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  1. I had stopped playing for about a year after playing quite a bit when it just released. For me the only reason was initial lack of updates/events, but since I came back a few months ago that changed quite a bit. So if anything I came back/stay right now BECAUSE of the developers, not in spite of them. Would you care to elaborate on what exactly developers do that made you quit?
  2. So maybe I missed it, but what happened with the Code Smith achievement?
  3. I mostly meant, people that run solo are compared to people that run as a team, or are all solo players in their own category, with teams of varying sizes having their own categories? Im guessing its all in 1 big competition but Im not entirely sure. Because if its all the same, its probably best to run wiht 4 people every time 😛
  4. are the different team compositions counted in different rankings or all in the same ranking?
  5. can I watch the stream somewhere? I missed it yesterday 😞
  6. Im also guessing you guys will check out the options of 4 vs 6, even if it's just for aesthetic purposes. Besides, snapjaws can also still be mounted on walls 😄 Love the innovation, can't wait to see more resizes!
  7. I am so incredibly excited for tiny worms. Worms are my favourite type of unit so I can't wait to see more! I am all for reskins and smaller sizes! Sidenote, would it work better if the squad of worms contained 4 units, like snapjaws?
  8. So I know Im also dependant on my team for this, but what t3/t4 combination would be the quickest to clear camps with? I managed to get under 14 minutes but 12 minutes seems very hard.
  9. Personally I've tried a deck in rPvE which revolves around kobold inc. and a bunch of towers (cannon tower, stronghold, worldbreaker gun and necrotic blaster). You build 2 incs (purple version) and instantly place down a boatload of towers around whatever area you're fighting. It's very chaotic and a lot of fun. Usually the bigger towers (worldbreaker/stronghold) you have to place early because the space to place them fills up fast. You can almost always cram in the blasters and they gather corpses immediatly. To stay in character, I take an ironclad with me for ground presence, and some support spells.
  10. I just watched the video, it motivates me even more to send in a unique replay to be featured next time 😄
  11. So, please keep in mind I have no idea how the code for Battleforge works, so feel free to dismiss this suggestion instantly if it's technically impossible. Which I think it very well might be. But similarly to how XL units can attack flying units, perhaps the other way around should also be possible? Im not sure if it would have balancing issues but it would make sense to me.
  12. These look great! I hope the attacks can translate well to their new size but I figure it should be doable. What about the other way around? XL units to fit into L and M categories? I'd love to see some experimentation with this.
  13. I signed up! Im very excited, I missed the last one due to inactivity. Looking forward to it, not sure what to expect yet!
  14. The image above seems to suggest that if 2 entities benefit from the network, and there are 3 support "points" available, it will always be divided 2/1 and never 3/0? What happens if there are 8 supporters, and one entity is enjoying 5 of those. Then, one of the supporting entites also enters combat. Does it get the remaining 2 or does the network divide the points 4/3?
  15. wait what? It's not listed on the card? I didn't even forget.. I just never knew
  16. How do I know? I think I should've won something for my bandit run but I don't see anything ingame or on the forums. Do I need to do anything else? I haven't played a community contest before..
  17. I couldn't join the stream! is there a vod somewhere? nvm just now noticed there is a link! Im also glad I participated, I did less bad than I thought. Was a fun event for sure! I am a bit sad about how many T1 units/buildings of a single colour were used though... as well as so many single colour spells. Maybe next time we can have even more restrictions regarding what cards to use 😄
  18. A disciple has begun to march along the northern road!
  19. Im a bit late to the party, but the replays don't work anymore. This is a very interesting challenge and I seem to have problems with mo on expert. Does anyone have a replay on a video site? I couldn't find anything on youtube.. Also what were the decks used in the end? I can only see the point totals.
  20. I didn't kill the walker and both games were played on expert. I unfortunately don't have the replay anymore but I did check out the one where the walker dissapeared. What happened was it walked into the final area and it just went into the cave with all the other bandits??
  21. So Ive been interested in making this card work, but I have a hard time finding out how you can tell whether a unit is male or female. I could try the card on every unit but that still doesn't include enemy units which would be affected by the green affinity. Also I wouldn't remember if I tried all cards.. Is there a faster way to discern which is which? Or are there plans to change the green affinity to give some other extra bonus to the unit it's used on like the blue affinity?
  22. So I just played Mo with a pure fire deck for the achievement. At the final part I got kind of wrecked with the command walker and the ravenships respawning, and I couldn't pull Mo back in time. So I tried again and built up a huge army, but when I got there the walker was nowhere to be found? Does anyone know what happened here?
  23. so just to be clear, in both your instances you defend at the first wall with just towers? and it holds against the first wave when you have t2? And you guys are getting your t3 BEFORE the first wave?
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