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  1. Since we're in this topic also discussing PvP, how about in-client tournaments that run at specific times? Some other games have these and would push more people to play during specific time windows. Just have them in the evening between 8-10pm or something, or during weekends. You can still get pvp at other times but with these times they could be guaranteed.
  2. I 100% agree. I recently started playing and especially the first few missions were tough, because I couldn't just invest a bit and get a few cards to experiment with. I was pretty much forced to use the starter decks for at least a week, which I was only able to do because I was feeling nostalgic about it. The same thing happened with my cousin, by the way. The 2.5 hour barrier at the start was too much for him. I have to convince him to play as well. Basically he got tired of the starter deck before even completing that 2.5 hour quest, and now that he has he lost interest completely.
  3. Could be, but once there is a fee installed, what is stopping people from using the ingame trade system exclusively?
  4. This sounds great. I especially like how it will fill a niche between the other 2 spells without being changed TOO much.
  5. I've had a game freeze on me just once. What I would like to ask, is if there is anything we can provide the moment it freezes. Are there logs we can collect? Is there something we can turn on? Just random freezes aren't much to go on for bug fixing I'm afraid..
  6. There is the spawning option where you spawn in enemies, perhaps something like that could be created? Although I can see how this would take a long time since it's an entire UI update. But for my friend, who is new to battleforge in general, something like this would be great just to see how they look like and what they can do.
  7. 72 characters? so when your game crashes it will take like 10 minutes to log back in Also computers can't really hack passwords that are like 12 characters long in a reasonable ammount of time, I think you're safe enough..
  8. I'm guessing part of the system means that people only get cards through boosters and that the whole auction house system is thrown out the window. If you again look at Hearthstone, also a card collection game, you can't trade cards between players. Why I didn't really think about the Hearthstone system is because it has 1 important feature that this game simply cannot have: You can speed up your collecting by paying. You don't HAVE to, but you have the option. The other system, the dusting system, means you can toss cards away to purchase SPECIFIC new cards. Right now, the auction house pr
  9. promo's used to be for special events or pre-orders or whatever. They should be very special. I'm sure you'll figure out a better way for the promos
  10. Great replay! As someone who is just starting to get back into this game, this is very helpful!
  11. I understand this is not an option. I'm just trying to compare this game to similar games like digital card games and MMO's. This is the solution most card games go for. MMO's usually go for a tactic to introduce a special currency tied to real-world money, but this is obviously also not an option.. The other tactic they use is money sinks in the form of fast travel, taxes on player owned property, auction house fee's, skill purchasing or vendors that sell high-end items. None of these are unfortunately a great option, but it gives us room to think about a money sink. We could thin
  12. I'm a new player, so I'm not that familiar with the economy of this game at this point just yet. I'm not sure how the current inflation compares to the beginning of the game. Eventually when numbers are high, percentual inflation drops but inflation will still rise linearly. I mean, if right now the price of shaman changes from 800 to 880 bfp, that's a 10% increase which doesn't sound like much. But if it increased from 90 to 170 at the beginning of the game, that's almost a 100% price increase even though it's the exact same price increase (80bfp). While right now people might indeed
  13. Yesterday I was able to login, but today I get this error: I checked the resolved topics, but the 2 I found with the same error were not resolved by the people themselves. One was resolved by Kubik, the other just said to check antivirus. Antivirus isn't the issue, as even when it's turned off the update doesn't do anything. I redownloaded the updater just in case as well, but to no avail. What are some other things I could try? This is the version it says in the bottom left, thought it might be helpful. Patcher version is 0.7
  14. I work in IT tech support myself, and I know the perils of putting a date on a fix for a problem. You can almost never accurately tell how long something like that will take. Our managers wanted to implement a system promising fixes faster the more you paid, but thats just not how it works. I am extremely grateful that people are voluntarily putting in their free time to create this project. Just make broad statements on when you think stuff might be finished, take more time just in case and if it is done sooner, that's just great for us. I think I only really care about getting updates
  15. Why so grim? I'm quite positive there was a non-ranked mode..
  16. Im loving what I see here. The cap makes sense, and it is not too high. If it would be, hardcore players would speed too far ahead of the casuals. On that note, making quests PLAY a map, PLAY pvp is also better for casuals, as winning could prove too difficult or frustrating. I do have a question about selling cards. After a while, most people will have a ton of excess commons, which are basically unsellable in auction house. WIll there be a method to sell the cards off at a steep discount for extra bfp? say if a booster would cost 100, a single common would yield 1 or 2 ? personally I disli
  17. some of these times are insane! Are there videos of some of these somewhere?
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