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  1. I think it was discussed and they will probably implement a system where you can 'sell' your cards for gold like you said.
  2. Neox

    Add a chest to all T2 orbs in random PvE

    What I mean is people would see this as a race like he said, fastest starter to t2 is mostly fire... Just dont really see a point in this tbh
  3. Neox

    Add a chest to all T2 orbs in random PvE

    Why exactly? Fire starter would just win every time
  4. here's what I use for PVE/RPVE up to RPVE9 Shrine of memory is what you lack the most imo
  5. Neox

    Kaldra's Funmaps

  6. Neox

    Categorizing Spare Cards

    Agreed. However this will take awhile before they can work on this stuff since ranked pvp and server stability isn't 100% yet.
  7. Neox

    List of Dailies and the Rewards for Dailies

    They're under quests, little scroll icon where news is displayed when you log in.
  8. Neox

    damage your allys

    People who do this display very toxic behavior and should be reported. Also if developers were to change how these buildings, spells and skills work it would be a lot of work and would come with some balance changes.
  9. This looks like a really fun deck, i'd like to see it in action in solo rpve 9/10 tho, would like to see how well it works xD
  10. Neox

    Church of negation

    Alright thanks for your insight and yeah was thinking of going for a time win but didn't feel like waiting 20 more minutes xD Will try earthshaker and curse well in the future, since only two players use church anyway.
  11. Neox

    Changing forum Display name

    alright thanks!
  12. People would get fed up with constantly having to re-upgrade their different decks. Collectors wouldn't want to play since you cant get every card in just a month or two. Also the PVP meta will change depending on the nerfs/buffs when we go live.
  13. Neox

    Changing forum Display name

    Is it possible to change the forum display name?
  14. Neox

    Church of negation

    yeah was probably some weird battleforge thing with this
  15. Merry Christmas my fellow skylords

    1. anonyme0273
    2. BurningWorld


      Thank you merry christmas to you too ^.^ <3 


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