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  1. Deck next to Dutchy plays a very similar deck, only changes: - Eagle - Core Dregde red - Ironclad blue + Stormsinger red(!) + Core Dredge blue + Shatter Ice
  2. Hey Solpher, in general I would say that a deck for rpve should have any faction and boss in mind that can occur. So if not the motm is LS you will usually not see any adapted decks for that. And a common good deck can deal with all factions. But there's a "but": When I played way more 10s in the year after start, it was a unwritten law tho, that in random groups any LS with flyers on T2 directly got skipped. The quality of 10 groups was way higher back then, and everybody knew that even trying made not much sense even if you have 4 top players around. At least as long as you are not
  3. Tho I completely agree with the TO, just to lower expectations: I personally would not expect this to be high on the list of priorities. Fire got some decent buffs and is by far in the best state it ever was. Would not be surprised if this changes will take some time. Though looking forward too for some buffs there.
  4. Not so important, but the time (rpve10, 2player) in the sheet is currently not correct, we ended like this:
  5. Grüß dich, ich muss dich allerdings darauf aufmerksam machen, das wir im Forum und Discord nur Englisch schreiben (oder zumindest eine Übersetzung hinzufügen), eine Frage der Höflichkeit (und Regeln). Falls dir dieses schwerfällt, ist es völlig in Ordnung einfach mit einem Übersetzer deines Vertrauens zu arbeiten, einen Blick wert ist https://www.deepl.com/translator Zu deinem Anliegen: Es ist schwer ein Deck für alles zu finden, zumindest einige Karten zu tauschen - je nach Einsatzzweck - bietet sich je nach dem schon an. Die meisten Decklisten die du hier und auf dem Discord findes
  6. Goes in the same direction for me. Coat artwork is just suuuuper awesome, and also like how the card plays. Banzai voice lines are super awesome too, damn what a cool voice. Also the gameplay is a bit underwhelming and tho it is a bit anti-meta due to how the game works, I have much love for the Wasteland Terror too. Just love dragons! Evil Eye goes boom, who does not like it?! And ofc, Bandit Minefield, just the best card in the game! @Hirooo 😉 (can't tag you here, cause I don't know whats your forums name, but perhaps you see it by chance) Yeah, the Reborn edition is alrea
  7. Are you speaking of the silence debuff those Lost Dragons apply? Sounds a bit to me like that. If so, the most general way to deal with it, is the yellow Incredible Mo abbility. As you are a bandit player you can also hinder the Dragons with CC spells as Amok or Frenetic or Plague. And Disenchant may help
  8. Tho I read this, it shows again as unread to me the second day. Sadly it just stays on the "unread" list now for me
  9. Sanctuary will deactivate Willzappers if you manage to get into range
  10. From the ruleset I would say: Playing a Viridya is fine, Enlightenment Viriydia is not 😄
  11. Funny how you spell Moloch 🙂
  12. Yeah - put salt in my wounds! 🙂
  13. There is a typo Dutchy, that is not "or", that is "and"
  14. For me playing for nostalgica and enjoying new balance/cards not exclude each other
  15. @KserSke This is what we came up with in the stream Again after the tier definition: S - Absolute powercreeps that you can almost not pick if playing pure shadow (or sometimes mix related) A - Obvious picks in their decks and strong first choices B - More niche, but very good cards that are usefull in many situations C - Alternative picks that are weaker as B+ but still viable sometimes + halfway viable Fun-tier D - Either cards that are rarely playable or that have very, very few niche use-cases F - just plain useless (in pve) The VoD can
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