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  1. Hello, I am MephistoRoss. I live in the Netherlands and I am currently working for a software developing company. I played Battleforge from just after the start until the very end. At first I was just a casual PvE player, having fun with just completing PvE maps and Battlegrounds. I never got bored of this because I always thought the maps were very unique and with using another deck or playing with other players, you could play the same map in a totally different way again. I also did some PvP but I never really got into it, although I always was planning to play PvP more often. During the la
  2. As MrXLink has stated several times in the past, we don't want to limit gameplay experience (including rewards/trading/collecting) by designing options just to prevent multi accounting. Still, I wouldn't worry too much about multi accounters as we can easily detect and punish multi-account abusers.
  3. I was just describing how it was in the old Battleforge...
  4. You are missing the fact that you would need to have bought those two temporary elements so that you could convert discarded upgrades to tokens in normal PvE maps. The biggest reason Battlegrounds were so popular was that you wouldnt need the elements there but you always would get tokens. And if someone had those elements and wanted to earn tokens most efficiently, mostly King of the Giant and The Insane god were solo'ed because they would give you the best playtime/token ratio (=many rare/ultra rare upgrades in the loot list of that map). PtD however was popular for the gold/XP rewards.
  5. Since some tweaks to the upgrade distribution system were suggested here, I would like to point out this thread in which more interesting suggestions were made: http://forum.bfreborn.com/index.php?/topic/840-upgrades-distribution-tweak/
  6. Welcome to the Battleforge Reborn forum Titan77. Please keep it English on the forum (for more information, please take a look at the Forum rules: http://forum.bfreborn.com/index.php?/topic/460-global-forum-rules/)
  7. Added the BFR Community replay. I will update it when more replays are uploaded.
  8. I like the way you are thinking and you are right that a challenge on a multiplayer map with the right achievements will force some innovative playstyle. In the past there was only one PvE multiplayer community challenge (as far as I know): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g52hVdIKqq4. However I think that a 12-player map is not a good option. It is way too hard to gather a team with so many players, let alone setting up a tactic with everyone. So once the game is fully up and running for a while, better first try some 2-player map challenges and maybe later try a 4-player map challenge if ther
  9. You forgot that mutating frenzy requires two shadow orbs. Also you might not need Amii monument (which isnt allowed anyway) if you switch orbs I guess. Or did I mis the achievement which doesnt allow that?
  10. Btw, what I also liked in the old Battleforge community challenges were the silly achievements like collect all gold chests, run around the a treasure wagon with three different units, dont use more than one spell, etc. It would be cool to include some of those again so that the goal would be to collect the most achievement points and that the time will be the tiebreaker. You could make the achievements so that they all are quite doable so that a fast time is still very important.
  11. bobfrog also included a PvE opening tournament in his thead (http://forum.bfreborn.com/index.php?/topic/1085-opening-tournament/). So I recommend only to have one open PvE tournament at a time. But as a second tournament this could be nice. I like your idea of using the total time of several maps, however I wouldnt use Defending Hope for it since everyone will make almost the same time there. Siege of Hope also had a fixed fastest time, but with only the starting cards it will be quite a challenge to make that time I guess.
  12. InsaneHawk 08:58 PMTutorial cards wont be in your inventory------------------------------- Edit: "To answer : Normaly, Tutorial deck cards aren't in your inventory. But for the Alpha Stage and maybe in the future (not fixed yet), you will own thoses cards as well.We're still discussing about that. " (InsaneHawk @ http://forum.bfreborn.com/index.php?/topic/835-development-statements-from-shout-box/&page=5/#comment-29568)
  13. It actually works really easy. You enter the priorities as a number, for example 1 to 10. For each map it will count all priorities of cards that have an upgrade in that map. So for example if you entered the priorities of two cards: -Card X, which has U3 in Bad Harvest for which you entered a priority of 8. -Card Y, which has U3 in Bad Harvest for which you entered a priority of 3. It will give Bad Harvest on expert the priority of 11 (8+3). It does that for each map and it will sort the maps on highest sum of priority. Thus the map on top will be the map with the highest priority.
  14. Yep, you just need to mark which upgrades you want and it will calculate which map would net you the most upgrades that you want. You can even give upgrades a higher priority than others so that the map with the highest weighed upgrades will be calculated by taking the priorities into account. And thanks
  15. Sylar uploaded the game files (including the map editor) here: https://docs.google.com/uc?id=0B8UU4VaqJcjkMml1Q3dfbXU2NU0&export=download
  16. Thank you for your answers MrXLink. I think the biggest problem with the need+greed/assign/random system was that in combination with the small player base you could not always choose with whom (or with which reward distribution system) you would play a map with as your only options would be to join the one existing game of an unknown host for a certain map or create your own game and wait for a very long time to be able to start. So it wasnt an exception that you would join a game from an unknown host (where he choose the assign option) and after completing the map, the host would assign all
  17. You are right, but I assumed that some of the staff members will also take part in the board as they will want to have some control of the foundation of course.
  18. Setting up a non-profit foundation is actually not that hard, keeping the books properly is. In the Netherlands for example you will need to set up statutes (which include the goal of the foundation, how the board is (re)assigned/fired and what happens with the money of the foundation when the foundation stops). You will have to consult a notary to gain a notarial deed (yes, this will cost some money). With these statutes you can register at the Chamber of Commerce and you will have a non-profit foundation. The next step would be to setup a bank account in the name of the foundation. And here
  19. First of all I would like to say that I like the proposal to remove tokens, make gold more important and make gold untradable. Thank you for explaining it in detail MrXLink. I think the gold rewards for each PvE map will also need to be rebalanced since gold will become more important. Passage to Darkness used to be the map to gain the most gold while it was a very easy map on expert, in fact the hardest part was getting 12 players together without any disconnects. In my opinion the gold should be rebalanced based on the difficulty and average time it takes to complete the map so that for ex
  20. Here are map editor tutorials that I found on the web: Emmaerzeh: Kaldrax: BattleForge Map Creation 1: Heightmap: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oPdnZSvq6JQ BattleForge Map Creation 2: Cliffs, Water & Textures: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Bzo8m4CbNnM BattleForge Map Creation 3: Orbs & Wells, Map Settings: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=T73FOPnJ_MA BattleForge Map Creation 4: Decoration: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dBy7zmIV6f0 BattleForge Map Creation 5: Finalizing the Map: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7BaKgHax2OA BattleForge RandomMap Generator Tutor
  21. Thanks, I have added it to the list.
  22. I have added the authors (people who did the commentary / posted it on youtube) to the post.
  23. Thanks for your feedback, I edited the first post.
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