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  1. Its been a good couple years since of been on this site!

    1. anonyme0273


      Most of the action is now on the Discord.

    2. Eirias


      Good to have you back! Yeah, you were here in the early days (when there were few enough people that I can remember the active usernames)

  2. Happy Birthday to Roguzf Coreykun and samsin99

    1. Ultrakool


      Haha :P Happy birthday dude :D 

    2. samsin99
  3. Roses are red, violets are blue, ___________________, I dont care about u! for the ___________ you dont say anything.
  4. Yello fams! I am samsin99 or sam for short. I played 1 year. That year I played I had some powerful cards but no one to play with to beat the campaign. I didn't have many friends in the real world but online was another story. When I was shown this game I was hooked. I got the death ray card and used it crazy. I love anime, sports, and video games. I'm always on but when I, I make sure to play for hours. I have lots of school work since I signed for college classes. I've been waiting for the new version so when it finishes I'll be sure to get on. I'm hoping to have a friend group of peopl
  5. School year is going fast. An airshow is coming up in April in Florida at my school. Gotta get grades up to go. Summer is around the corner and so are huge test. Tennis season is over. Gotta get athletic even when season is over. Gonna work til I play pro tennis. Gonna get a car soon. And sittin on the toilet.

    1. Dodotron


      enjoy your shit and i hope you will still have some time for battleforge in your busy life :)

    2. samsin99


      Lol you know it. I will always make time for videogames! Always!

  6. Roses are red, violets are blue, this poem makes no sense, i love glue.
  7. Doesn't understand that this is the internet and not many care about grammar, spelling, punctuation, etc i could careless u get the point doe
  8. Lol my rank is savage. I call many people that. Anyways happy Birthday for last 2 or 3 months haven't been active too much so gotta change.

  9. Go to my page to read a VERY IMPORTANT Question on the About Me Section!

  10. I got 3/4 of homework, studying, and projects done so i should be able to come on more.

  11. 1116 This is a long periodically time!
  12. I should be on bfreborn more often had alot of work to do!

    1. Ladadoos


      Welcome back!

    2. veryhasted


      Yes. bfreborn is a vital part of everyone's life. Just sayin :hype:

  13. Happy Birthday to all. Tell your parents or call them you love them (I don't know if your grown or not). SHOW MORE LOVE IN DIS WORLD.

  14. Glad is coming out but school has started and i have harder classes. Like X3 ah man well still glad its coming and ill get some friends from school.
  15. I gotta switch my 3rd place with Haganai
  16. Well I was reading a site saying that if there is another it will come out spring for 2016 but that will take too long it needs to start like end of August or something.
  17. Not many Dragon Ball Fans huh Dragon Ball (any)High School DxD (They need to hurry up with the 4th season I don't want to wait til 2016 spring team ITS NOT FAIR)Well um I guess To-Love Ru
  18. USA USA USA USA I'm from USA. Lol There's not many USA people on this thread so mostly EU people have played Battle Forge i'm guessing.
  19. Cool I never got to finish the original campaign since people already beat it. (The struggle was real.)
  20. Is the story line the same as the original BF? I know it wasn't in order but will it still be the same as the original and the pvp areas will be in the same place.
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