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  1. Minigames

    Oh! Will this map come back? I mean is it still avaiable to play it?
  2. Minigames

    I remmember that there were an event map (i forgot the name of it), that it was a pvp 3v3 that you couldnt use any units, only spells. The map was like the league of legends map but whithout the jungle (so only the 3 lines). Each player spawns on a line that spawns atumatically an army of troops to face the enemies troops. I think its hard to explain in words i will make an image of it: Look at the image down below first Ok i will put a subtitle: -Grey area: Orbs and power wells -White area (inside the black cube): Where the units will walk -red balls: The nexus on league of legends (its the objective that has a certain amount of life and the other team needs to destroy it) -Blue blocks: Towers (closer to the red balls are cannon towers and the furthest ones are defense towers) -Orange blocks: same as blue but on the other team's side Ok i will explain what i think its not clear. So you cant destroy the enemies orbs (since they are out of the battlefield or you can say the white area on the image). in the lobby (before playing the map) you can choose what element you will play (fire got rekt XD). First- Shadow /Second- Frost /Third- Nature. Ok, now i will explain how the units will face each other automatically. So, the units of shadow (example) will spawn near the red balls and will go to the top line, in both sides, and will walk all the way to the encounter of the top lines and then they finally fight! Ok someone will win this first encounter (depends on how you managed to use your spells) and the survivors will walk to the red ball (of course will try to destroy the towers on their way). The units spawn in a 30 seconds span from the last spawn and it will keep going. So this gamemode has a T2 T3 and T4. When you manage to get the power you go T2 and your spawning units go as well. wins who gets the red ball of the other team (lol red ball ). I dont know that this was considered a minigame but i think it should heh It will be hard for you guys to read since im still learning english so im sorry ): Anyways someone played this mode when it was avaiable on the old battleforge? Oh and the image its obvious that i used paint XD
  3. Can't found Mac (Apple) Client.

    Oh this is awesome! A friend of mine did that and he is now using whithout fails. I recommend
  4. Avatar of frost fanart

    The striker is looking awesome congratz! (Im just joking, everything is looking great) Nice art there!
  5. Say something about the person above you.

    Love memes (:
  6. what is rPvE

    that really helped me! thx (:
  7. extra cards for the new players

    This is cool, but if you have a friend that is starting its already possible to give your cards to him by the emails (:
  8. Download

    You cant play yet but you can pre download in this link: http://www.mediafire.com/file/y1oerkxhupe5k9b/BattleForge.rar You should read the FAQ:
  9. Fear- Everyone around him gets 50% less defense Tank Spam- He spends 25 power to summon russian tanks Winter- He freezes an area of the map for free Blackmail- He tricks everyone and the enemies loses 100 life per second (all around him)
  10. The legendary forum game "count"

    2559 hours waiting for open beta! (of course it will be lower than that)
  11. Random giveaway start

    makes total sense XD.
  12. Random giveaway start

    To 1pm to 2am right? Since at 4am no one will be online
  13. Language

    if you wanna create a group of ppl that speak your language its cool. BF could have the guilds system someone mentioned before on this thread: so that you can make your russian group , for example