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  1. Just played the map on standard difficulty and had the same issue. What i think is interesting is that although the match has crashed and i could not control anything in that moment, a few AI units still attacked my units and my units fought back. Will see if i can reproduce that one and get a clip out of it. EDIT: Could reproduce the case. After the 3rd wagon has done half the way (see Picture 3+4) units become uncontrollable, cards won't work. Both times the game continues a little bit after control is lost, AI units and my units fight and after the enemy units die the game freezes aft
  2. Granted, but it will be so buggy that all u get is blue screens. I wish people wouldn't use the word 'gay' with a negtive meaning anymore.
  3. IGN: Coreykun Region: EUW Role: Flexible Comments: Never got higher than Silver in SoloQueue, more patience than everyone else and the ever-lasting "We can do it"-Morality.
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