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    Gaming~ Love Quality Gaming and Enjoing it So much <3

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  1. OverlLord

    Promo Cards? ( Premium )

    ohh sorry i understood it way more differently! Thanks for Info!
  2. OverlLord

    Promo Cards? ( Premium )

    0.5% Chance or 0.05% Of Dropping? isnot it's kind of very low? and also i can get multi Promos right? I think 0.5% or 0.05% is quit terrible :v 3-5% atleast so you have fair chance of getting any Promos :3
  3. OverlLord

    Promo Cards? ( Premium )

    Only with boosters?! Will be there any other kind of events? Like other Possibility to get them?
  4. OverlLord

    Promo Cards? ( Premium )

    Hellouu Fellouw Skylords! Quick question.... Are there any plans on how to get Promo Cards (Premium)? or will be there any addition to Promo List after game is released? Sorry for such a strange questions~! Cheers!
  5. OverlLord

    game crashes and provides error box

    Logged in First time and they asked me to report this...was watching the How to Post Buggs and now i saw this post ! Good Luck LADS~! _launcher_log_2019.07.30_2.log _launcher_log_2019.07.30_0.log _launcher_log_2019.07.30_1.log

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