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  1. Hey herrinner je nog lordoftroy en wealth?

    We heten nu dhrwafel en dhrkaas, als je ons ziet ingame zend ff pm!

    1. BurningWorld


      Hey friends,

      let me kindly remind you that are supposed to communicate in english only in this forum, for the sake of everyone not speaking dutch (if this is dutch I have no clue) It's written in the rules like that or at least was when I was active in here, just preventing you guys getting problems with bad bad ultranoob dragon mod or awesome kiwerella ^.^

      If you would like to talk in your language pls take the msg system :) 

      Best Regards,

      Some dude with horse pp

  2. Merry Christmas my fellow skylords

    1. anonyme0273
    2. BurningWorld


      Thank you merry christmas to you too ^.^ <3 

  3. God damn I miss this game.

  4. Random question for everyone! For now before our favourite game battleforge is back, which game is your favourite game? Or favourite genre? MOBA MMORPG RTS?

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    2. Neox


      Smite is great, my name on there is Predat0rs

    3. Ultrakool


      I'm playing a lot of OW rn, not much else really. FPS is actually not my fav genre but I like OW

    4. shadowxxs77


      Not really a specific genre, RTS or Moba if I had to pick one.
      Favorite game would have to be either League of Legends or Overwatch tho

  5. For everyone like me who has finals right now, good luck!

  6. Well, the New Year begins. We will, together, MAKE BATTLEFORGE GREAT AGAIN!

    1. anonyme0273


      Trump inauguration - 13 days.

      BF release - read the FAQ :kappa: 

    2. chargeR


      Donald @fiki574 approves xD

  7. you should keep updating the dev.bfreborn page


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    2. Kiwi


      I also understand marketing and advertising and have experience in this over a period of around 6 or more years but now isn't the time for such a thing until the game is 100% back, there is no need to market a game and disapoint people when it isn't in full release, we also currently have no funds to do such a thing I am working on small projects in the background as we speak. As soon as things are fully up and running I will put them into place don't worry about that. Sadly only developers have access to the Devplatform otherwise I would gladly update it just like I do my thread. I hope this helps and thanks for sharing your opinion we take it on board just please try to remember we don't get paid for this and we do it in our spare time. Welcome to the forums and we all look forward to seeing you in the forge soon! :)

    3. Neox


      There's always a chance to overhype a game(such as no man's sky) so maybe it's for the best :) 

      See you on the forge! 


    4. Sykole


      Can we all appreciate me for a second? :kappaross:

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