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  1. Thanks! Yes, I want to make a guide for every T1 faction. It may take some time though due to current exams.
  2. Yeah, Nature is almost finished. I'm looking to extend the existing guides aswell as I've got more & better replays to showcase some scenarios now.
  3. Some basic tips when playing against Nature -> Early engagements do favour Fire, while Nature has the stronger late T1 scaling -> Try engaging from multiple angles to dodge effective CC placements -> When using Eruption, make sure to always finish off at least 1 unit with it, otherwise Surge of Light may end up being way to effective. -> Firesworn is strong when S units get used, but loses against massive amounts of Dryad -> While Nature is strong at beating T1 units later into the game, it is very weak against T2 units, so make sure to get a good timin
  4. Hey! It takes 3 minutes and 20 seconds to get the costs back into your power pool If you cancel an orb during constructing you regain 75 power. This means if you rebuilt it you lost 25 power. It definitely is worth it to cancel monuments if you are sure it's not going to survive. Everythings gives 90% void refund with a few exceptions (repair costs 100%, toggle abilities 100% (Ghostspears, Spearmen etc.), lost wells and orbs 0)
  5. Nice to see a rookie tournament, definitely going to watch it. If you get at least 8 participants, I'd donate 1500 bfp to the pricepool to make it a little bit more interesting.
  6. You are correct, snapjaws deal 160 single target damage per 20, if their damage is applied. As it is a splash dmg card it could possibly max out at 288, leaving its damage value at 224. The card description is calculated by: (single target dmg + max splash dmg) / 2 The small splash radius leads to a damage loss against squad units, which makes it even worse, so most of the time you can only make use of them as a supporter due to their debuff ability.
  7. It's not fixed, it still is the gold farming paradise as an expert run just takes 10-13mins.
  8. First of all I want to summarize some information about the Amii Monument as alot of arguments here are based on some missconceptions. 1. Void Level Amii Monument (U3) shrinks your voidlevel by 264. If the building gets destroyed and you are forced to reconstruct it you lose 39 power out of your voidpool. Classic T4 shrinks your voidlevel by 300. If the building gets destroyed you lose 100 additional power to reconstruct. Additional Information: - Amii Monument can be combined with Construction Hut to reduce the costs. - Amii Monument does not t
  9. Just my thoughts onto the PvP idea: I personally do like it, but just keep in mind, that some people don't want certain matches to be seen (testing new or special decks, tournament prep, practicing to play out losing positions and so on). Having this for ranked games is a good idea, but for sparring games not so much. And regarding the speedrun discussion I really do agree, that certain map strategies simply are way more valuable compared to PvP, which makes it reasonable to hide the strategies.
  10. I really like the idea. Pretty much rewarding every player, who participated successfully (by that I mean playing all games without leaving the tournament before getting eliminated), would make this more appealing for people who are a little bit unsure about playing PvP in a tournament environment. In case I do get to win some bfp again in the upcoming tournament, I would be up to donate my price to make this possible.
  11. Hey! I went through your list and it was interesting to read. That said, you are targetting a good amount of cards, that are affecting the PvP meta and getting proper balancing here is not that easy. The balancing system is very sensitive, small changes could weaken entire factions (especially the fragile ones). I went through the list and these are the most dangerous changes: -> Starting mechanics: If you change orb switches in such a way, that there is no power return, scorched earth would be completely broken in the first place. The card is strong already (especially in 2v2)
  12. And just for that comment I managed to get home earlier xD
  13. I'm not gonna play as I'm busy this time. So gl to everyone who is participating!
  14. If you are willing to share your strategy I will cast the replays for sure!
  15. First attempt for the 2 player map here, pretty slow but at least we got that 6000 gold in the end ^^ Gonna edit this once we improved it Navarr + RadicalX 27:19
  16. I can't create a PvP match after finishing 1 player rPvE Matches as I remain unteamed in the lobby. That can be fixed by either relogging or starting a new PvE lobby just to leave it properly. I don't know If that ist related to your problem though.
  17. map of the month - 1 player 29:48 Edit: Went for a second attempt: 27:10 Edit2: 27:01 now Edit3: 24:48 Edit4: 22:37 Edit5: 21:03
  18. RadicalX

    Church of negation

    Here is just a short overview of counter methods against CoN 1) Curse Well As Church of Negation takes out 150 power out of the void flow, this means hitting power wells with Curse Well makes it even more effective. The bound power makes counter attacks less frightening 2) Earthshaker This is more of a 2v2 thing and got mentioned here already, but Earthshaker is a very good counter for Churches for a similar reasoning. The Church Player is slowed down due to his defence so he can't punish T4 properly 3) Supression/Sunstriders Guess that got discussed alread
  19. There are quite a few cards, that dominate the meta game and completely prevent variety in the PvP environment. Only Fire and Shadow T1 are viable once people reached a decent level and that is quite unpleasant. We are in a turret T1 meta, where Frost and Nature can't compete. Turrets do have insane damage and tankiness, higher range and don't reward micro management at all. Phasetower -> 900 damage for 60 power is way more than any T1 unit could offer. Due to the splash you can take center wells vs Frost and Nature without any advantage. -> Even after the telepo
  20. I once made a test to check the actual values of this bug. Nether Warp is supposed to heal for 200 hp, but witch the bug it can get to more than 900, which is quite a remarkable difference. I was in talk with some guys from EA about quite a good amount of bugs. They always told me they would fix them, but never ended up doing so ... For the Netherwarp bug it's probably quite under the radar as just a few decks really suffer from it. All Mages need to be around the same place, which makes them vulnerable against AoE burst damage and you can' t split against cc. The 4 fire splashes do have
  21. Pretty cool idea to give the card an own identity that really fits to an Executor. That said with these numbers a free execute would be quite broken in 2v2 against stuff like Lifeweaving Sunderer and also may be a problem with dazed units as they are spawned with 50% hp. Adding tools for the stronger factions is quite a problem. Nature (in 1v1s) and Frost (1v1 & 2v2) do have a huge problem to keep up anyways.
  22. RadicalX

    Help shadow/nature

    fathom lord + drones + ashebone (+XL unit) is a decent T3 aswell. There are alot of viable options in T3, depending on meta and your personal playstyle.
  23. RadicalX

    Help shadow/nature

    If you look for a shadow nature deck I recommend starting with Shadow T1 as it is more solid overall and easier to learn in the first place. High dps units are nice to provide a strong early game, that synergizes well with the strong early T2 by shadow nature. Just to give a strong deck example for a Shadow Nature deck T1 Dreadcharger Forsaken Nox Nasty Motivate Phasetower Nightguard T2 Nightcrawler Darkelf Assassins Amii Phantom Shadow Phoenix Ensnaring Roots Curse of Oink Surge of Light H
  24. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-LAzuMCkw2I& There you go
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