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  1. @Ladadoos you just got to believe in your inner self and then you may be able to predict the future! If that's not an option for you watch an how-to youtube tutorial
  2. Great spreadsheet It looks like EA missed the math class ^^
  3. @SilenceKiller99 Nice paint skills similar to mine love it perhaps we went to the same master ^^ and your example is great finally i understand this number haha
  4. @Treim added a short explanation between PvE and rPvE i hope it's enough to differentiate them ^^ @Ladadoos changed the text i couldn quite remember much about the damage number thats why i wrote not much about it @Eirias thx for the tip i added it as a tag .
  5. Basic Guide. This guides aim is to provide all the information you need to understand almost every card in Battleforge. I wanted to do a shadow PvP guide first but instead I think it is more important to focus on the basics before we go deeper into the game with for example PvP tactics, decks, map knowledge and so on. I want to use this guide as the base for my upcoming guides and if you write a guide about PvE tactics or something else fee to link this guide for the basic knowledge. This is my first guide and I never even wrote something similar to this so bare with me. If you see
  6. Mods please delete this it was just a test i will make a new thread with a Basic guide first^^
  7. This is just a short preview to see if you would like this kind of Guide it is far from being finished! Basic shadow PvP Guide Hey everyone this will be my first and hopefully not my last Guide^^ This guide is mainly focused on Beginner and Average player. I by myself got to Rank 150 in 2vs2 I know there are a lot here that reached higher ranks especially in 1vs1 and they will probably have much more experience than me. Thus said I'm open for new Tips and Tricks and if I made a mistake please correct me I'm just a human after all.^^ I am not a native
  8. I'm really hyped for the guide aswell. I also played Pure Fire as my main Pvp deck. Got to rank 150 in 2vs2 didnt quite invest that much time but it was alot of fun^^ I thought about making some basic guides too but my english is porbably not good enough and it has been such a long time^^
  9. I used to play alot of Shadow/Frost decks back in the day. I named my PvP Deck Vodka-on-Ice it was Cold and Strong!^^ The Combination was great because pure Ice would've been too slow in PvP most of the times. So i would recommend start with shadow Tier 1 that way you have access to the Swift Nightguard and other fast starter minios which was pretty much essential in PvP and on the other hand if you start Tier 1 shadow you will also benefit from the great Spells such as Nasty Suprise, Life Weaving, Motivate and Offering(Green). I dont quite remember the rest it has been such a long
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