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  1. felkin

    BFP Balancing

    some good ideas actually
  2. 250-100 would be best imo (ur choice tho), rarity system is already very bad, most likely this change will make things only better, cards would be more affordable and people also will be less disappointed from high price (booster & cards). players will have a bit more freedom and overall i think the game would be more enjoyable also if possible lower the first achievement quests required to get a booster or increase booster count, not by a lot
  3. felkin

    Too much gold

    @Kybaka ^
  4. felkin

    PvP Evening Stream?!

    Sounds nice, everyone likes some pvp
  5. felkin

    Decent PvP Players to practice with

    need 1 too
  6. felkin

    Too much gold

    U could upgrade?
  7. felkin

    Login Queue

    I just played against 2 lvl 70 decks in pvp and they wercked us, lol i like kubik
  8. felkin

    Lost connection to server

    pretty much
  9. felkin

    Login fails

    same here
  10. felkin

    type of booster

    sounds pretty good
  11. felkin

    idea as an option to have in interface

    I didn't demand them to do it or fix this asap, just some ideas/suggestions that can be looked into later
  12. felkin

    Booster Simulator Question

    Is it possible to get an ultra rare/rare card with a promo? or is it a bug?
  13. felkin

    Open Stress Test - All you need to know!

    Post in general talk, can get noticed better
  14. felkin

    Server Idea of a second server where to connecte

    1 good server sounds better for me, more ppl can play together
  15. felkin

    shut down of PC

    It may be the problem of the pc itself, had this twice before on my old pc, fixed it by switching once the motherboard, second by power supply. Maybe your pc is just overheating due to how the game is pretty demanding, so the pc shuts down itself to protect itself https://www.tomshardware.com can ask here too, might also help

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