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    Battleforge Reborn, Stardew Valley, Stronghold Crusader I, Battleforge Reborn, Skyrim, Heroes of the Storm, Battleforge Reborn :D

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  1. Riviute

    Good coop games

    Got a few questions before i recommend my other favorites. Is your friend living far away from your place or could he visit you for playing several hours? Then which gaming platforms are available? Wii U, PS3 PS4 Xbox Switch or even handhelds like Nintendo 3DS. The game i'd like to recommend now is the whole Monster Hunter series. Yeah its still a while until the release of Monster Hunter World but i still like the previous games like Monster Hunter Ultimate 3 and Ultimate 4. The singleplayer is pretty nice to learn the game but the real game starts in the multiplayer. The raising difficulty of this game is pretty fair and the games gives you the feeling that youre not just hunting monsters, these are animals in a different world with their very own behaviors. And all the possibilties to hunt a monster is pretty awesome, you can be a support or a damagedealer whenever you want since you can change your class anytime. You've successfully hunted a monster and you can carve it to get his materials to create your next equipment. The beginning is sadly a bit slow but as soon as you have slain your first big monster youre completely soaked into the game and its getting more and more fun. Over 2000hours of playing cant lie though The only sad part about this game is that its made from Nintendo so dont expect amazing graphics, some npcs or weapons looking poorly but the design of the monsters is amazing.
  2. Riviute

    The Bandit's guide to pve

    Its always kinda surprisingly that you can still learn more about this game. I really appreciate your guide so far, some nice ideas and tactics behind. Looking forward to t4, I'm curious if you are using tortugun, i was never good at using that one
  3. Riviute

    Talk about RTS

    Thank you @Ilsyde i will have a look at this
  4. Riviute

    Find a similar picture.

    Deviljho from the monster hunter series
  5. Riviute

    Talk about RTS

    In the past im playing heroes of might and magic 3 again, but not the HD version from steam, an unofficial mod together the mod horn of the abyss which adds a complete new faction to the game, the pirates. (Ofc its still turn based strategy but a really good one) Also for all those who loved Command and Conquer, maybe take a look at 8-Bit Armies, you can find it on steam. Pretty fun game though. I was a big fan of the first Arena Wars, Paraworld and the first Lord of the rings battle for middle earth, but its really tough to find one of these, Paraworld got really expensive... Maybe if one of you guys know where to get these 3, pls tell me
  6. Riviute

    Your favorite Easter Eggs!

    Happy easter to all of you, and now that we are already at this topic... Which easter egg was your most favorite in video games or maybe even movies? My personal favorite is the cow level from diablo still got that mooooh sound in my ears.
  7. Riviute

    Anyone playing MMORPG´s ?

    I'm stuck with atlantica online, a tactical mmo. Already playing that over 6 years
  8. Riviute

    When is your Birthday?

    18th december
  9. I already said it in the stream, but this cant be telled enough. One of the best messages in my whole gaming life
  10. Riviute

    Official Stream Incoming! (11/02/2017)

    I can watch the stream live this time cant wait
  11. Riviute

    which card gives you the most nostalgia?

    Emberstrike, cool design, strong vs m-units, only 1 fire orb and 3 neutral and free to play, i used that card a lot
  12. Riviute

    Battleforge Rendered Artworks and More

    The artworks from everysingle unit, building and spell? That would be awesome if you could upload them

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