying I never heard of it.

  2. 9 minutes ago, Kapo said:

    I dont mean this as personal critique, more as an exploration to whats might be up with some complaints: Could it be that for many of us, our gaming experience is centred around maps and cards we know in and out for many years, so if something new (in this case: new expert maps to conquer) comes up we are not used to get a punch in the face from an expert map any more?

    Many newbies (to the game as a whole) say things like "cant make the big Soultree wave, how is this even possible?" and we answer "LOL git gud" - and now we aren't used any more to be in the same situation, so it gets frustrating pretty quickly?

    Sure, can be the case!

  3. 5 hours ago, Cocofang said:

    Why is this reward perceived so differently from Promo Mana Wing or Promo Worldbreaker Gun and their respective achievements?

    Because these one were a walk in a park compared to the first map that I tried. 

    And as I tried first the one with the most upvotes and it felt terrible to me, it discourages me personally a bit. Spend around 2 hours with 3 different deck types anf was not able to get T3

    Share the feeling a seasonal forge could have been more inclusive, but as you say: If it does not bother one enough (case for me) - just leave it out.

    I did not expect the CMSR to adress me as a player and was proven right. Tho have the feeling a lot players I heard from really like it.


  4. 12 hours ago, DieToPlay said:

    Why are the leaderboards not reset if so many changes went live?

    I see no all time affected by the current changes, but I'm not as deep into this as you are. What maps do you think are affected by the current patch?


  5. 11 hours ago, Vrizz said:


    I did not notice exact moment when it started - it has been for 2-3 months now. 

    1) At the end of loading a map (most often)


    2) In random moment during the game

    monitor goes black, the PC crashes (no blue screen though) and restarts.


    It has never happened (in BF or Skylords Reborn), so it's a new issue. Dont know what kind of logs/screenshots I can provide to help troubleshoot this. The game is up to date, so are the drivers. It may look like overheating, but it happens when starting a map and CPU/GPU are not definetely not hot yet (+ it's a new issue; otherwise it would have happened before I guess).

    Plx help 🙂

    Are you running Discord in the back?

    Cause I have the same issue since the time you describe, but can say almost sure that it is Discord shutting down my PC once in a while


  6. 10 hours ago, ValturNaa said:

    I think the question was more about how to build RPVE10 decks in those factions, not how to counter those factions. A question that I'm also interested in, since I'm still playing at RPVE 7 and hope to go higher.

    Hey mate,

    I'm not really sure where I was when I wrote the above text. TO asked about Stonekin and I wrote a novel about LS... blame me ^^

    To answer you question short: Playing Stonekin faction yourself in 10s is not recommendable. The time limit is too harsh for the slow Stonekin faction and your T2 and T3 tool case lacks to deal with harder maps.

    The only player that I saw playing Stonekin on a decent level there was Treim, and I remember a few failed matches 🙂

    Even if you want to stray away from the standard meta decks that are usually recommended in 10s, I would stick to the classic Fire into Phoenix start as a beginner. As soon as your experience level rises you will see yourself where the journey will go for you

  7. 17 hours ago, NevaDie said:

    DESCRIPTION: Hello all, I can't run Skylords on my new Windows 11 - Enterprise PC, when launching the launcher I get the error message from screenshot "Screenshot 2023-04-09 222105".
    When I ignore this and click login I get the error messages that follow.
    Unfortunately, I have not been able to find a solution for this so far.
    REPRODUCIBILITY: This error occurs every time I start the program, no matter if I have admin rights or not.
    SCREENSHOT: Attached
    LOG: Attached as *.zip




    Screenshot 2023-04-09 222105.png

    Screenshot 2023-04-09 222115.png

    Screenshot 2023-04-09 222141.png

    Diag.zip 71.86 kB · 0 downloads

    Your onedrive is the problem, please check the troubleshooting FAQ

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  8. 5 hours ago, and1d said:

    thx for the tipps, back at ea times i remember i played mostly fire nature. that was great.

    Then Skylords Reborn has good news for you! Alone in the nature/fire department you have more archetypes of decks than ever you can explore (Abo-Spell, Evil Eye spam, Evil Eye spells, unit based T4 mix and a few more non Twilight decks like the above shown or the good old Thunderwagon/Dragon)

    Some of these decks are new in SR and some got stoooong buffs due to changed cards.

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  9. Hey,

    this one may be a little beyond your budget if you take the whole deck, but if you leave out the Clusters for the beginning, you could go with something like this:

    If you go for a green T1 and therefore can drop the Mine, you should be able to build the core of this deck in less then 2 days. Cluster purple is inferior to the red affinity, but can also fill a slot in mid term


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  10. @Thingol@whichwai


    I reinstalled SR last week after a long time. Yes, it is still an issue that Windows needs to be manually allowed to download and install this software as it may content harmful content.
    In very amateurish terms, it is something like this:
    Windows and most anti-virus rather look if the software is listed then really checking it for a virus. As SR is a community software it is not listed among anti-virus detection companys and therefore often flagged as "harmful"
    I'm sure an IT guy can explain better. But this is roughly how it works afaik.

