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  1. Yes, I would love to learn more about the PvP tactics. Also PvE but I feel like the meta tactics are not known. Could be just me tho
  2. I have another suggestion. Look up World of Tanks. In their youtube channel alot of the mechanics of the game are well presented and explained. Maybe you could do something similar. It would be helpful for new players to have an official video guide, which is short, summarised and easy to digest.
  3. Just the fact that I have to personally message someone from the market in order to trade with him. For example I see a card Spitfire for 750 BF, but I have 600 and some other card of around 100-150 value. It would be cool to be able to send him an offer, so that he can see and then react, rather than waiting for him to come online. I think the market is good as of now in terms of features. This is my recommendation, of course. I respect your opinion, so do as you please with this suggestion. 🙂
  4. My idea is that the trade offers are private. Basically just like in Steam
  5. Hello Skylords! My suggestion is to help the trading when players are offline. Much like in Steam it would be nice to be able to send a player a trade offer, which he can reject/change and send back/accept , so that trading can be done even without both players being active at the same time! Maybe you can implement it in the mail box. Thank you in advance!
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