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  1. felkin

    Strongest PvP Deck?

    Very very true
  2. This map is also frost so it's ok
  3. felkin

    Assigned decks for maps

    Looks awesome
  4. Will donate 100 bfp for each player outside of top 4 :)
  5. felkin

    The Stress Test Open#8 04.05.19

    I'll donate 150 bfp for each participant outside of top 4 :p
  6. Maybe it can be without top 40-60, or with ranks, fiend and lower?
  7. felkin

    Too many friends (201) prohibits logging in

    Well... I don't really need 200, a lot of them were potential pvp players and pve, rpve players (at the first weeks) that I could maybe play with, and also all devs and mods I guess starting from scratch will be easier and safer, I never thought I actually had nearly 200 players in my friend list
  8. felkin

    Help shadow/nature

    How and when aura of corruption is useful? I'm thinking about swapping burrower with it but not sure
  9. felkin

    Too many friends (201) prohibits logging in

    Just played few games, everything works
  10. felkin

    Too many friends (201) prohibits logging in

    Wow, thank you so much! this reminds me a problem with a game called stalker, if u had too many active tasks to be completed, your game would crash often
  11. felkin

    Too many friends (201) prohibits logging in

    I am connected via cable and redownloaded the game before, but still the same thing. I just noticed that my brothers' account logs perfectly fine (he didn't play for at least a month now), mine stays stuck on success still
  12. felkin

    Too many friends (201) prohibits logging in

    didn't seem to work sadly :/

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