    During my reinstallation my Windows cried hard that this software "may be harmful" - but it never said something like it said for you "it is harmful". And I can assure after installing it again everything was fine here. But probably doesn't help you much that a random guy in the internet says to you "It's fine"

    In the end you have to decide yourself if you take the "risk" to trust SR. But imagine how big the outcry probably would have been if this software really comes with a virus and around 100k people (that registered accounts) would have infected their PCs with this.

    I can just say, there is thousands of people running this, and if you search the forums, anything that is virus-related that you find, will just be this installation thingy and not a single word about actual harmful software.


  11. Hello Skylords,

    the rpve event "Stonekin Hunt" has come to an end and I want to thank you for the overwhelming participation 🥳

    In total we received 47 submissions, 41 of them  valid. One team played the wrong map and 5 did not open the chests - you really want me to repeat this once again, don't you?

    From that 47 replays were

    • 2 played as trio
    • 2 played as duo
    • 4 played solo!

    Yes, solo! I have a replay for each color - sadly only one of them is valid.
    Overall 107 (!) unique people participated in the event - that is amazing!

    Thanks to multi-participations of some people a lot of Boosters can not be given out to the top 21 ranks (upper 50%, we rounded up) -> This means we have one guaranteed Booster for all people that sent in a valid replay. 
    23 Booster will go into a random draw between all the 107 players and in addition we draw the 5x 500 BFP from Bengel among the lower 50% of ranks.

    And now some fun facts:

    If we just look at the 4-player runs in the top 10 (yes, there is one non-4-player run up there) we see that

    • Fire started to 89% in the upper positions
    • Frost started to 78% in the upper positions
    • Shadow started to 78% in position 3
    • Nature started to 89% in postion 4

    Overall Frost and Fire are mostly playing together and are pretty dominant in the upper spots, while Shadow and Nature care for the lower side.
    To learn why tune in on our stream on friday Date: 31.03.2023 19:00 CEST Ultralord @Twitch

    The stream will include top runs, quiz questions (with prizes!) and some more interesting data from the event!
    See you on friday!

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  12. 11 hours ago, DieToPlay said:

    Asking and listening are two different words. You can open any amount of threads and pretend to care about community feedback and in the end proceed to your plan all along.

    I cannot understand this drama every time you personally do not like a change. Yes, I don't like all the changes either, but it would be sheer insanity not to note that the changes in general are simply obvious improvements and are met with great goodwill. After all, the annual surveys show this very good.

    But let's stick to very specific examples:

    I have always been one of those who thought the old Batariel deck was good the way it was. I always saw the inventory as the Fundus described above. I have been vocal about this. Was this opinion ignored? Not at all.
    Yes, Bata was eventually nerfed, but there were always different voices. There was a goal set by the team to include as many opinions as possible and to tone down the deck while keeping it open for speedruns and 10s.
    After the Bata nerf came out, the deck was pretty much ruined and there was nothing left of the core. Many, myself included, complained and argued. After some back and forth, the new feedback was taken and corrected, with the result:
    The deck is no longer the undisputed #1 fast deck, and the meta has opened up a bit, but it still has a solid place in the speedrun meta.

    Sure, I could cry because something has changed, and weep for the beautiful camp one-shots the deck has sometimes shown in good hands - but I could also look at it with a little more perspective and say, "Too bad, but it's still one of the fastest decks, and speedruns have become a little more varied and colorful for it.


    The balance changes alone have given SR dozens of fun and sometimes very strong new strategies. The fact that some people are talking about the end of the world because some niche strategy has fallen by the wayside, I really can't hear anymore.


    Let's take the Watcher: Yes, it was always a nice card, but it couldn't really do anything. Yes, there was a valid Amii deck with it, but that was more "how can I make the card useful" - I really liked playing it that way, but honestly, how many times did you see that? Once in a thousand games? I NEVER saw this deck played by anyone else at the time. I'm sure someone did, but that just goes to show how rare it was.
    The current Watcher has become an obvious improvement and one of the key cards in Pure Nature, and is really fun to play now. I know I'm not the only one who feels this way: I'd rather have a Watcher that does one thing right than a Watcher that's nice but fills niches.

    Of course, I wouldn't complain if it went back to 2 natural and 2 colorless - but if I had to choose, I'd definitely go with the new one!

    Do you have to see it that way? Of course not! But again, just because someone does not like a change does not mean that the change may not be seen as positive by others.

    The possibility of expressing one's opinion and the approval of one's own personal opinion have been confused in social and political discourse for some time now - the one has nothing to do with the other.

    Just because you (feel) you are not listened to does not mean that no one is listened to.

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  13. 29 minutes ago, Fundus said:

    I dont play much Battlegrounds lvl 10 but id really like to know if one many army Batariel decks are viable for BG 10 again.

    Totally viable, it is again a good deck for sure. And again good enough for very speedy runs

  14. Halftime!

    As it was announced I want to give you an intermediate ranking - here we are!
    Big thanks at all that send me replays, over 90% sticked to the given name scheme what helps a ton!


    13:37 !!!

    In addition I want to add a bounty to spice things up a bit:

    I add 5 Boosters per person, out of my own pocket, if anybody beats the fastest time of "Battlefield at Noon" (Arabika, BlueBerryBoy, Damo, Hirooo, Nya...Ny...Nicken and Radical)

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