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  1. This has been fixed with the Ice Age changes.
  2. I think this is a cool idea. I can already picture how it would look like. πŸ™‚
  3. It actually has to be even longer than 60 seconds, otherwise outcrys will overlap and Rogan will be sitting in front of the wall πŸ™‚
  4. As this was just a misunderstanding move this to resolved.
  5. The fix is on the live server already. As no new reports occured --> Move to resolved.
  6. Plague has received its rework (with new bugs). But this report can be closed.
  7. War eagle will get its 1400 atk next patch skyfire stays at 1360 and displays 2.8 as instead.
  8. Na, the call for the spell name text is just missing a closing ">". This should be fixed next patch.
  9. I mean what do u expect we go back to bata as before
  10. Santa has it too, I would honestly consider this a feature of these 2 seasonal meme cards. It is very easy to remove tho, so maybe @WindHunter can decide.
  11. Tried with Viridya and Cultist Master, it appears Wheel of Gifts never works on these kinds of summoned units. Hence this is not a bug of Ravenheart.
  12. This was fixed in Patch #400022. Move to resolved.
  13. Confirmed this was fixed in Patch #400030. (2--> 3) Close and move to resolve.
  14. One icon shows that Forest Elder is currently a source of healing, the other that he is a recipient of healing. Descriptions have been adjusted in Patch #400030. This can be closed and moved to resolved.
  15. For everyone attempting these runs now and wondering why it might be different: Keep in mind that since the recording of some of the old replays the income randomness has been changed to be rolled differently. Also the tutorial deck has been buffed: - All tutorial deck cards now have already 50% of the max charges at upgrade 0 instead of only 25% as back then. - Magma Hurlers splash damage radius was increased from 5m to 8m. - Magma Hurlers damage was increased from 240 (360 in total) to 270 (405 in total). And soon additional changes to master archers ATK might come in!
  16. Many more cards are outdated by now, as the site is no longer maintained. Scroll down on the wiki mainpage for a more up to date cardbase: https://skylords-reborn.fandom.com/wiki/Skylords_Reborn Reported mistakes there can be easily fixed.
  17. It got a lot worse since last patch, something in the background must have gone wrong
  18. What about the third option, the displayed attack speed is rounded?
  19. It is on the list of card descriptions to be adjusted. But new cards have prio right now πŸ™‚
  20. Maybe most don’t realise, but the 3 maps are related. If you kill the portals on ur map, this stops spawns ONLY on the OTHER maps.

    Old Replays

    Well but as it doesn't the anti patcher is useless now... πŸ˜” People, get a hex editor instead!

    Old Replays

    Maybe the anti patch cannot handle anything beyond 255. cause the new version should be 256 which suddenly requires 3 digits in hex? (maybe a developer knows this, I am just speculating)
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